UNWANTED - Tongue Fight #5

In response to receiving an Onion Trainer email sent out automatically by our program, the member wrote the following:

Sent: Thursday, October 09, 2003 6:52 AM
Subject: Re: You have been drawn as an Onion Trainer!


GoneGambling replies:

Hi Marie,

I'm not sure how our email insulted you, but you're about to be taught a valuable lesson from the GoneGambling School of Charm.

Our email was not insulting. You wouldn't know an insult if jumped up and slapped you on the face. This is an insult:

Are you missing a chromosome? There's surely something wrong with you when you go yabbering on about something you know nothing about and are too stupid to look into or learn about. Your parents weren't first cousins were they?

Now you know what a real insult is.

GoneGambling was voted the Top Gambling Portal for 2002 by Gambling Online Magazine readers. GoneGambling has been voted Top Miscellaneous Gambling Site from July 2001 to September 2003 by members. We have taken the number one position every month for over two years in their poll. You don't do that if your site is a scam. The above is all a matter of public record and you can verify it for yourself if you can be bothered.

GoneGambling is renowned as being the most trusted gambling portal on the Internet. We only gained that reputation because we are honest and accurate and because we only deal in facts. You have amply displayed that a fact would be a foreign object in your world of fairies at the bottom of the garden.

Before you accuse anyone of anything in the future, I suggest that you do your homework and make sure you get it right first. Your ignorance and inability to learn or understand something does not mean that what you don't understand is a scam. It just means you need to educate yourself about what it is you're looking at.

Welcome to the world of GoneGambling. At GoneGambling we don't take crap from players and we don't take crap from casinos. When someone is wrong we don't hesitate to point it out. Yes, we upset people by pointing out their faults, but if we didn't take the time to do it how else would they know how stupid they have been? Now that you have been told you have the opportunity to do something about it.

Your next step of course as so many before you is to threaten to post this email on the Net in an effort to embarrass me. (There's several sites almost wholly dedicated to this already. I believe the last person I pointed the facts out to has started a movement against me and reserved the site as his base of operations. Perhaps you could join?) Go ahead and post it. I'm certainly not embarrassed about pointing out facts. If your posting this email on the Net discourages just one other person like you from inflicting themselves on me, then it's all been worthwhile. After I hit the send button I will be posting it myself in the GoneGambling forum.

GoneGambling is a fun site and community of around 7,000 gamblers. It provides people from all walks of life with a way to increase the value of their gambling dollars. It also provides people with little or no money to spare, a retreat that they can enjoy to get away from the troubles of the real world. You obviously aren't the type of person who will fit in to our fun community. People who want to have fun, and think before they make accusations, are welcome, your kind are not. I will delete your membership now.


John Abbott

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