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Review by John Abbott

I visited Slotland recently to play their games again. Now I'm no computer expert so one aspect of Slotland that appeals to me greatly is their "no download" casino. Also, their games are not Java-driven so you're offered high quality graphics with a real slot machine feel without the risk of crashing your browser. I am told that WebTV users especially love Slotland as it is one of the few online casinos capable of delivering gaming to that elite group.

You get the same great pay outs if not better than you do at the real land based casinos. (Slotland pays out 98% certified!) At Slotland you feel like you're part of a special private community. A community who has access to some massive slots jackpots. They just paid out a progressive jackpot of over $135,000 last September.

Each game they offer is linked to the same progressive jackpot so you can quickly find your favorite game and play to your heart's content knowing you're not passing up a chance to hit it really big!

Now in my opinion this is the biggest thing Slotland has going for it. "Their games are all original." Unlike most online casinos who offer the same limited range of games Slotland does its own thing. If you're looking for something different then don't pass up Slotland.

I had a good talk with the management of Slotland about their games and the strategies players should use to their advantage. Slotland management was more than helpful and we put together the following:

I will briefly describe the ten unique games they offer and a few recommended strategies you may wish to try.


Betting range: $3.00 to $60.00 per play.

This game is great for lovers of blackjack. This is not your standard blackjack game. There are no surrender or split options, nor can you buy insurance but the extras they offer more than offset these minor limitations.

First off, the player is automatically dealt 3 hands to play. Once your hand is dealt out, you have the option to stand, hit or double down. But here's the trick... whatever option you choose (hit, stand or double down) applies to "all" three of your hands at once!

Now who in their right mind would play all three hands, when your hit/stand/double down option applies to all hands at once? Well, in order to win the progressive jackpot, you must bet "something" on all three hands and get blackjack on all three hands. Highly improbable, but then again, it should be since their current jackpot is standing in excess of $75,000! I don't know of any other spot to play blackjack and have the chance to win huge dollars.

But here is perhaps the most appealing reason to play Spacejack. Their blackjack will pay you 3 for 1! Yes, bet $20 and get blackjack, and you get $60 in return! You simply cannot find that kind of payback on any other blackjack game around! And one more plus... if you get blackjack and the dealer also gets blackjack, it is not a push. You still win 3 for 1. How many times has your heart sunk when you proudly slap your blackjack down, only to find the dealer pushing your bet back because he got a blackjack as well?

Spacejack Strategy:

This game took a little thinking on my part to get my head around the right approach. It's a fact that most blackjack players will not like the 3 hand feature where they can't play each hand separately. But the hope of the big win will appeal to most players.

Now their rules for hitting the progressive jackpot only requires that a bet is placed on each hand (doesn't have to be max bet on each hand). So the smart players will play the max bet ($20) on hand 1 and the minimum bet ($1) on hands 2 & 3. They should focus entirely on hand 1 and let the other 2 win or lose, without much worry. So, for an additional 10% of a basic $20 bet, they are giving themselves a chance to hit the big progressive jackpot!

Some of you may opt out on the progressive jackpot possibility and just go for pure fun blackjack by playing just one hand. That's quite OK and your choice.


Betting range: $0.25 to $15.00 per play.

This is one of Slotlands two video poker (slot) games. You are dealt out 3 identical hands (of course, you select your bets for each hand before the deal). Look for the wild card, as this can be used for anything. Select the cards you wish to discard, and then click the deal button. It will then deal out cards to each of those three hands and pay out the winners accordingly.

Jacks or Better

Betting range: $0.50 to $10.00 per play.

This is Slotland's other video poker (slot) game. No bells and whistles, no special twists and turns or rules for collecting the progressive jackpot. Just sit down and play to your heart's content.

Select the amount you wish to bet and watch the cards fall. You can discard any or all of your cards, and a pair of Jacks or Better of course returns a win.

Heavy Metal

Betting range: $0.50 to $8.00 per play.

This is what I call the thinking man's slot machine. For sure, don't just sit and spin this one. You need to look over every spin result to determine how you want to bet on the next round.

Basically, there are 4 pay lines from which you can win. You must make a money bet on line 1; all the others are optional. Lines A, B, and C are vertical pay lines, where it keeps track of the last three spins made for each column. So if you keep your eye on those columns, you will know when it is time to place a bet.

For instance, let's say the last two spins produced a star symbol in the first column. If you then look at column A you will see the last two symbols are stars. One more star in the first column and you have a winning combination on line A, so now is the time to lay down your bet for Line A.

Another random extra you get in this game is the appearance of hold buttons. Once in a while, the machine will allow you to hold one, two or all three of the symbols in line 1. This is a nice feature that paid off well for me when I was playing. Be sure to keep your eye out for the hold feature, as I have earned a good number of free spins working that hold option!

One last extra they throw your way are the possibility of 3 Free bonus spins. Every time you get 3 diamonds in Line 1, you earn a free red diamond; earn three of those and you get three free spins!

