UNWANTED - Tongue Fight #6

Ex member writes:

From: janet fxxxxxxx
To: Problem
Sent: Saturday, December 06, 2003 5:15 PM
Subject: Re: GoneGambling - GetLucky - Game Voucher!

Why can I not login to my account????? says i have been banned??????????????

GoneGambling replies:


Our program has banned you because you have signed up many previous times. We only allow one membership per person.


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Ex member writes:

From: janet fxxxxxxx
To: Problem
Sent: Monday, December 08, 2003 7:59 AM
Subject: Re: GoneGambling - GetLucky - Game Voucher!

I wasnt aware I had signed up before. Recently I have opened several trying to get it to work! Can you please tell my what is the working account name? I never had intentions on opening more than one account, I mean..... why would I??? Please forward me the account info i should be using. thanks

GoneGambling replies:

You may have forgotten the following:

"Said GoneGambling Sucks because she got a Random Prize email that she didn't want to claim."


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Ex member writes:

From: janet fxxxxxxx
To: Emailus
Sent: Tuesday, December 09, 2003 4:20 AM
Subject: Re: GoneGambling - GetLucky - Game Voucher!


Your statement below is false!

That I didn't want to claim????? I don't think so, if I remember corectly you ever so kindly sent me an email saying "You're a winner, but so sorry you don't qualify to get it" Which is why I replied with thanks a bunch! I even received an email back from you saying "your welcome". Now thats top notch customer service!!! I think you can see why a person would be less than thrilled to receive such a notification. And I am entitled to such an opinion.

If you don't wish to give me a login name and password, that is fine, I will just have to go to every forum and gambling bulletin board I know and post a messages as to why. If my little email response is your reason, I'm sure everyone will be interested in knowing that your customer service is as petty as my angry comment was. And in your business I'm sure you've had worse to deal with and have had worse comments than the one I made, did your customer service respond in the same manner????

GoneGambling replies:

You win Janet.

Your threat to post about our poor customer service on Forums and Gambling Bulletin Boards all over the Net has revealed just how desperate you are to get back on the GoneGambling site. You've frightened me and as far as I'm concerned from now on you will have a permanent place forever on the site.

You can't have your membership back. However, your antics and threats and proof of multiple sign ups and your ability to forget exact quotes of both yours and mine will hold a place forever on the GoneGambling site.

In January 2003 you received an email from our Random Prize draw game. The email stated that if you had had an account with a particular casino and had typed your casino ID in to our Members Only area, you would have won a $15 Bonus. Our program had detected that you did not have an account ID typed in for that casino so it instead made you a special offer for opening a new account with the sponsoring casino. It was a deal that was only made available to GoneGambling members. The Random Prize draw game works along the same lines as most other games at GoneGambling in that you must have recently deposited in order to be eligible for the Bonus.

In response to that email you sent back the following:

From: BonzaiBabi@xxxxxxx
To: RandomPrize
Sent: Sunday, January 12, 2003 8:35 AM
Subject: Re: Congratulations Janet, Your Name Was Drawn As A Winner!

you suck

Your message and meaning could not have been made any clearer. You were obviously hostile about the email you had received from our Random Prize draw and would not be taking advantage of the deal. I therefor deleted your membership, and because we respond to all emails at GoneGambling (even ones from idiots), I responded with the following which I felt would not provoke you any further. It should also be noted that the response time was under 30 minutes which isn't bad for a business that sucks!

From: GoneGambling
To: BonzaiBabi@xxxxxxx
Sent: Sunday, January 12, 2003 9:02 AM
Subject: Re: Congratulations Janet, Your Name Was Drawn As A Winner!

Thank you.


