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Bonus Terms


In case you aren't already aware, Crypto Slots comes your way via the fine folks at Slotland and WinADay. As Crypto Slots does not issue free chips (they DO offer wonderful deposit bonuses!), we still wanted to find a way to reward our loyal GoneGambling members.

What we've whipped up is a Crypto Slots Special Conversion, which will be tied in with Slotland or WinADay, dependent on the month. Here's how it works:

First, you'll need to make the minimum $50 deposit with Crypto Slots. Depending on the month (see the calendar below), if you've made the minimum $50 deposit at Slotland or WinADay during the same 30-day period, you will receive your Crypto Conversion at that designated casino.

For example, you've made a Crypto Slots deposit, September 15th and a WinADay deposit, September 25th, you would be eligible for the special Crypto Conversion. Your Conversion will be issued to your WinADay account. If you issue the conversion for the September deposits in early October, you would still receive the Conversion bonus in your WinADay account.

Conversely, if you've made a Crypto Slots deposit, July 15th and a Slotland deposit that same month, but no WinADay deposit, you would NOT be eligible. The deposit MUST correspond according to the calendar.

Slotland/WinADay Calendar for Crypto Slots Conversions

January 1st - March 31st - WinADay
April 1st - June 30th - Slotland
July 1st - September 30th - WinADay
October 1st - December 31st - Slotland


Before you issue the Crypto Conversion, be sure you fully understand all of the above and are understanding of which casino is designated for that particular month. If you have any questions, please contact Greedygirl or Deedeemoe: greedygirl@ or deedeemoe@ ( is the extension).