UNWANTED - Tongue Fight #7

Ex member writes:

From: v b
To: GoneGambling
Sent: Thursday, January 29, 2004 2:24 AM
Subject: no deposit casinos?????

I play EVERYDAY at gonegambling, so as a loyal gonegambling player, I wonder if you can tell me if any of your sponsor casinos have a "no deposit required" bonus????


GoneGambling replies:

From: emailus
To: v b
Sent: Wednesday, January 28, 2004 3:15 PM
Subject: Re: no deposit casinos?????


I'm sorry but I think those days are long gone.


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Ex member writes:

From: v b
To: emailus
Sent: Friday, January 30, 2004 3:18 AM
Subject: Re: no deposit casinos?????

john...... you know they're not, and in your business, if you don't know, you should


GoneGambling replies:

Hi Victoria,

Thanks for your advice on how to run my business. We seem to differ somewhat on what my job description is.

I was not aware that my principal activity was to spend my days hunting down "free casino cash no deposit" deals for YOU!

In fact, a point that you may have missed completely with our site is that I only concern myself with casinos who sponsor GoneGambling. There is no money to be made for GoneGambling in promoting casinos who are not sponsoring us.

The fact that you don't have any casino ID's listed in our Members Only area gives me cause to believe that you have in fact never deposited real money with one of our sponsoring casinos at any time. And in your opinion this make you what? A very valuable member of our site and one that I should drop everything for to hunt down a free $10 deal? Yeah! Right Victoria.

As to you calling me a liar - well that's what I read in your response. Telling me that I know that what I stated in a previous email to you is not true, is just another way of saying I lied to you. Yep, that's sure to make me drop everything and run around chasing "free casino cash no deposit" deals for you!

In my opinion the days of "free casino cash for no deposits" are gone. And it's a bloody good thing too! It weeds out people like you who are of no value to the industry. You consume valuable time and money and you have no intention of depositing your own money with the casinos offering the free cash. You are wasting my time now. How are you of value to me or GoneGambling?

I'm telling you Victoria, the days of "free casino cash no deposit" deals are gone. You are disputing that statement with me and yet you are expecting me to search the Net just for YOU in an effort to find something that I personally don't believe exists in any quantity any more. If you're so sure that the "free casino cash no deposit" deals are still available in numbers worth hunting, YOU go find them. If you could find them yourself you wouldn't be asking me to find them for you, would you? Or have you already used them all and are no longer eligible? That in itself tells a tale about you that I don't particularly like.

You asked for information from me and I gave you a response based on my knowledge of the business I'm in. You didn't like that response so you told me that I didn't know my business. Well here's something I do know Victoria, you are a time wasting moron and that is based on my business experience of having to deal with hundreds of morons before you! If I'm right about the "free casino cash no deposit" deals being a thing of the past, then I'm also right about you being a moron, and that has to hurt.

Of course you should be grateful to me for pointing out that you are a moron. Now that you know about it you will be able to do something to correct the problem. If you stay a moron after reading this then that is a personal choice of yours. I can't do any more for you than point out the problem based on my professional and business experience.

I don't mind people being members of GoneGambling and playing our games just for fun with no intention of ever depositing with our sponsoring casinos. But when those people place a value on themselves above that of other members who do deposit and support our sponsors, I draw the line.

Your membership is banned.

I will consider reinstating your membership when you send me a list of no less than 25 casinos who offer "free casino cash no deposit" deals at this time - even if they aren't casinos sponsoring GoneGambling. If you do that it will be of value to our other members and will mean that the time I have now wasted on you has not been a total loss.

John Abbott

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GoneGambling Comment

So far no response has been received from Victoria and she has not produced a list of casinos offering "free casino cash no deposit" deals.


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