UNWANTED - Tongue Fight #15

Member writes:

From: "Bobbi W"
Sent: Tuesday, October 26, 2004 3:28 AM
Subject: High roller bonus

Hi John,

garybobb here, i tried to claim my aztec riches high roller bonus and it says i have 23 days left, I have never claimed a high roller bonus in last 30 days, I have even reviewed my aztec acct to be sure. And i have deposited over 800 in a week and received nothing, my acct is TAZXXXXXXX. My husband has claimed his previously but he has his own aztec and gone gambling acct. Please help, was my day off and was looking forward to my bonuses. thanks, garybobb

GoneGambling responds:

Hi Bobbi,

I'm sorry to say that if it wasn't you who claimed your High Roller Bonuses it must have been your husband. I just checked our admin area and the bonuses have been claimed. See below:

ID MemName Username Create Date Email Match Code WinType GGdollars Casino Account Game Code GameID SpinID WinText

273217 aztec garybobb 10/19/2004 2:55:55 AM bobbi@ hi5 BonusDeposit 15 taz02455113 HighRollers 5020 20041019025555 High Rollers Bonus

262383 aztec garybobb 9/8/2004 8:39:13 AM bobbi@ hi5 BonusDeposit 15 taz02455113 HighRollers 4376 20040908083913 High Rollers Bonus

The dates above are Australian times which may be almost a full day ahead of you. You can check your history at the casino to see if and when the bonuses were put into your bonus accounts. Of course if you had not deposited enough prior to when the High Roller Claim was made there would be nothing put in the account by the casino.

So, what I'm saying with all of the above is that someone claimed your High Roller Bonuses. And as it's YOUR Casino ID listed in the emails that would have gone to Aztec, the bonus should have gone into your account if you qualified for the bonus with the casino. You may have already played it and not realised. Or someone who has access to your account information at both GoneGambling and the casino may have played it.


Member writes:

From: "Bobbi W"
Sent: Tuesday, October 26, 2004 7:53 AM
Subject: Re: High roller bonus

OK John I have sent you screen shoots of everything and aztec shows nothing either. Please help

GoneGambling writes:

Hi Bobbi,

Now you need to look up the deposits you have made with the casino to see if you deposited enough money to be eligible for a High Roller Bonus. You needed to have deposited $300 or more in the 30 days prior to when the High Roller Bonus was claimed.

IMPORTANT: Your first deposit with a casino does NOT count towards High Roller Bonuses because the casinos usually give you a new player bonus on the first deposit anyway.

If you did not deposit $300 or more in the 30 days prior to claiming the High Rollers Bonus the casino will not have given you a bonus and that is why it won't be showing in your bonus account.


GoneGambling responds:

Hi Bobbi,

#1. Our program has you claiming a High Roller Bonus of 5% which would have been for deposits of $300 on the 19th of October. Our program does not know or care if you made these deposits and if your claim was valid. It simply sends an email to the casino and locks you out of claiming another High Roller Bonus for the next thirty days for that same casino. And before you ask, the answer is NO. I can't change it and make it do it again.

It has to now count down the thirty days from when you or someone who had access to your account triggered it to go off last time.

#2. The deposits I can see for you all happened AFTER the 19th October.

That is why you have not been credited with a High Roller Bonus from Aztec Casino. You can of course claim a High Roller Bonus for making those deposits in around 20 days or so after our program has counted down again to allow it.


Member writes:

From: "Bobbi W"
Sent: Tuesday, October 26, 2004 9:30 AM
Subject: Re: High roller bonus

But I never claimed a bonus

GoneGambling responds:

Hi Bobby,

I already covered this in my previous email. Someone with access to your GoneGambling membership did claim the bonus. The alternative is for me to lock your GoneGambling membership until you find out who has been logging in. Is that what you want?


