UNWANTED - Tongue Fight #17

Webmaster writes:

We have a member that is not happy with you. We are not a gripe board but we usually let folks tell their story. But your ex-member has submitted a news story that will normally show up on our front page. We have not approved it because I do not allow anyone to trash anyone with out inviting both sides to have the opportunity to have both sides heard.

GoneGambling responds:

First off, I would like to thank you for acting in such a responsible manner and asking us what is going on with this ex-member of GoneGambling.

Without seeing what he has said about myself or my site, I can't combat it point by point, but I will do my best to explain things. I am surprised that he has contacted you. His last ranting's to me were that he would be taking legal action against me for banning him from our FREE site.

If you don't mind, I'll respond in point form to make things a little easier for readers to digest.

#1. GoneGambling is a dinosaur in Internet terms. We have been around much longer than many of the other casino and gambling portals you may visit. Having said that, there's still only three people fully involved in the day to day running of the site. We are all known by name to our members and may all be contacted by email if needed. We are always willing to help any members who have problems, but we have little or no time to waste on what we call 'time vampires'.

#2. Over the years we have seen it all, and we certainly have had more than our share of disgruntled ex-members doing their best to pull us down in any way they can. We do not give in to threats from players or casinos alike. That is well documented in our industry. Many people who don't like the stands we have taken, begrudgingly admit that at least they know where they stand when it comes to GoneGambling.

You may view the stance we took with the Sunny Group of Casinos at the following link. It will give you an insight into the integrity behind the GoneGambling site. We dropped a $7,000 a month campaign because this group of casinos would not do the right thing where another gambling site owner was concerned.

The above should be proof enough to anyone that as far as GoneGambling is concerned, money received from a casino for advertising on our site doesn't mean 'squat' to us if that casino does not have integrity, honesty and a willingness to do the right thing or rectify problems where players or people in the industry are concerned.

#3. Membership to GoneGambling is free. You don't have to be a depositing player at the casinos who sponsor our site to become a member. In exchange for a FREE membership all we ask is that our members respect our rules. We ask that if they have a problem with any of our sponsoring casinos, they let us sort the problem out first before they go public on it. The reason for this is that over 90% of the time the mistake is on the members part and not the casinos part.

#4. The previous three points now bring us to the ex-member in question. I'll keep this as short as possible.

This is not the first time this member has been banned from GoneGambling. On the GoneGambling site his username was Below01. When he first signed up he was banned for trying to claim bonuses from our site by using the same casino ID as the person he lives with. I gave him the benefit of the doubt at that time because he claimed it was a mistake. I reinstated the membership of himself and the person he lives with. There was also a further membership that had to be deleted at the time. The reason given was that three people were living in the same house but one had moved out. We of course don't really know the truth of how many people are living in the same residence, and as site owners we can only take things at face value. I certainly now regret the fact that I ever gave him a second chance.

#5. As a GoneGambling member, he played our games and won bonuses with our sponsoring casinos for his three months of membership. In fact, he won in excess of $400 in bonuses in just the past thirty days on our site. To my knowledge, all bonuses were promptly credited to his accounts by our sponsoring casinos, except for one. This particular casino is new to our games and has had teething problems where bonusing is concerned. The ex-member emailed GoneGambling about the $21 bonus and we had the casino credit the bonus at their earliest convenience. The bonus was won on the 25th May, 2005, and according to the casino, credited to the players account on the 30th May, 2005.

If only his email had stopped at requesting us to intervene on his behalf to expedite his bonus, I wouldn't now be wasting time explaining why he has been banned.

#6. In his email to GoneGambling, in addition to requesting his bonus, the ex-member laid out his game plan for destroying the business name of the casino in question. He didn't care that the casino was still on the GoneGambling site. He did not even THINK that they were still on the site because we firmly believed that all their bonusing issues would be sorted out given time. He wanted to pull them down and drag them through the mud for the sake of a bonus of $21 that took FIVE days to credit. Frankly, his email and plan for ruining the business name of the casino in question, whilst we were still in talks with them, and still had them advertising on our site, was premature to say the least, and at worst questioning to our integrity and challenging to our authority over our site. I really don't know what type of response he expected from me other than the one he got.