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You then disappeared until the 1st November, 2003 where you popped up again using a different first name and birth date, but the password was the same.

kenowin411 kenowin411@ spe karen fxxx ala Duplicate Member Information with BONZAIBABI 11/1/2003 8:34:24 PM

You were promptly banned by our program. Not to be deterred you again signed up on the 2nd November, 2003.

jokerette777 jokerette777@ spe janet fxxx ala Duplicate Member Information with kenowin411, BONZAIBABI 11/2/2003 7:28:30 AM

Again you were caught by our program. You then came back for another go on the 29th November, 2003.

luvs2click luvs2click@ spe karen fxxx ala Duplicate Member Information with kenowin411, BONZAIBABI, jokerette777 11/29/2003 6:53:52 PM

Again you were caught by our program. Your final covert operation to overrun GoneGambling and regain membership occurred on the 6th December, 2003.

jokerette Jokerette777@ spe janet fxxx ala Duplicate Member Information with kenowin411, BONZAIBABI, jokerette777, luvs2click 12/6/2003 5:18:02 AM

I have a question: If GoneGambling and it's customer service "SUCK" so bad, why would you even want to become a member again? This makes no sense to me at all and it never does!

99 out of every 100 banned members of GoneGambling try and come back one way or another. It's a sickness. And like a scorned lover when they find they will not be allowed back they don't want anyone to have it. So they threaten to give it bad publicity. Am I the only person in the world who sees how crazy this is?

Karen, or is it Janet today? In your most recent email to me you stated the following:

"... Which is why I replied with thanks a bunch! ..."

That is not accurate and you know it. Your responded with "you suck". Don't try and pretty it up just because it may be posted on the Net.

In your most recent email to me you also stated the following:

"... I even received an email back from you saying "your welcome". ..."

Again that is not accurate. I said "Thank You". If you are going to take GoneGambling on in a Tongue Fight you had better get it EXACTLY right because we won't hesitate to point out every flaw, change and deception you try to put over.

Did you know about our Tongue Fights section Janet? Or is it Karen today? Our Tongue Fights section is where we give banned members a final resting place on the site. People like yourself. We won't let them back as members but they are always welcome to visit our Tongue Fights section and go over in their minds what went wrong.

The Tongue Fights section is also a valuable and time saving tool for me. For example, if I was short on time today, instead of writing you this lengthy email full of facts, I could have just sent the following to you:

Please visit the following link:

See Tongue Fights #2, #4 and #5 as in some way they all apply to you.

Note: In Tongue Fight #2 - Estelle isn't your half sister by any chance is she? I'm sure you must both be related in some way.

So now when you are bad mouthing GoneGambling all over the Net, you can save yourself some time and just include the link to our Tongue Fights section in your posts. Simply advise readers to go to Tongue Fight #6 on visiting the page.


John Abbott

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Not long after this Tongue Fight was published GoneGambling received an email from another site owner. The full identity of Karen or Janet has not been revealed here, and we offer the other site owner the same privilege.

In part the email included the following text:

"... Anyways, I was VERY pleased that I read the Tongue Fight this time because as I started reading it I was reminded of a very similar acting and sounding story/person on my site and forum, and was surprised at the similarities... That's because your Jokerette happens to be the same Jokerette777, Karen, Keno or whatever yadda yadda.

I was just starting out when she had her first outbreak so I did what I could to shut her up, now I'm pissed off that she happens to have a history of doing this. ..."

The Offending Members Final Word

See the email below. Make of it what you will. I think we have already established that Karen, Janet or whatever has a history of abusing site owners via email. If nothing else, at GoneGambling we are fair. We do however find it very distasteful that a person like Karen or Janet (both used exactly the same password by the way, even though Karen will try and have you believe that Janet is a different person) who threatened to do damage to our good name for no reason other than she was banned would quote that we should put up her most recent email to us in the interest of fairness!

When you read the following you'll probably be as amazed as we are at transformation that has come over Karen or Janet.

Karen or Janet's claim for fairness on our part can be likened to those of a rapist who comes around to your home after the crime for a cup of coffee and to explain why you deserved to be raped by him!

Ex member writes:

From: janet fxxxxxxx
To: Emailus
Sent: Wednesday, December 10, 2003 8:32 AM
Subject: Re: GoneGambling - GetLucky - Game Voucher!