GoneGambling Note:

In rapid succession a series of emails then came in from the member. They were forwards from the casino which stated they had not credited a GoneGambling bonus to the member and could the member have GoneGambling forward the winning email to them. There was no point in GoneGambling forwarding the High Roller Bonus email to the member or the casino because it was not eligible to be claimed. The member had only deposited with the casino AFTER the High Roller Bonus was triggered and not before. Nothing is to be gained by including copies of the emails from the casino here. We have however pasted a copy of the High Roller Bonus email below. Note the date it was sent.

Sent: Tuesday, October 19, 2004 2:55 AM
Subject: GoneGambling High Roller Bonus Claim!


Congratulations Bobbi,

You have just lodged a claim for a High Roller Bonus with a sponsoring casino on the GoneGambling site.*

Casino name: Aztec Riches.
The Time and Date stamp: 5020.
The Percentage claimed is: 5%.
Dollars Deposited over past 30 days: $300 or more.
Your Casino ID is: tazXXXXXXX.
Special Terms: High Rollers Bonus

Minimum TOTAL deposits made to claim a High Roller Bonus is $300. Claiming the wrong percentage for the amount of your deposits over the past 30 days may void your claim.

Depositing and immediately withdrawing your deposits with the casino just to claim a High Roller Bonus will make your claim void. You must play-through your original deposits as per terms laid out by each casino.

*Your existing casino account will be credited within the next 72 hours if in the past 30 days you have deposited the amount you are claiming a High Roller Bonus for. Conditions apply to all prizes won on the GoneGambling site. Game rules may be viewed at our rules page.

If your account is not credited within the specified time please forward a copy of this email to the casino at: support@xxxxxxx  

The main reason accounts are not credited is because the account holders have not deposited the amount they are claiming a bonus for. If this is the case, then your claim for a High Roller Bonus is not valid and will not be awarded.


Different casinos set different play-through terms and conditions. The play-through terms set by individual casinos take preference over any terms or conditions laid out by GoneGambling.

Some Casinos will not allow play of games like blackjack, baccarat, craps, sicbo and roulette to count towards play-through. Please check for rules from each casino. GoneGambling has no control over the terms imposed by the casinos.

This Bonus Deposit must be played through TEN times before being withdrawn.

GoneGambling Membership Details

Email Address: bobbi@xxxxx
GG User Name: garybobb
First Name: Bobbi
Last Name: W
Address1: xxxxxxxx
City: xxxxxxx
State: xxxxxxx
Zip: xxxxxxx
Country United States of America

The Final Word

GoneGambling and the sponsoring casinos reserve the right to refuse to honor any win or to alter the terms of any promotion at their discretion. Only play the games on the GoneGambling site if you accept these terms.


John Abbott

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You may end your GoneGambling membership by logging in to the Members Only area. From in there you can delete your membership or turn off the GoneGambling newsletter.

GoneGambling writes:

Hi Bobbi,

I am in receipt of the FIVE most recent emails you have sent me. One email was more than enough. The others were sent in an effort to make me hurry up, and as everyone who knows me will tell you, it has the opposite effect. I leave them until last to deal with when I receive more than one email about the same subject from the same person.

Unfortunately you just don't understand or have chosen to ignore what I CLEARLY explained to you in TWO previous emails.

Either you or someone who has access to your account information for GoneGambling has triggered the High Roller program to send out an email on the 19th of October. GoneGambling did not do this. It was either yourself or someone you know. Your membership is now banned until you find out who it was. This matter is wasting my time and the problem is on your end. I will not continue to respond to you telling you the same thing over and over again when someone you know has caused this problem.