In part he wrote the following:

"... Would you consider it fair game for those of us that got screwed over by them,,,, again, to open an area in the forum to express our displeasure ..."

"... as they appear to me, in my opinion to be a shady operation, or are you backing them in their decission to basically rape us of our winning bonuses with them in a unfair manner. ..."

Firstly, the ex-member has not been 'screwed over' by the casino. At the time he emailed us we were working to get the bonusing sorted out. His bonus has now been credited to his account. The above phrasing was a direct challenge to my integrity and an attempt to back me into a corner by having me state that I was happy for casinos to 'rape' players of their bonuses. I have dealt with enough people like this to know exactly where they are headed in the way they phrase what they are saying.

I need to make something very clear - he was still a member of GoneGambling at this time and was NOT banned as a result of the above. Points were deducted from his playing account at GoneGambling and he was told to 'grow a brain', but he was NOT banned.

#7. On receipt of my email in reply to his email, the ex-member decided it was appropriate to phone me and harass me early on Sunday morning (Australian time). During the first phone call he was informed that his call was not welcome and that he should correspond by email if he had anything to say. He had no respect for that request and phoned back within 15 minutes. When I answered the phone, I struggled to get a word in, but I did tell him in no uncertain terms why he should not have sent me the email outlining his game plan for an attack on the name of the casino. Not getting anywhere, I hung up on him. He then phoned back, again and again and again. And I was forced to hang up on him each and every time. His phone records will clearly show this, and it was nothing short of harassment on his part with his threats to harm the reputation of GoneGambling and our sponsoring casinos. I believe he made no less than four or five total calls in under 30 minutes and it was not until the LAST call that I told him I had had enough and he was BANNED from GoneGambling.

#8. It was after the last phone call that he started his SPAM campaign against me. He sent the same email to me multiple times along with other emails. His emails threatened legal action in addition to the following:

"... Please be advised that on Monday, May 30. 2005, I will be fileing papers ..."

"... I see my account has been closed, and that action has brought about the following suit. Yopu mentioned I was brainless,, seems I have a bit of information for a man with no brains. ..."

"... Calling me a dickhead is slander. Banning JoJo is guilt by association.

Have you got the guts to allow me equal time, or are you the spineless person that your are really proveing out to be. Ain't playing God grand.

Come on John,, you asked for it,, let's get it on,, get some balls and show your manhood, or can you only act tough when it's onesided.

I guess I could have answered that,, you'd need brain power and wit to take me on in a public fourm, but that wont happen,, you don't have the balls, brains or wit to be able to support yourself infront of your membership. You'd come out looking like afool. ..."

"... Hummmmmm lets think of this Welcome to Pats Has a nice ring. ..."

"... I will begining sending out form letters to all casinos I have deposited to thru gonegambling requesting refunds back dated to April 12. 2004 informing the casinos in question, that the monies deposited were done so thru misleading and defrauding casino explainations, and if the deposits are not refunded, each casino names on the master list will become part of the total suit against as the casinos are acting as agents of the owners.

Baby it's going to get hot outside.


As I receive more info from my council, I will act accordingly. ..."

"... My wishes haven't come true. You don't have the balls to take me on,, you just ban,,,, and run,, you chock,, Be a man John,, don't hide behind your power to ban. If you can't win the arguement, you won't confront it. ..."

"... Sleep well,, unich. ..."

#9. The above will give you some idea of what I have been subjected to. Responding to the ex-member is futile and pointless. Nothing is to be gained by it. If I responded, I would be just as silly as he is. He is banned from GoneGambling. If nothing else, the above shows that banning him was a reasonable and justified act.

One other thing I would like address is his inclusion of our sponsoring casinos in his threatened 'law suit'.

Fact: He made the deposits with online casinos of his own free will.

Fact: He either cashed out his winnings or lost his deposits in the normal course of play.

Fact: He was credited with hundreds of dollars in bonuses with those casinos as a result of his winning them through the GoneGambling site.

Fact: All bar one bonus was credited to his account in reasonable time. That bonus has since been credited.

So, how is this ex-member the victim that he portrays himself as? He got every thing due to him through his FREE membership of GoneGambling. GoneGambling is NOT a casino and he never deposited one cent with GoneGambling.

