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Dear Members,

This forum will be replaced with a new forum shortly. As a result all posts currently in this forum will be kept for historical reference.

This forum will therefore be adjusted so that no new posts can be added and it may not happen in perfect timing with the new forum coming on line. So don't feel too bad if you cannot post to the forum at all.

If this happens you may just have to keep checking back to see when the new forum starts up. I will not spill any beans about the new forum except that it has a separate log-in that will be your current Gongambling log-in. We will be adding members to the forum list as they join Gonegambling and many regular forum posters are already added.

If (when the forum is active), you are not added, and you want to post to the new forum, then let Greedygirl know after next week and you will be especially taken care of - somewhere between placing bets on the horses, dogs and slots I think Greedy will find a minute or two eventually.

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It’s once again time for another Tournament Triathlon! This one is carrying an insane Bounty of 6.2 MILLION GG’s AND potentially $620 in iNetBet casino cash! To scoop up the monster Bounty, just be the First Place winner of both Individual Tournaments and be on the First Place crew in the Team Tournament!

This is IMPORTANT! If you want in on the $620 iNetBet moolah, you will need to have made a minimum $50 deposit with iNetBet within the past 30 days, PRIOR to the start of the Team Tournament (which begins Saturday, 1AM, EST).

Now here’s your Tournament Triathlon line-up:

MOON ROCKET Tournament for Individuals – begins Friday, 1AM, EST

EARTHQUAKE Team Tournament – begins Saturday, 1AM, EST

KIDNAPPED Tournament for Individuals – begins Sunday, 1AM, EST

Each Tournament runs three days.

Good luck and play nice with others!

Boom or Bust Results
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Guess what michael m?

Happy New Year! You still get nothing! - GAIA


3 replies

This years Up-Helly-Aa festival has taken place.
If you have Norse or Viking roots.........
Follow the link below to see some great photos of the Shetland Isles leading festival.



A First..........

8 replies

I was scratching around visiting various GG sponsored casinos to see if I had any "loose change" sitting around.
I found $2.40 balance in my BuzzLuck account and decided to see if I could get as many spins as possible so I did the lowest bet which was 25 cents.
Well, I won $5....then a few spins later I won $10 and then a few spins later, I won $20 more.
I had "parlayed" that $2.40 up to $50 and decided to double my bet to a whole 50 cents!
Well, I hit for $90 and then later for $100 so I doubled my bet to $1 per spin.
To make a long story short,I cashed out for $640!

This was truly a first and just goes to show you, SOMETIMES it just doesn't take much.

Have a lucky week!


Onion Racing game

2 replies

so the Onion Racing game has not been working for some time(doesn't pay you ggs when you win)where do the gg points that are bet go?


0 replies

?????????????????????????????????????????? I think I just confirmed my worst Fear??????????????????????????????????

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For GAWD'S sake, GAIA, after 11 years, you still can't spell my name?

It is - G-A-Z-E-L-L-E

You stupid twit!!!

gl n luv 2u2

The Moon Rocket Team Tournament ended a while ago, here's the results:

1st Place: peaches Wins 50,000 GG's
2nd Place: Rock me baby Wins 25,000 GG's
3rd Place: Crazy Onions Wins 10,000 GG's
4th Place: Oddities Wins 5,000 GG's

Congratulations to the winners

sorry it took me so long to post, I was having interntet issues.


Everyone 😀
Been awhile since I have been able to get on
GG and Really play. Have really missed Sunday Fun day!

Just wanted to say Hi & HOPE Everyone is doing Great.

Take care


The Kidnapped Individuals Tournament just ended, here's the results:

1st Place: Petjeaf69 (Score 24159) Wins 30,000 GG's
2nd Place: skyclad (Score 19587) Wins 20,000 GG's
3rd Place: thomasina (Score 17165) Wins 15,000 GG's
4th Place: drone1000 (Score 15825) Wins 10,000 GG's
5th Place: busylizzy (Score 14499) Wins 5,000 GG's

Congratulations to the Winners

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