UNWANTED - Tongue Fight #19

2forthemoney writes:

hello, my name is scott and i was referred to you guys i love the site belong to many similar sites these sites hold freeroll's like the one you are holding tonight, i must say i find it offensive that as agone gambling member i can not play in freeroll because i already had poker time downloaded i'm a poker time member and will be complaining to them i mean you guys have 14 people registered give me a break!!! i mean people are going to join your site with casinos and pokerrooms already downloaded i will spread the word against your site dont call it a freeroll for members when members can not play !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GoneGambling responds:


There's a few things you need to be set straight on.

#1. The Poker Time Freeroll was promoted in the GoneGambling Newsletter over the past two weeks. The newsletter was mailed to our members and also posted on our site. The terms for participating in the Freeroll were very clear.

Newsletter December 6th, 2005

"... The only requirement to get in on the $1k Freeroll is simply to open your Poker Time account through GoneGambling! ..."

Newsletter December 13th, 2005

"... To be eligible to participate, all you need is an account with Poker Time, which you've opened using the links at GoneGambling. If you opened your Poker Time account using a link other than those found on GoneGambling, you will not be eligible. The last day to open your new account with Poker Time to be eligible is Wednesday, Dec. 14th, 11 PM, Eastern. ..."

#2. GoneGambling members are primarily casino players. They do not play poker online and if we are to encourage them to do so, we need to carefully think through how we introduce them to the game. It was with this thought in mind that the decision to ONLY allow GoneGambling members who had signed up from the link at GoneGambling was made. Because most participating players would be new to the game, the last thing we wanted was to have semi-professional tournament players such as yourself, swooping in to win the major prizes away from these novice players. I can think of nothing that would turn these new players off poker more than to have that happen to them.

The fact is Scott, you only become a GoneGambling member so that you could participate in this Freeroll. You signed up for membership only four days ago. Reading between the lines of your email, it appears that you join a lot of sites to participate in Freerolls. To be blunt, you are not the kind of player we are trying to encourage as a member of GoneGambling. For one thing, you choose at will to ignore the rules that were clearly posted on our site regarding this Freeroll. That is not acceptable behaviour for one of our members.

#3. Here we go again. You start off your email to me by saying that you love the GoneGambling site, and by the end of your email you are threatening to tell everyone how evil we are and that they should stay away from us! This makes absolutely no sense to me and never has.

Your threats to complain to Poker Time and spread the word against GoneGambling will get you no where. We have never given in to threats and never will. You are simply joining a long list of ex-GoneGambling members who thought that throwing a tantrum would get them what they want. They were all wrong and so are you. Your threats have now caused you to be banned from GoneGambling. At the following link you can see how other ex-GoneGambling members were treated for issuing similar threats. Read Tongue Fights #2, #4, #6, #14, #15 and #16.

#4. It's still several hours until the Freeroll starts. As you have now been banned from GoneGambling membership for issuing threats, that is just one further reason why you are not eligible to participate in the Freeroll. The Freeroll is only open to GoneGambling members.

John Abbott

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11:40 AM - 2forthemoney writes:

wow this is how you treat members please delete all my info and shut off my account HOW RUDE !!!!

11:50 AM - 2forthemoney writes:

ahhhhhhhhh you guys are upset i busted you !!!!

11:51 AM - 2forthemoney writes:

one last thing the word will be spread HUGE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MUHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

GoneGambling responds:


You obviously missed the part where I already told you that you were banned. Asking me to shut off your account was pointless. You were already locked out. I guess that is just another thing you missed reading along with the rules of participation in the Freeroll.

Please do tell everyone you can about GoneGambling. Let everyone know how people who don't read or want to understand the rules of our promotions are not welcome. It saves me time in dealing with them. To make it even easier for you, you now have your own page on the GoneGambling site that you can send them to.

If you have an adult explain some of the existing Fruit Loop stories to you, you may even start to understand that we have had hundreds of people over many years threaten to put us out of business and spread the bad word about us. As will be explained to you by an adult, we're still here though, and when people make threats, just as you have, we put them back in their place in smart fashion.

I'll respond to no further emails from you.

John Abbott

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