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I was supposed to post this last night, but conked out and fell asleep on the couch instead, bad DeeDeeElf! So I'm posting it now in case you didn't receive your newsletter:

"Day Six of GoneGambling's Twelve Days of Christmas has arrived! Before I get to today's surprise, I just want to remind you that the GG Sweepstakes is still open with HUGE prizes! Also, we've got that special Holiday Tournament Triathlon running with a massive Bounty of 6 MILLION GG's and $600 in iNetBet casino cash! For more info, check the forum for all the dirt.

Now Day Six brings something VERY cool. It's the rarely seen, highly coveted, mack-daddy, big-kahuna of all GetLucky's--it's the GG 'Big Voucher' and you're getting TWO of 'em! How's that for icing on your gingerbread???

Also, please don't forget our very, VERY special Annual Holiday Chat with Drunk Santa, this Sunday at a special time, 4PM, EST and will run until at least 6PM (possibly longer if Santa can manage to stay upright!). It's a long-held tradition at GG and if nothing else, you'll have some of the best laughs of your year!

Enjoy your Big Vouchers and I'll catch you tomorrow!

Happy, happy holidays,



And don't forget to play the GG points Sweepstakes going on now! Bunches of GG's to win on the sweeps!

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Wow, the sweeps went fast!

Congratulations to the winners!

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I tried....

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to make the sweepstakes go off. Not quite anough ggs. But it is on the edge folks!!! :)

Happy Birthday to me,
Happy Birthday to me,
Happy Birthday to meeeeeeeeeeee....eee,
Happy Birthday to me!

21 Again......x3!

Thanks for the GL's!



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ty ! ty!

sweeps update...

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I've lost my little Cookita, my YorkiePoo, who was Gummibear and Jax's mommy. She lived a long and happy life and would have celebrated her 16th birthday on January 17.

All of my friends here have heard many tales of my little bilingual dog, who listened better in Spanish than in English. She and I were the only two in our house that spoke Spanish and neither of us were.. Right up until the vet put her gently to rest today, she knew in both languages, how much she was loved. There will never be another one like her, she was truly an amazing, intelligent and gentle friend, who loved anyone, everyone and every species she ever met.

For this reason, I will not be in chat tonight, as that should be a place to share good times with. I wish you all great wins, bonuses and above all a loving companion to share all the joys and sorrows with. To all who do have pets, give them an extra hug and kiss today, in memory of my little dog, Cookita, "Cookie," mi perrita especial! Alan and I still have our BabyBear, our 3yr old Yorkie-Poo, and Damn-zel, our 10yr old cat. We lost our Pixie in April and Gummibear three years ago.
They give so much and are gone too soon! God help those who have never experienced the love and joy that pets give to us. To those who do have pets, may all of yours live long and happy lives.

I KNOW our Cookita is with Gummi, Pixie and all our other lost pets. They have all walked over the Rainbow Bridge and wait to see us again someday.. not soon, but it's NOT forever!

gl n luv 2u'all2

Hi & Happy Holidays Ya'll,
It's me blackjktc the token Hill Billy here at GG.
Well it's that time of year again and soon 2014 will be a memory and I could not be happier to see her go. Yes for me *It was a very bad year*
Well I like many of you have done a lot of posting in the gifting forum over the past year and I am for once again ok on points for the time being and in the pay it forward frame of mind. SO..If you need points and want to play then this is the team for you my friend.
In the spirit of giving I the lowly Captain of the Ship "Get me the %$&& away from 2014 FAST" IE; (Drops of Jupiter) am offering the GG poor a chance at some points and have some FUN !
Here's the dealeo kiddo's.
Just join the team and Play. I have points to help if you need them. Your Captain's got your back. So lets have some fun and WIN some points ok ? !
Yehaw ! Captain, blacky

Sweeps Update

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Just at 60% folks...Good luck to all of you!

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