Your GG Newsletter - March 14, 2011

Long newsletter this week, so curl up with a coffee, tea or a toddy, kick back and relax!

Anyone who knows me, know that I'm a bit of an insomniac. It all started when I got into the online gaming biz. Because all of the casinos are operated in far-away lands, I would stay up to make myself available for phone calls during the overnight hours. Trouble with that is that I'll get SO over-tired that when I finally do hit the sheets, I'm dead to the world. I hear nothing--alarms, phones, barking dogs, doorbells. Nada.

So, Monday morning,4am, I'm getting into bed, but my brain won't shut off. I'm tossing. I'm turning. I'm counting sheep. No. I'm actually counting Onions. At 6am, I give up and hoist myself out of bed and turned on the laptop, but couldn't focus on anything. I was really tired.

By 8am, I started to nod off, but in the back of my mind, I knew I had to be at the gym at 3pm to be abused by my trainer. Now, there is NOBODY who can put the fear of God into me like this sweat-Nazi can and the last thing I want is to either be late or be a no-show. It's just not worth the additional pain!

With this in mind, I knew my alarm would never be enough to wake me up. I had to call in a back-up, which is my trusty right-hand, Cooky. I texted her, messaged her on MSN and sent her an email BEGGING her to call me sometime between noon and 1--and to let the phone ring until I answer. Being the diligent person she is, she was on the task and she rang me at 12:30. Shock of all shocks, I heard the phone and answered. I was very proud.

Cooky asked me if I wanted her to call back in 10 minutes and I gladly opted in on that, thinking a quick ten minute haze would be perfect! Well, Cooky will never offer that option again! After countless calls to my cell phone and seven calls on my home phone, I FINALLY heard my home phone at 1:40! The best bit though was when I checked my email and found that Cooky (apparently thinking that I'd somehow HEAR her on Facebook!) left me the following Facebook message: "Ring-ring, ring-ring-ring, ring-ring-ring-ring.....Ring-ring, ring-ring-ring, ring-ring-ring-ring.....Ring-ring, ring-ring-ring, ring-ring-ring-ring.....Ring-ring, ring-ring-ring, ring-ring-ring-ring.....Ring-ring, ring-ring-ring, ring-ring-ring-ring....."

Classic! Apparently, Cooky figured if I couldn't hear the phone, maybe I'd hear her on Facebook!

And yes, I DID get up and yes, I DID make it to the gym on time to be beaten by the sweat-Nazi!


Wanna get a 'sneak-peek' at the NEW GoneGambling??? Well, here's your chance!

Just head over to Facebook, using the hyperlinks provided in this section (the blue Facebook hyperlinks!).

Now once you get your peek, be sure to click on the 'LIKE' button (on the left-hand side--the little Facebook Onion) AND leave a message on our Wall, with your GoneGambling username. If you do both of those bits ('Like' us and leave your GG username on our Wall), within 24 hours, you'll be rewarded with 1,000 GG's!


Well, it doesn't look as if we'll make the March 15th date we were so hoping for, BUT we ARE incredibly close at this point! While I don't want to give any exact date, I'm hoping (er, praying, crossing fingers, holding breath and any other ritual I can think of!) that it will be before next week.

Just hang in've waited this long, a few more days won't hurt ya!


We're looking to add some people to our wonderful Member Support Team. If you feel you know GoneGambling (in its CURRENT form) inside and out and can dedicate a few hours each week to help out other members, we'd love to hear from you!

Also, if you are a Twitter know-it-all and can invest an hour or two each week helping out, I want to hear from you!

Similarly, a Facebook whiz-kid is on our list of must-finds, as well.

Now, don't get too excited--these are not paid positions in the traditional sense. You WILL be rewarded for your time with cool GoneGambling stuff...just not cash!

If you're interested and qualified for any of these slots, PLEASE drop me an email as soon as possible at:


In case you missed last week's newsletter, I mentioned that we're now on Twitter. If you haven't already done so, please head over to Twitter and 'follow' us at @mygonegambling. If you do, you'll be well-rewarded with 1,000 GG's (within 24 hours of the follow)! Be sure to tweet your GG username, so the 1,000 GG's can be credited!


We all are painfully aware of the crisis in Japan. The horrors of the events there are unimaginable and the need for help is paramount. If you are able, please give to reputable organizations, such as the Red Cross, OxFam, Doctors Without Borders (just to name a few). You'll get a warm and tingly feeling if you help out and it's some great karma, as well!

Have a great week and win BIG!



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