John Abbott

Member writes:

From: "Bobbi W"
Sent: Tuesday, October 26, 2004 1:09 PM
Subject: Re: High roller bonus

No John,

I do not want you to lock my acct but Aztec has sent many emails I have forwarded that I have never claimed a bonus nor recived one from them or you, why should my acct be locked if a hacker is trying to play me?? I have never gotton a bonus from aztec, a bonus was applied for according to you the first day I deposited from Aztec, but they show no record?? But I am at fault?? Only thing i ever tried to do was use my 200 points, never claimed a high righer bonus. I have sent you confirming emails from Aztec all night, they agree I am in good standing and have NOT even came to them as a bonus yet. Bobbi

GoneGambling responds:


I have to stop this now. You are talking rot.

No one bar you had anything to gain by triggering the High Roller Bonus. No one has hacked into your account. It's someone you know from your household or yourself, and if you were new to the site you probably forgot or didn't realise you did it. You mention 200 GG Points? The amount to Convert is 2,000 GG Points and I dare say that if you couldn't get them to Convert you were probably trying to trigger a High Roller Bonus thinking that was how you Converted GG Points.

I don't care what the casino tells you. The fact is someone triggered your High Roller Bonus BEFORE you had deposited with the casino. That LOCKED the High Roller program for 30 days from when the bonus was triggered. I've already told you that I can't do anything about it once the High Roller Bonus has been triggered, so why are you pursuing this matter further?

On the GoneGambling site it's not the casino you have to be in good standing with, but me. And frankly that is not the case when you have made me explain the same thing to you at least FOUR times now.

John Abbott

Member writes:

From: "Bobbi W"
Sent: Tuesday, October 26, 2004 1:43 PM
Subject: Re: Fw: High roller bonus

I was only sending these emails as they were coming in from Aztec support, who was asking me, if you take the time to read them, to send to Gone Gambling. And no, I don't know you so I wouldn't think that information as passed on by a client casino of yours would be bothersome. I am sure this seems to be petty to you but since the casino itself shows no ever inquiry for a bonus, that I would never be a fault of your company??? They have no record of an inquiry to high roller bonus. You assume someone played my bonus and they have stated over and over they have no record of me getting anything??? did a ghost play ghost money?? or did maybe, just maybe a system mess up?? So easiest thing ban my account, don't worry I don't visit YOUR chat room. I don't bother myself with idle talk just facts. I belong to many of your main sites and many VIP member, I just like Aztec site personally. I will make sure to forward your rude and unattended comments/support to all I am VIP at. This does include Slotland, Platinum and Jackpot City. Good luck with you and your onion,

Bobbi W.

GoneGambling responds:

Hi Bobbi,

You really are one CRAZY woman. You can forward this email to the casinos also. I'll be posting it in our Fruit Loops section, so regardless, the casinos will be able to read it for themselves.  

At GoneGambling we believe that when someone is behaving like an idiot, they should be told. If we didn't tell you that you are behaving like an idiot, how else would you know? An idiot can't be expected to know these things for themselves now, can they?

#1. It is a figment of your imagination to state that I think you got the High Roller Bonus from the casino. I have already told you that the casino would NOT have credited the High Roller Bonus because you claimed the bonus BEFORE you made any deposits.

#2. I responded to each of your early emails by politely explaining what may have happened. Unfortunately I didn't get through to you as you're no longer based here on earth with the rest of us mere mortals.

#3. As a general rule the support staff at the casinos only ever look back a few days for a winning email. If they can't find a copy they put the blame back on GoneGambling and ask the player to have us send another copy. They find that it's easier to have GoneGambling send another copy than to have to search back for up to a month or more through folders of their own. So, you are again wrong in your thinking that the casino never received an email from GoneGambling. I have my copy of the email and I'm the last in line to get it after it is sent to the casino and the player. If I got my copy the casino got theirs.

#4. If you weren't so in love with yourself you would have taken the time to attend our chats and read our newsletters and visit our Members Support and learnt something.

#5. Your GoneGambling membership was banned because frankly you don't have enough brains to be a GoneGambling member. You have no grasp of what a FACT is. When something is explained to you even MULTIPLE times, you just don't 'get it'. GoneGambling is a FREE site. We don't charge a fee for membership. We don't even expect our members to deposit with online casinos. With that in mind, we need to make a judgement call when it comes to a member who like yourself, becomes a 'time vampire'. The fact is you just became to much trouble to have around as a member. If you had a legitimate complaint or problem it would be a different matter.

