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GGGambler has been a part of GoneGambling as long as I have. He hasn’t been posting much lately, but he’s always been great fun, a bright and sometimes acerbic guy who no matter what, will get your attention when he’s around. Hopefully, by giving GGGambler the Member of the Week honors, it will pull him out of his shell and back into the GG public! Enjoy your bling, GGG—you rock!


Souper Onion has spun the wheel and it landed on Totally Random!

As the featured game, Souper Onion has discounted the cost per play from 5 GG's to only 4 GG's! You'll have the same sized jackpots, but you'll get more bang for your GG bucks!


Oooooooh, this is a GREAT one! This week marks the return of 3Dice to the GoneGambling website. 3Dice is in a league all its own, with proprietary games that are so off the beaten path, a genuine ‘player community,’ fun tournaments and a support team that’s tough to compete with. All-in-all, 3Dice is one of the finest casinos you’ll ever play in! Straight off, you’ll get 110% as a new player, along with many, MANY other perks. It’s well worth your while to check 3Dice out!


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We’re just one little week away from our next Tournament Triathlon, which will be carrying a ridiculously huge 5.6 MILLION GG’s Bounty…AND…a $560 casino cash prize from our wonderful friends at iNetBet to the lucky member who finally manages to take First Place in both Individual Tournaments and is on the First Place crew in the Team Tournament. The Triathlon will begin, December 5th, so get ready!

In the meantime, this weekend we have two lovely Tourney’s set up for your enjoyment:

KIDNAPPED Tournament for Individuals – begins Friday, 1AM, EST

MOON ROCKET Team Tournament – begins Saturday, 1AM, EST
Both Tournaments run three days, each.

Good luck!

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It seems the regular email could be stuffed up a bit. If you haven't received winning emails etc. from us don't panic, we'll get things fixed up as soon as possible.

In case you didn't receive your GG NewsLetter, I will attempt to post it behind this post. Sorry it the links don't carry over.

Ok, announcement over, go back to your turkey.

Tourney Alert!

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tournaments will open and close 1 hour earlier this weekend. I boo boo'd.


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Special Thanksgiving fun,

will be at varying times Throughout the day, keep your eyes peeled!

--Games are back to their regular times now--

I finally got the dealer bonus after 25,0000+ spins, ..no e-mail, no bonus credited


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I have a surprise for you inside here

Let me be the first to wish you the best birthday ever!

Here's hoping for a spectacular, trouble free, blissful, lucky year to come!

Love you...


Cash Salad

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I am working on Cash Salad and expect the problems will be solved before the next Jackpot goes off.

In fact - as this is a gambling site then I am willing to bet on it.

So if the next jackpot bonus - probably the minor Jackpot goes off on cash salad and the winner has a casino account and they don't get a winning email for more than $0.00 then I will personally sneak into the admin area and give you 100 GG Points (maybe even more than 100 but you have to risk it.)

God am I cheap or what?

I know, I know I make a lousy gambler. I am one of those crazy people that, if I was forced to go to a horse race I would not put any money on any of the nags to do anything maybe I would bet on how many of the starters actually finished - depends on the odds.

But I have been known to do favours for people at great personal risk and for absolutely no reward. That is a different kind of gambling.

Cash Salad Winner

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Congratulations to mjf327 on your cash salad minor win of $183.45

Hallelujah, this version of Eliminations is over! For whatever reason, I struggled to keep up with this one (maybe because I’m just not into Dancing With The Stars, so I tend to forget it’s even on!).

Anyhow, Alfonso Ribeiro, managed to twist and shake his way to the Mirror Ball Trophy, despite his well-documented groin injury. Conversely, mobycr, managed to rack up the greatest number of Eliminations picks (6), earning him 500,000 GG’s…and without suffering groin injuries!

Well done, Alfonso and well picked, mobycr!

Congratulations to both!

Happy Turkey

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Happy Thanksgiving all. Hope each of you have a great Thanksgiving.

landa (Leann & Art)

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