Terms and rules obviously don't apply to this ex-member. His membership was subject to the terms at the following page:  

I believe his threats to include the casinos in a 'law suit' are nothing short of an attempt at extortion. In my opinion, this type of thing is the very reason why online gamblers are made to jump through hoops and provide information about themselves that they can't possibly see as being relevant when making a deposit or doing a cash in with an online casino. This type of thing is the reason why online casinos have pages and pages or terms and conditions that no player can really be bothered reading through. People like this ex-member are not doing online gamblers any favors. They are simply taking the fun of online gambling away from recreational players by forcing the casinos to impose rules and request information that is only seen as an inconvenience by most players.

This ex-member is masquerading as an aggrieved player in a deliberate attempt to do harm to the reputation of GoneGambling and our sponsoring casinos. At the same time he is trying to win the sympathy of people who read and believe his accusations. To my knowledge he got every bonus he won and qualified for. So what is his problem? It appears that this ex-member is only thinking of himself and what he can get out of this 'self-created' fiasco. He apparently doesn't care if his actions hurt other players. What more proof do you need about his selfishness other than his own words:

"... Welcome to Pats Has a nice ring. ..."

Yes, he thinks he is going to actually end up owning the GoneGambling site. Apparently that will be achieved by calling me a Eunuch (unich) as well as other derogatory terms whilst hiding behind an anonymous username and making detrimental posts on other sites about GoneGambling. It's ironic that he can post my full name whilst he hides behind usernames like Below01 and Canuckcam.

I will close now by saying that I will not respond to the goading and unwelcome phone calls and email threats from this person. He is not worthy of my time. GoneGambling is an entertainment site for people who like gambling and games and fun. We stretch our members gambling dollars further by allowing them the chance to win bonuses on our games. Many of our members are housebound or terminally ill. GoneGambling is all they have in their day. It's immoral that this ex-member who threw away his membership through his own doings should take me away from looking after the members who remain loyal to our site.


John Abbott

Police - ISP Complaint

Harassment, threats and abuse are not taken lightly at GoneGambling. The following complaint was filed with the Canadian Police and also the Internet Service Provider of the ex-member.

Attention Regina Police Department - AccessXpress Internet Services

Dear Sir,

I am writing to file a complaint against a NAME AND ADDRESS REMOVED

I manage the website and I recently had cause to ban NAME REMOVED from our site. This ban has resulted in harassing and unwanted phone calls in addition to multiple emails where derogatory comments and abuse are directed towards myself.

On Saturday 28th May, 2005, in a 30 minute period I received multiple uninvited and harassing phone calls from NAME REMOVED. In the first call he was told his call was not welcome and to not call back. He then proceeded to keep calling back and was hung up on each time. His telephone records should prove this statement to be correct and verifiable.

I believe this person to be extremely volatile as per the contents of his numerous emails that have been sent to me over the past few days. His emails and derogatory comments are not wanted or called for.

Email comments directed at me include the following remarks:

"... are you the spineless person that your are really proveing out to be. ..."

"... get some balls and show your manhood ..."

"... you don't have the balls, brains or wit to be able to support yourself ..."

"... Is it hard to stand up without a spine ?? ..."

"... My wishes haven't come true. You don't have the balls to take me on ..."

"... Sleep well,, unich ..."

"... You can run,, but you can't hide. ..."

I have attached several of his emails so that you can see full transcripts of what was sent to me. I request that you do the utmost in your power to have NAME REMOVED cease his threatening, abusive and unwanted contact with myself and anyone associated with or employed by me.

Legal action against NAME REMOVED is still an option open to us. Should we proceed in that direction all contacted and associated parties will be involved.


John Abbott
Manager - GoneGambling

End Result

As a result of his actions as outlined above, Below01 has:

a) Been banned from the GoneGambling site.

b) Had a complaint filed with the Police in his home town about using the phone and Internet for harassment and abuse.

c) Had a complaint filed with his Internet Service Provider.

d) Is subject to legal action being taken against him by GoneGambling and any online casinos whose business may suffer as a result of any detrimental and untrue comments made in emails or in posts on other websites.

The moral of this story: Do not mess with GoneGambling.


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