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Yikes! I must have still been in my Vegas-haze, as clearly I forgot to sort out Eliminations last week! The great news is that this was a non-elimination week on the show, so that it didn’t even matter! I swear, I have an angel on my shoulder!

Anyhow, four members guessed (last week) that Betsey Johnson would twirl off into the sunset and for that correct Elimination pick, they’ve earned themselves 1,000 GG’s and another notch up the leaderboard towards that monster half-million GG’s final prize!

Get your pick in for next week’s Dancing With the Stars Eliminations!

Here's this weekend's tournament lineup:

Moon Rocket Individuals Tournament Starts Friday, 1:00pm EDT

Earthquake Team Tournament: Starts Saturday 1:00pm EDT

Both Tournaments run 3 days.
Good Luck!

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Here's how it goes... only 1 post per member

1st member to post correctly wins.

If someone who's first isn't giftable the next correct member wins, so don't be discouraged if someone already posted your guess, you still may win!!

Pick which team either the Royals or the Giants and in what game they will win the series. Keep in mind its a best of 7 games series so that the earliest they can win is game 4.

Entry example.....

Giants in 4, or Royals in 7

Post inside this thread.....


Good Luck GGers...


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Today marks the 350th anniversary of the UK's Royal Marines.
They have served us all over the world in that time.
The link below has a 'must see' video.
For all of you who have served in your Armed Forces for any country these lads set the standard the rest of us try to achieve.



The Earthquake Team Tournament just ended, here's the results:

1st Place: Jackpot Rhinos (Score 237757) Win 50,000 GG's
2nd Place: dronesters (Score 230942) Win 25,000 GG's
3rd Place: Crazy Onions (Score 213641) Win 15,000 GG's

Congrats go out to the Winners

Who would like to see another WinADay Sweepstakes ???
I can't be the only one Right ?? Lets strart a petition Here and hope we get our wish. Todd

WE BEAT DALLAS *** IN DALLAS *** HAIL TO THE Washington Redskins !!!! I almost lost my voice but I was screaming and cheering for 5 of us and representing the 12 MAN BIG TIME !! WHAT A FANTASTIC GAME !

the Moon Rocket Individuals Tournament ended a moment ago, here's the results:

1st Place: goldpanner (Score 48175) Wins 50,000 GG's
2nd Place: jimebear (Score 46775) Wins 30,000 GG's
3rd Place: maagjill (Score 44656) Wins 20,000 GG's
4th Place: lois (Score 40941) Wins 10,000 GG's
5th Place: Petjeaf69 (Score 40233) Wins 5,000 GG's

Congratulations to the Winners

This Week's Free-Lotto Results:

10/27/2014 GG Site Date
Winning numbers: 13-25-47-17-28-42

Number of winners: 7
0 Numbers correct: 164
1 Numbers: 179
2 Numbers: 56
3 Numbers: 6
4 Numbers: 1
5 Numbers: 0
6 Numbers: 0

Chat is on!

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Chat is starting up!

Sunday is Funday!

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Oh boy, it's Funday!

Advance game is showing 2 cards up.

Boom or Bust game can be played every 5 minutes.

Gifting has been re-set.

Chat starts about 4 hours and 45 minutes from now, be there or be square!

blue voucher

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