Reduced Keno Systems

In truth, keno is a game which provides some of the worst odds of winning of any form of gambling. The lure of keno is that for a mere bet of $1.00 you could win a million dollars or more.

Playing any more than a spot six or spot seven in keno means you've lost touch with reality and are off with the fairies somewhere. The only reason to play a ticket bigger than a spot six or spot seven is if you're playing a good system and profiting from minor prizes.

The best value in keno are spots three, four and five. The gentleman who supplied the above testimonial was playing a spot four keno system for $3.00 a ticket. Playing smaller spots and multiplying your win is the clever way to play keno.

Keno Facts

One number selected
Odds against winning




Two numbers selected
Odds against winning




Three numbers selected
Odds against any win


Odds against top win


Payout for top win


Four numbers selected
Odds against any win


Odds against top win


Payout for top win


Five numbers selected
Odds against any win


Odds against top win


Payout for top win


Six numbers selected
Odds against any win


Odds against top win


Payout for top win


Seven numbers selected
Odds against any win


Odds against top win


Payout for top win


Eight numbers selected
Odds against any win


Odds against top win


Payout for top win


Nine numbers selected
Odds against any win


Odds against top win


Payout for top win


Ten numbers selected
Odds against any win


Odds against top win


Payout for top win


Minimum prize of a jackpot pool. Figures quoted are an extract from an article which recently appeared in a major Australian newspaper.

Something Interesting

From the time keno commenced at Jupiter's Casino on the Gold Coast it took 12 years for someone to win the 10/10 jackpot.

The winning numbers were 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39 and 40.

Most people would believe that the odds of a string of ten numbers such as these being drawn would be astronomical, but in truth the odds are exactly the same as those of any other ten numbers being drawn: 8,911,702-1

Example Of A Basic Keno System

The basic principal behind a reduced system is to simply take more numbers than your target number and then mathematically reduce them to equal your target number.

In Keno your target number can be anything from a spot one to a spot fifteen because you have the choice of which sized spot you'll bet on.

Let's take a look at the rules and an example to see if we can't improve your chances of winning.

Rules For Playing Reduced Keno Systems

1. Select six numbers between one and eighty and place them in the selections boxes at the top of the chart. As an example we'll say that you've chosen numbers: 13, 27, 28, 33, 41 and 79.

2. Copy your six selections vertically down the chart into the light colored boxes. You are only permitted to place your numbers in the light colored boxes in each plan.

3. Transfer the four numbers on each ticket line to a standard keno entry form. You'll end up with three tickets of four numbers each.

Below is an example of how a reduced systems looks prior to being filled in with your selections.

6 to 4 Reduced System = 3 Tickets

Free Keno System

Now, let's fill this system in for you so you can see just how easy it is to use an exciting and professional reduced system. Don't forget that the numbers we've chosen for you are: 13, 27, 28, 33, 41 and 79.

Free Keno System

Transfer Of Numbers

In the above example the numbers you would transfer to each keno entry ticket would be as follows:

Ticket 1. 13, 27, 33, 41.
Ticket 2. 13, 28, 41, 79.
Ticket 3. 27, 28, 33, 79.

At a cost of $1 for each ticket your total cost to play one game using this particular system would be $3. For an outlay of $3 you have three chances of snaring all four numbers on one ticket. A four number keno win usually pays $119 so it's not a bad result for an outlay of only $3 if your numbers happen to come out!

In the previous example you'll find that if all six of your selections are drawn you'll have three winning keno tickets of four numbers each. The result of three four spot wins would be three times $119 which makes a total of $357. $357 collected on one game is a pretty good result for an outlay of only $3.

Five winning numbers among your six selections guarantees one four number win and two three number wins.

Four winning numbers among your six selections will provide a minimum of two three number wins plus one two number win. Naturally you also have three chances at a four number win.

Three winning numbers among your six selections will provide a minimum of two two number wins plus three chances of a three number win.

Two winning numbers among your six selections will provide a minimum of one two number win with the chance of another two number win.


Some clubs and casinos may not pay a two number win so check it out before you enter your tickets.

You now have a basic example of how powerful a reduced keno system can be.


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