UNWANTED - Tongue Fight #9

Ex member writes:

I someone ended my membership with you guys, and then I tried to signup again, but then it wouldn't let me sign in again after signed up. Can you help me out here. my account before was xxxxxx then signed up again as xxxxxx - either one will do. If I can get either one back. thank you very much

GoneGambling responds:


I will not reinstate your membership.

A membership can only be ended by logging in to the Members Only area and doing it yourself unless you request me to do it. For that you need to know YOUR own password and membername. Please don't blame someone else for doing that - especially as it was only 7 minutes later that you signed up again for your NEW membership.

This was nothing but an attempt to receive an extra bonus from a casino by gaining 1,999 GG Points as a NEW member.

John Abbott

Ex member writes:

I beg your pardon, but I was the one that accidentally ended the membership, I wasn't blaming anyone else..and did not want the other membership for that. I haven't made enough deposits at a casino to redeem them anyway. So I don't understand how you can email me back being so rude!!! I wasn't rude to you. I love your site and want to continue my membership. I don't care if my balance is back at zero. So please ask next time and don't assume. I've had that account for a while now and bet every one of my points to zero....I don't have alot of money to deposit at casinos. It's rare occasions that I I couldn't redeem though points if I tried!!!!

GoneGambling responds:

What a load of crap!

Don't get all indignant with me. That's what all cheats try and do. They do it in an attempt to turn the blame for their own follies back on the person who caught them out. It won't work with me though. I know what your game is. I deal with cheats every day and I'm sick of it.

As if the cheating wasn't bad enough, the lies that follow on it's heels are just too much!

You wrote: "... someone ended my membership with you guys ...". And now you tell me it was you who ended it. Sure it was you after I told you it could ONLY have been you.

To end your membership you had to log in to a password protected area of GoneGambling. You then had to click on a link to get to a page where you could change your membership information. On that page you would have read the following text:

"... To end your Gonegambling membership completely click here: End Membership When you end your membership you will no longer be able to play games on the Gonegambling site or receive the Gonegambling weekly newsletter. ..."

To end your membership you had to click on a blue link that said "END MEMBERSHIP".

In light of the above text, how was it a mistake that you ended your membership? How can you write to me saying the following - "... I love your site and want to continue my membership. ..." when you ended your own membership AFTER reading the warning text above?

I didn't assume anything. You tried to cheat and got caught. And now you are all indignant about it. You can have your membership back when you admit the truth of what you were trying to do and not before.

John Abbott

Ex member writes:

I still cannot believe that you act so rudely!!! If you want me to admit that I cheated FINE.... I admit it okay!!!!! Do you like the humor of it.... to embarass me and hurt my feelings. FINE.... Does it feel good??? There.... are you all warm and toasty inside!!

Good...... then feel good!!!

GoneGambling responds:

Frankly it doesn't make me all warm and toasty inside to have to deal with cheating. It make me sick to my stomach. It takes up more time than I care to think about. That time would be better spent doing fun stuff and getting better deals for our loyal members.

Yes, you are embarrassed, but it was not I who caused this problem in the first place. Dealing with me now is a result of your previous actions and activities on the GoneGambling site. I did not instigate this banning and subsequent correspondence. To blame me for where you are now at shows that you really don't understand what you have done wrong. You tell me that you can't believe my rudeness, and yet you don't think that cheating and then lying about what you have done is just a little bit more rude of you?

You have caused me to lose hours of my work day over this matter and to be honest I consider that to be very rude. I didn't do anything to you to bring this on.

If you would kindly tell me why you did it I will reinstate your membership. Learning what caused you to try and get around our system may help me stop other members trying it in the future. This may not be a complete waste of time after all.


Ex member writes:

Okay.. you want honesty. I always lose alot of points playing your games just to win a free chip, and can never get upto that 2000 point mark. I've tried, and tried--but it doesn't seem to work at all. I'm not happy at what I've done but I'm very embarrassed about it and I apologize, for the inconvience and loss of work hours for you. If you don't want to reinstate my account, I understand. I will take back my rude comments and understand if you dont' want to tolerate my behavior. Thanks for you time in your response. This by the way is coming from my heart, so please don't backlash at me again okay?


GoneGambling responds:

Thank you.

I have reinstated your membership as I said I would. When a membership is reinstated the account is only credited with 75 GG Points.

You are one of a privileged small handful of members who have been given a second chance on the GoneGambling site. Most see a second chance as a sign of weakness and re-offend only to be banned again within days. I sincerely hope this will not be the case where you are concerned.



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