John Abbott

GoneGambling Comment

Bobbi became very busy and started emailing casinos about how awful GoneGambling is. It appears from information received that Bobbi is in some financial difficulty at this time and the panic and persistence displayed by the member was being driven by this financial hardship. Bobbi needed the High Roller Bonus credited immediately so that she could play at the casino and try to win her way out of debt. Banning her was probably the kindest thing GoneGambling could do.

Of course the real proof of the idiocy of Bobbi is that in just over twenty days she would have qualified for and been able to claim a 15% High Roller Bonus on her deposits of over $800. Instead she got herself banned and will never collect the bonus.


The member was kind enough to copy GoneGambling on about seventy of the places she forwarded her complaints to. Naturally we were disappointed that she had emailed so few places. We responded to her email with the following:

Hi Bobbi,

Is that all you have emailed so far? Surely you can do better than that. Come on girl. Did you stop to have a sleep for a while? I couldn't buy publicity like this. If you like you can send them to the exact page that your emails are on though.

I've already had two casinos contact me asking about advertising on the GoneGambling site. They really liked the fact that we didn't take crap from anyone. Look for some new casinos going up on the site within the next week or two. <wink>


Member writes:

From: "Bobbi W"
Sent: Wednesday, October 27, 2004 1:08 AM
Subject: Re:

No John,

I stopped the email myself. After reading your page I decided I wouldn't give you the satusfaction. You obviously get off on stuff like this, I am sure that's because no one else is willing or can stomach getting you off.

I think it's ironic you would post on a page that doesn't let the attached party respond. Seems typical of a chauvanistic pig. Enjoy your laughs.


Member writes:

From: "Bobbi W"
Sent: Wednesday, October 27, 2004 7:28 AM
Subject: Re:


Plese continue your column w/ my last repsonse and the email you recieved about my hardship. Yes, I have had hard year and few people know how hard so let it rip will ya. garybobb

GoneGambling responds:

Hi Bobbi,

I have to admit that I was disappointed to find that you had stopped emailing other gambling portals and casinos about how evil a person I am. I can honestly say that the response I received to your email campaign against GoneGambling was wonderful.

So far your emails to other sites has resulted in four sites asking to do a link exchange with us and three new casinos doing test spends of $2,000 each next month. Yes, your anti-GoneGambling campaign has increased the links to our site and generated a minimum of $6,000 additional advertising revenue. If these new casinos stay with us for just ten months it will be worth $60,000 to GoneGambling. To say I'm excited about what you have achieved is an understatement.

The casinos general response was that they wanted to be on a site where the owner called things as they really were and didn't take crap from anyone. Apparently they found it a refreshing change.

Which buttons of yours do I have to press to get you back to work and emailing more sites about GoneGambling? It must hurt to see that your deliberate attempts to do the GoneGambling site harm have in fact backfired and done the site more good than even I would have believed possible.

I don't really understand why you are upset that I put the page up about you? I did tell you that I was going to put our emails up, and I sent you the link to the index page of the Fruit Loops section BEFORE you madly started emailing sites, so why would the page going up cause you to stop emailing portals and casinos? Perhaps you only wanted the other sites to see my one email to you where I told you that you were an idiot? Yes, that must have been it. Send them that one email in an effort to gain sympathy from them, but don't show them any of my other emails or your responses to them. It looks like your plans changed when you read the whole story laid out on our Fruit Loops page. It didn't look so favorable to you then, did it?

I wasn't embarrassed or ashamed of anything I wrote in my emails to you, and I was happy for the world to see them. I guess the problem with the page as far as you are concerned is what YOU said in your emails to me. In the cold light of day you are probably realising just how silly you made yourself look. You can try and blame me for how you look, but all I did was put up your emails and my responses to them. I couldn't be any fairer than that.

