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The newsletter is back and on its way to your emailbox!

We've got a cool new bit, here at GoneGambling--the Casino of the Week! This week's Casino of the Week is Bovada Casino. You can read all about the Casino of the Week and Bovada Casino, here: http://www.gonegambling.com/cotw/


Probably the most polite member we’ve ever had, MATEOJUAN just celebrated his one-year anniversary as a member of GoneGambling. Not only was he clearly raised well, he’s also great fun to have around in our chatroom for our Sunday is Funday chat and he participates on the regular with our sponsoring casinos. He’s a genuine asset to GoneGambling, making MATEOJUAN an obvious Member of the Week choice! Enjoy your bling, Matt!


The spinner is spun and the BoB has won! This week’s GOTW is Boom or Bust! Instead of the normal 30 minutes per game, Super Onion is cutting that time in half! Now, we all know how BoB and GAIA get, so you'll be getting a double dose and there are no promises of either of them being really nice or mean! LOL

Here's this weekend's tournament lineup:

Moon Rocket Individual Tournament, 50,000 GG's Top Prize
Starting Friday 1am EST

Kidnapped Tean Tournament, 30,000 GG's Top Prize
Starting Saturday 1am EST

Both Tournaments last for three days.

Good Luck!

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I hit the Mega. Thank you GG and Slotland!

The Kidnapped Team Tourney ended a little while ago, here are the results:

1st Place: Rock me baby Team Wins 30,000 GG's
2nd Place: dronesters Team Wins 20,000 GG's
3rd Place: Awsome Blossoms Team Wins 10,000 GG's

Congrats to the Winners

As you have seen, there are many web-bots and harvesters out there. This forum is a prime example of how they attack and make a mess. DO NOT be tempted to click on the topic headers that have been changed, I do not know what could be downloaded into your machine, but it will not be pleasant.
This brings me to my main point;


Heartbleed is a sophisticated piece of software that has been sent out to servers. In a nanosecond it will collect personal data, particularly passwords and identity data. It does this by operating only for a nanosecond so that it is not picked up by security software.
The origin of heartbleed is not known publicly for now. Some say 'hackers', 'russians', or even the NSA, that is a very strong possibility.
The result of this and what to do about it?
As IT departments and specialists write patches for their servers and catch up with any damage done, YOU MUST;
change your passwords regularly, at least once a month.
I appreciate that this a massive pain in the arse, BUT, this software is designed to capture your ID and password.
NO bank account, credit card, debit card is safe, especially if you do a lot of banking and purchasing online. This HAS to apply to your casino accounts of course, online gambling is an ideal place to get hold of your ID.
Please make sure you check your accounts regularly, just in case there is any sign of unusual or unexpected activity.


The Moon Rocket Individuals Tournament just ended and here are the results:

1st Place: Petjeaf69 (Score 56727) Wins 50,000 GG's
2nd Place: nannahannah (Score 55655) Wins 30,000 GG's
3rd Place: Sortame (Score 41409) Wins 20,000 GG's
4th Place: oddball143 (Score 40685) Wins 10,000 GG's
5th Place: jimebear (Score 37794) Wins 5,000 GG's

WTG Winners!

Anyone wanting to play in the tourney, I would really like the team to have a fair shot with four players and we need one more player for our team tourney..Please join Awesome Blossoms! Will start off giving the player 9,999 points to play the 1500 spins, and if they need more I'll give them more

Good luck all!


Hiya Peeps~

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Okay, if anyone wants to join the team tourney, I need 2 team members for the Awesome Blossoms! Hope everyone's weekend is going well, and wish lots of luck to you all!

Pretty pleaseeeeeeeeeee!



Good news!

If you've been scouring the auctions waiting for the Casino of the Week Triple-Triple Auction Deal to come up, Wait no longer!

At this time you can bypass the auction room and go straight to the COTW page. Simply follow the intructions on how to open your account:


To get the Triple-Triple deal you must deposit a minimum of $50. Send proof of deposit and PLEASE specify if you are doing a NEW account deal OR a REPEAT deposit deal.

It's so simple! What's not to like?

Go to the AUCTION Room and take the CASINO OF THE WEEK DEAL. It is for BOVADA Casino this week and they are great games in 3D. I not only had the great bunch of fun games, more than I have had in a long, long time.. BUT, I also got NINE Special deal vouchers. This is what I won:

48948418 Auction Deal 4/21/2014 10,000 GG Points
48948417 Auction Deal 4/21/2014 15,000 GG Points
48948416 Auction Deal 4/21/2014 5,000 GG Points
48948415 Auction Deal 4/21/2014 10,000 GG Points
48948414 Auction Deal 4/21/2014 10,000 GG Points
48948413 Auction Deal 4/21/2014 20,000 GG Points
48948412 Auction Deal 4/21/2014 5,000 GG Points
48948411 Auction Deal 4/21/2014 10,000 GG Points
48948410 Auction Deal 4/21/2014 10,000 GG Points

That's right, 95,000 GG points, just for one Auction Deal!

Anyway, I just thought I'd let you know how you can change your situation. Trust me, I have been here too, way too many times in the past. But, I'll never be broke again. This is also how we keep GoneGambling's site going. So pitch in and keep GoneGambling on the Web, and help yourselves at the same time.
This is how the GG Rich do it, it's not all about luck..

gl n luv 2u'all2

2000 ggs

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Say what

you must be giftable

Well GAIA finally gave up 10,000 points, but at what price. GAIA owns me now and tells me to get on my knees. Sounds kind of kinky in the S&M way. Just wondering, is GAIA male or female, or maybe both. lol

Boom or Bust Results
Game # 20140408143152
Guess what Dwayne?

You just won 10,000 GG Points! - I own you now and you will do as I tell you. On your knees, now! -GAIA

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