Heavy Metal Strategy:

The strategy here is simple and easy to follow. First and foremost, stay alert! You need to evaluate your positions after each and every spin! Check to see if you have potential winners sitting in your history panels (Lines A, B & C). If so, place the appropriate bet. If you are watching your dollars, do not bet the maximum on any of the vertical lines (A through C) until you are holding two triple 7 symbols in a row, at which time you "must" bet the maximum in order to collect the huge progressive jackpot. Finally, always bet the maximum on line 1, because I know you would never forgive yourself if you hit the progressive jackpot combination but cannot collect because you did not bet the max on that line!

Golden 8

Betting range: $0.50 to $12.00 per play.

This machine has pay outs in more ways than you will at first imagine! It offers a classic 3 by 3 grid of slots, and you can get paid on 8 different lines. This is your classic "pull and pray" machine, requiring little or no strategy to win. They do offer a bonus free spin if you collect 6 diamonds. One diamond is collected each time a spin produces 3 blue diamonds somewhere on the machine grid of 9 spots.

One of my favorite things about Golden 8 is that most of the time I get more payoffs than I thought at first glance. For instance, 3 red bars snatches the progressive jackpot (assuming you bet that line with the max bet allowed), but one or two red bars also pays you off. Get a red bar in the upper left corner of the machine, and you are paid three times (for lines 2, 4 & 7)!


Betting range: $0.50 to $10.00 per play.

Another multi-line pay slot machine. This time offering you 5 different ways to collect your winnings. This game also offers the richest free spin game I have ever encountered! To save you time trying to figure out how to get a free spin, let me explain the layout and features that earn you a free spin.

Each spin produces results of three rows of five columns. After the spin is completed, one symbol in each row changes from a colored symbol to a monochrome symbol. If those five monochrome symbols (one in each column) synchronize across a standard pay line, you earned yourself a letter. Spell out "MAGIC" and your free spin comes into play. And this free spin is a beauty, because you are guaranteed a win, the minimum pay out being 50 times your bet!

Magic Strategy:

Again, to snag the progressive jackpot requires you to play the maximum bet for that line. If you're a die hard, determined to pull in that progressive jackpot, you must play maximum bets each spin. If you don't mind chipping away with the easy win combinations then you should only wager $0.50 to $1.00 per spin. But remember, if you have already pulled down the "MAGI" in the bonus spin area, you really should start betting the maximum because once you hit that free spin it will spin betting the amount of your last bet across the board. And remember, this free spin "guarantees" you a win (50 times your bet is the minimum pay out), so you want the max pay out you can get!

Silver Kiss

Betting range: $0.25 to $2.00 per play.

This game is designed for adults only; if you find nudity offensive, simply skip this game. But if you do not mind a little "flash with your cash" this game is a kick! First off, you get to select the picture theme you desire (2 sets of babes, teens, lesbians or couples).

Then you begin the play. The machine is a cross grid (3 lines horizontal and 3 lines vertical) offering you two ways of winning. Match up the faces of one girl across the horizontal or vertical grid, and you not only win, but you are allowed a peek at a full nude picture of the girl you matched up. Don't worry... if you match the same girl more than once, you get a new picture of her!

Treasure Box

Betting range: $0.25 to $2.00 per play.

If you like the option of holding certain slots to see if you can get the right combination on the next spin, this is the game for you. Treasure Box has four rows of slots you can play. The first row (Line 1) is spun first; once the results of that spin show up, you are given the option of holding any or all of those symbols. Whichever symbols you keep will then appear in the other three rows above and will remain for the next spin, which determines your pay out.


This is a variety of Deuces Wild video poker games. 7's are wild and can substitute for any other cards. When you win, you can collect your winnings immediately OR you can try to double your win - the objective of this feature is to draw a card of higher value than the first card drawn by the computer. If you draw a higher valued card, your win is doubled, if not, you lose the hand.


This is in my opinion a really unique slot machine. It is a single payline slot machine and has the following features: First off, all your bets are stored in a special fund - you can collect 10% of it anytime, or you can win it completely by winning the special Win/Lose spin. There is also a special spin during which you can multiply your bets and wins ten times.


As you can see, you can spend a good amount of time in Slotland having fun and winning money. As you play you'll find small differences that indicate this casinos desire to cater to their gaming customers. For instance, many of the games offer free bonus plays. Something I appreciate about Slotland is that each machine you play is your own virtual machine. You can build up to a potential bonus spin and know it will be waiting for you next time if you run out of time or money.

At Slotland, each time you return to each game, the machine is left in the same state as it was when you last played it, whether it be one day or one month ago!

Slotland offers one of the more generous comp bonuses as well. No complicated rules about betting 3 times your initial deposit before being able to cash in your deposit; their program is simple and to the point. All that is required is that you put any bonuses you receive into play just once before requesting a cash out. Nothing is fairer than that!

Slotland is now offering a 100% new player sign up bonus.


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