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GoneGambling Cash Prizes

Win GoneGambling Cash Prizes

Cash prizes can be won on several GoneGambling games. The following conditions apply:

1. Cash prize winners must have deposited and played a minimum of $50 with ANY GoneGambling sponsoring or advertising casino in the thirty days prior to their cash win for the cash prize to be paid. NO EXCEPTIONS. Proof of deposit is required and will be verified with the casino. Depositing AFTER you have won the cash prize at GoneGambling will INVALIDATE your win.

2. The cash prize will start at USD$500 and rise each week by $50 until it reaches a MAXIMUM of USD$1,000. If the maximum prize has not been won within four weeks of sitting at $1,000, GoneGambling management will force a win by loosening those games offering the cash prize. Members will be notified on site when the cash prize is moving into a FORCED STATE, giving members the opportunity to take a last-minute stab at that cash prize.

3. Bonus cash prizes may be available periodically for depositing with SELECTED sponsoring casinos. GoneGambling will notify members which casinos they are.

4. There is a site-wide MAXIMUM 24 HOUR PAYOUT LIMIT of the amount that the cash prize stands at. If the cash prize stands at $700 and there are multiple winners, the $700 cash prize will be divided between all winners on a pro rata basis.

5. If a player wins the cash prize, but has not deposited with a sponsor, the cash prize will reset to $500 plus half the amount it has risen to. For example, if the cash prize was hit at $800, the reset amount would be $650 ($500 + 50% of $300 = $650).

6. Maximum cash prizes available to be won each month will not exceed a site-wide total of $2,000. Please allow 21 days for verification and delivery of prize. GoneGambling reserves the right to refuse payment of any win where we suspect manipulation, cheating or hacking. Refusal of payment will be final.


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