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I was shocked to see only three members picked Zach to be the latest Evictee in last week's Eliminations! Those three members have 1,000 fresh, shiny GG's in their bank for that accurate pick, along with another notch up the leaderboard!

Now's the time to get your Elimination's pick in for the coming Eviction. With Nicole back in the house (you go, girl!), things should be getting that much more interesting!!!

The newsletter is on its way to an email box, near you!

While you're waiting, here's a few highlights:


You’re gonna love this one!!! This week, we’re highlighting Lucky Creek Casino, a wonderful choice using the Saucify software platform. The exclusive $35 free chip for GoneGambling members (new accounts) followed with a 100% first deposit bonus will get you in the door. Great games and customer service will keep you loyal! You really should not miss out on this one!

To check out the Casino of the Week, please click this link:



She’s a character, to be sure and she’s SO much fun to have around, particularly in our Sunday is Funday chat. Who’s this wacky member? Tigerett! Tigerett has been a member for more than eleven years, helping to support GoneGambling in so many ways. Because of all this, it’s time to show her some love and bestow the Member of the Week honors upon her. Enjoy your bling, Tigerett!


Souper Onion is being a hard-ass this week. He’s annoyed that the WinADay Sweepstakes have not gone off yet, so he’s holding firm keeping the Sweeps as Game of the Week until we have winners! This Sweepstakes has a top WinADay casino cash prize of 500 big ones, tons of other smaller casino cash prizes and more GG's than you can count! It only costs 1 GG per entry, so there’s no excuse not to play! Good luck!

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4 replies

Gawd Almichty........

Tis quiet in here......

'Lifts kilt..........'



Hi, I really need the help of all my friends here at G.G. My mother was recently diagnosed with stage 3 cancer. They decided to do a combination of chemo and radiation on her. After a week of this they had to take her off the chemo. It was all too much for her to handle at once. Since they say prayer is the best medicine, I am asking for you all to please pray for my mother. She is the nicest, kindest, selfless person I have ever known. Even if you continued to wrong her she would still be there when you needed anything. Please, please pray for her, no matter whom your God is, we will accept all help. Thank-you so much, Anita

CS Major

0 replies

Bye Bye major
Take Care, where ever you are

Here's this weekend's Tournament lineup:

Earthquake Individuals Tournament 50,000 GG's Top Prize
-Starts Friday 1am EDT

Moon rocket Team Tournament 50,000 GG's Top Prize
-Starts Saturday 1am EDT

Each Tournament runs 3 days


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1 replies

Well someone hit the big one and wiped the board clean. Never seen everything go like this great hit. I have been playing it since last nite, been up all nite and went to get a drink and come back any everything is gone. Someone is very happy right now. Let us know who the big winner is.


The Earthquake Team Tournament just ended and here's the results:

1st Place: Rock me baby (Score 248569 Wins 50,000 GG's
2nd Place: dronesters (Score 220151) Wins 25,000 GG's
3rd Place: Movers and Shakers (Score 219200) Wins 15,000 GG's

Congratulations to the winners


2 replies

I hardly can belive i won the biggie in the sweep this time. I'm Shocked. Ty so much GG - Winaday and all.
GAIA i will even kiss your smelly, furry feet now.
Again ty so much

The Kidnapped Indidvidual Tournament just ended. Here's the results:

1st Place: bail9418 (Score 20589) Wins 30,000 GG's
2nd Place: kitten1 (Score 20201) Wins 20,000 GG's
3rd Place: julila (Score 19366) Wins 15,000 GG's
4th Place: kikki1 (Score 18956) Wins 10,000 GG's
5th Place: 001MaDDaM (Score 17504) Wins 5,000 GG's

Congratulations to the Winners

This Week's Free-Lotto Results:

Winning numbers: 13-10-39-9-3-16
Number of winners: 4
0 Numbers correct: 153
1 Numbers: 140
2 Numbers: 52
3 Numbers: 2
4 Numbers: 2
5 Numbers: 0
6 Numbers: 0

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