I'll gladly post this most recent email from you on your special page. I have nothing to hide and you have generated a lot of new business for GoneGambling so its the least I can do.

John Abbott

Member writes:

From: "Bobbi W"
Sent: Wednesday, October 27, 2004 7:33 AM
Subject: Re:

PS you have done a good job at making yourself look good and me bad, like I asked before where is your response page??? Pat yourself on the back

GoneGambling responds:

Hi Bobbi,

You seem to have lost the plot once again.

FACT #1. You emailed me multiple times and I responded.

FACT #2. You threatened to send one of my emails to other sites on the Net in an effort to do GoneGambling harm. You did indeed do this but went weak at the knees and stopped when you saw the full transcript of both our emails posted on our Fruit Loops page. This in itself is an indication that you are a person of weak character who was attempting to twist the way things looked to benefit yourself.

FACT #3. Readers can judge for themselves by reading the emails as to who looks good and who looks bad. You are trying to blame me for the results of your action but it's time you grew up and took responsibility for what you have done yourself. You were warned by me that I would post our correspondence in the Fruit Loops section. I did the right thing and allowed you to remain anonymous by not posting your last name, real address or email address. You however, in your infinite wisdom, emailed seventy people with a link to the Fruit Loops page and told them EXACTLY who you are and that the page was about you. No one need ever have known what your real identity is but you let them know. You are not the sharpest knife in the draw.

FACT #4. I keep posting your emails to me and my responses to you, so your side is being heard. You don't need a response page when I'm posting all your correspondence. Because I am posting your correspondence, I would think that the least you could do is use a spell checker before sending your emails to me. If you want to be taken half seriously by anyone you really need to clean up your emails.

FACT #5. I have lassoed myself a Fruit Loop in you and I'm not letting go. Readers will be wondering long before this why I'm wasting time on you. Frankly it's not a waste of time now that it has reached this stage. The page we have up about you in our Fruit Loops section will be a time saving tool for me to use in the future. It will save me hundreds of hours over many years because I'll be able to point future idiots to it to see just what the results of their actions will be.

FACT #6. You are the BEST thing to have happened to GoneGambling in a long time. Single handedly you have increased the number of sites who are linking to us, increased our advertising revenue by a minimum of $6,000 in one month alone, and also been used as a tool to deter other people from wasting my time and threatening to do GoneGambling harm.

John Abbott

Member writes:

From: "Bobbi W"
Sent: Wednesday, October 27, 2004 9:40 AM
Subject: Re:

ty for replay, post the email from the member who said what you recieved??? I am sure just an ass-kisser, ty but truly not looking for sympathy from anybody or would have quoted myself.. more effective, but I am sure you don't have enough guts to post email you got from so called 3r'd party?? TC, B

GoneGambling responds:

Hi Bobbi,

Which email would that be? I have SEVENTEEN emails about you from many different people. Your volatile and desperate nature concerning your lack of finances at this time seems to be common knowledge. By your own admission in an earlier email you have admitted that you are suffering financially. That admission to me means you are making no secret of it.

I kept your details anonymous and you let the world know who you are. I will also keep the emails sent to me from other people anonymous. Allowing you to see the emails or the contact information would be comparable to leaving a baby unattended in a closed room with a wild jackal!

I have dealt with enough people like you to know what the driving force is behind their actions. If you read the other Tongue Fights in the Fruit Loops section you'll see that some of those were also motivated by the ex-member suffering financial hardship. Having no money is no excuse for becoming stupid. It doesn't cost anything to use your brains.

I'll answer no more emails from you and post no more emails on our site. That is unless you want to start emailing sites and casinos again and generate more business and money for GoneGambling? Whilst you're making money for the GoneGambling site I'll keep this up as long as you like.

John Abbott


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