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Review by Tim Neville

There are two things I look for when deciding whether to play at an Online Casino… great software, and something a little different.

Now, if you've played at a Microgaming Casino before you will know just how classy the software is. The games are innovative and they play and pay more than fair. The only minor "negative", if you could even call it that, is that you tend to come across the same games at every Casino, with a few small variations.

Not so at 7 Sultans!

Yes, they have all your Microgaming favorites like Power Poker and Double Magic, but they also have an incredible range of Slots which I have never seen anywhere else. I managed to play just about all of the unusual ones, along with some better known ones, and I can tell you that after doing this over the course of a few hours I ended up with a 100% profit! Not bad when you consider all the games I played and the bets I made.

I have listed some of the Slots you may not have seen before and a little information about each one... but if you REALLY want to know how much fun they are then its time to grab the VISA and enter the Mystical World of the Sultans...

Defcon Four - Slot

This game is pretty simple. 3 reels and 1 payline, and a 3 coin Max Bet. I did pretty well on this one, but the idea of various missiles spinning around that quick makes me a little nervous…

Gold Coast - Slot

A 3-reel 5-line game with a holiday atmosphere…don’t forget the Pina Coladas! Spin the hassles of work away and watch as the 3 symbols come up and your balance starts looking a little healthier…

Island Style - Slot

Anyone for coconuts??? Line up the three trees on this 3-reel single-payline Slot and it wont be just your coconuts that need cracking!. There may not be many symbols on this one, but it makes for more regular pays and great value for money.

Flo's Diner - Slot

Similar to Island Style, but with a sixties soda bar theme. 3 reels and a single payline make this one perfect for those who like to keep their bets moderate. I was betting 2 coins per spin and came up with 3 soda’s, which more than quenched my thirst. (Watch out though… Flo expects a decent tip!)

Fun House - Slot

You'll be laughing if you hit 2 Clowns and the Triple Bars like I did on my first spin. A simple 5-line bet at 25c per line netted me $17.50... and the next spin I hit the Double bars for $10.00! Certainly worth some serious spins Ladies and Gents!

Riverbelle Riches - Slot

Don't like betting 3 or 5 coins?... then this is your game! 3 reels and a single payline and a Max Bet of 2 Coins makes this Slot great value for money. Not only do all the combinations pay well, but if you manage to get a Riverbelle Riches symbol in there too it pays DOUBLE... get 2 RR Symbols and the payout is QUADRUPLED! Get out them white dinner suits and fancy cee-gars and sail aboard the Riverbelle!

5-Reel-Drive - Slot

This Brand New Slot from Microgaming has just landed at 7 Sultans... and boy was I impressed! You can play 9 LINES at 25c per line on this 5-reel machine. As if that isn't impressive enough, there is also a WILD symbol and the car symbols pay as SCATTERS... get 3 or more anywhere in the window and get a BIG payout! I got 4 scattered cars on my first spin and won $45... and the next spin I hit 4 of a kind and picked up $32! Even if you're not a slot lover, you really must try this game... it might just change your mind!

Deuces Wild Power Poker

Well I must admit I'm a sucker for the ol' Video Poker, but just when I though I had it “under control”, Microgaming had to come up with Power Poker... sheeesh! I have to say that this concept is first class and I just love the game. You can bet up to $25 per hand in this simultaneous 4-hand game. You are dealt the first hand, and the cards you hold from that hand are held identically in the other 3... which was great for me when I had 4 of a Kind in the bottom hand which converted into 2 Five of a Kinds after the Draw. You can play this game for hours and I think its pretty good value. Don’t miss any of the Power Pokers when you visit 7 Sultans!

Joker Poker

Isn't it funny how just about every Casino has a different design for their Joker? Well that's not important if you're staring at one of them with 4 aces around it which I wasn't. Yes, I WASN'T but I really wish I was. Lets face it, 5 of a Kind is hard to get but I had a good run of Full Houses and 4 of a Kinds which made me a nice little profit.

Multi-Hand Blackjack

Well I'm not the world's most serious Blackjacker, but I wanted to get the complete picture of 7 Sultans so I dropped in for a hand of the Multi-Hand variety. The Minimum bet is $2, which was a little costly compared to my usual wager, and it cost me $10 for one game (of 5 hands). I only got $4 back, so being short on funds with still more games to try out I did the smart thing and got the hell outta Dodge...


If you've never played Craps before, its probably because you don’t know how to play it! <grin> And you wouldn't be in the minority. I am lucky enough to understand how all the different bets work, so I played $10 on Craps betting $1 a throw. Taking the Field bet, I lost $5 straight, but after two bets on a straight seven for a $5 win each time, and an 8-1 bet on Any Craps, I ended up in front. Do yourself a favor and go learn about the game... it’s a lot of fun and has the best odds in the Casino!


I love Keno. OK OK OK. I can hear the serious Caribbean Studders and BlackJack Freaks saying "tsk tsk tsk" under their breath. It's a lot of fun, and it can make $20 last for hours and hours. I always play Spot 15, and I occasionally hit 9 numbers which pays $50, or 10 which pays $150. This time, I was down to my last $5, so I used it all on one game and got 7 numbers twice in a row ($25 each time) so I was able to sit back and cruise around the Casino once more.


Here are my observations as to why you should be playing here:

Great Software
Great Signup Bonus (currently $10 free plus 100%)
Amazing range of games
Unique Slots
Very fair payouts
Excellent Customer Service
Very fast payment processing

I know many of you have your favorite places to play, and 7 Sultans may well be one of them... but for those that haven't tried it, you are doing yourself a disservice. My advice is to do what I did. Put $50 in and try as many games as you can, and believe me you will be hard-pressed to try them all.

The most important thing to remember is that Online Gaming should be FUN! Enjoy yourself and only spend what you can afford. This way, you will not only enjoy your experience at 7 Sultans, but you will give yourself a chance to actually come out ahead!

There's no "Open Sesame" required here, Folks. Just a desire for something different and lots of fun times.

7 Sultans Casino

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