Sunny Group - Trading Off GG's Reputation!

As recently as the 2nd October, 2003, the Sunny Group of casinos was deliberately misleading the online gambling public into believing that GoneGambling still endorses their casinos. GoneGambling does not endorse or recommend the Sunny Group casinos under any circumstances. The Sunny Group casinos include Mapau Casino, Miami Beach Casino, Casino Fortune and Gold Gate. The group also once included the now defunct Sunny Sportsbook.

In late August, 2003, GoneGambling made public a problem that another Webmaster was having with the Sunny Group. Click here for details. In response to our public exposure the Sunny Group issued a press release titled Internet Blackmail. In their press release they accused myself and GoneGambling of trying to blackmail them, and yet just one month later they are using a two year old testimonial from myself to trade off my good name in an effort to drum up more business for what appears to be a very desperate casino group.

The Sunny Group wants to have it both ways but they can't. Either I'm a blackmailer or I'm an upstanding member of the online gaming community. The Sunny Group can't accuse me of blackmail in August and then use an old testimonial of mine in October to gain more business for their casinos. This leaves them with absolutely no credibility at all. It also shows that they will say and do anything to get business for their casinos. They don't even draw the line at using a two year old testimonial of someone they have accused of blackmail as recently as just one month ago.

The above is pretty much the exact type of activity that caused GoneGambling to refuse further advertising from the Sunny Group in the first place. Using a two year old testimonial from someone who has since denounced their business activities is about as low as an online casino can go.


Within 48 hours of the above message being emailed to GoneGambling members the Sunny Group removed my testimonial from their sites.

The Final Word

One would think that it would be easier to get their business back on track by doing the right thing instead of using underhand and tacky practices like the above. When a casino starts to make decisions based on a 'quick fix' instead of looking ahead to see what damage will come from their actions, all gamblers need to be concerned.

If you intend contacting the Sunny Group about any of this, please copy GoneGambling on your emails to them. It will allow us to judge what the true feeling is in the online gambling world when a story like this is told.


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