First of all, I would have never turned down a prize for a free casino account, do you have the origional email that was sent to me offering this?? Perhaps I misread it. The title of the emailk was "Congratualtions your name was drawn as a winner" and when I read the email I interpreted it as "Congratulations you could have won free money but since you don't have an account already you only qualify for a bonus, and the bonus is....... it's going to cost you money for you to claim the prize you have won". I don't consider spending money to be a prize. This is the type of thing I would say sucks and the type prizes I dont wish to know about. Because I wasn't thrilled with your "prize" you cancel my account? When in all reality your "prize" was an advertisment/ploy to get me to register and spend money at one of your sponsoring casinos. I was more than likely separated into the "not yet registered with this casino" pile of people who then were randomly selected to recieve your advertisment.

Secondly, Karen is not me, Karen is my mother who in fact was born 3/11/40. Karen and Janet are 2 different people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So again, your claims that I have tried to open multiple accounts are not true. Bonzaibabi and jokerette are my email addresses, as you can see those are the ones I used with my birthdate of 4/8/68 with my name when trying to register at your site. I have been trying for some time to incorporate my online gambling to my jokerette email address in order to seperate my gambling from other affairs I am involved in. When I registered using jokerette I was unaware that I had already done so under bonzaibabi because it had been so long ago. I cannot remember everything. What and when my mom has done with your site I am unaware of . We both happen to use the same password because it stems from the password from our home security system used for years by my family at the house I grew up in. (easily remembered by both of us...... which I will make sure we both change to something different immediately).

When I experienced problems logging in at your site, I tried registering again. Your website itself says to register again if you have any problems logging in which is why I tried a couple of times, which did not work, so I emailed you wondering why.

Now if I was intentionally trying to have multiple logins why would I email you for help? And what purpose would having more than one login at your site serve me? I cannot think of one reason or benefit for me in having more than one login at your site. I makes no sense and I have much better things to do with my time.

In fact the use of your site for me was for the purpose of voting for other sites I frequent........ to support them....... look the dates of trying to register.... gee around the 1st of the month which is when casino voting is prominent. Registering was not because I find your site to be so wonderful I just cant stay away, please!.

In closing perhaps I misread the original email regarding my "win", but I am sure I did not read that i won something at no cost to me, which is what I consider winning, and if it was the case, your notification to me would have in fact been a prize to me, not something I would think sucked. I will admit that my response with you suck was rather childish and I should have refrained from commenting. I'll chalk that up to being fed up with receiving misleading/junk emails by the 100s daily in my email box.

So please, add this to my special place at your site, it's only fair that you post my response. This will save me the time of posting as well and can refer to it with a link, just as you can. The only thing I have done wrong here is reply to an unwanted advertisement, disguised as a prize, with a rude comment. This I have admitted to and have stated that I should have refrained from doing. All your other accusations are just that...... accusations.

GoneGambling's Final Word

#1. Your name was drawn as a winner. The terms of the Random Prize Draw are quite clear on the site. They state that you will be awarded a free bonus if you have deposited with the casino in the past thirty days. If you have not deposited you will be offered a special bonus for opening a new account with the casino.

#2. We have had different people sign up for up to 70 different memberships with GoneGambling each. Saying you are not trying to be two people doesn't mean anything. All cheats use similar information in someway. It's the only way they can keep track of who they signed up as. Using the same password as the person you claim to be your mother only raises a red flag with us.

#3. People who are trying to have multiple logins are stupid to start with. It simply follows on that if they are that stupid they will email me for help when they find they can't get in. I am emailed by cheats every day. The benefit of having more than one login is that NEW members are awarded 1,999 GG Points on signing up. Once those points are gone they have to work to replace them. Of course it follows and makes sense that at least one in every ten NEW members will then try and sign up again as an easy way to get GG Points. They don't have the brains to realise that others before them will have tried the same thing and that we will have set things up to catch them at it.

#4. Gee, if you are looking to vote for other sites around the 1st of each month you are at the wrong place. You are looking for and not GoneGambling. If you are going to be sarcastic with us you had better make sure you get your facts right. We do have voting on the GoneGambling site in the Webmasters Sky-Diving Cup. However, that voting is weekly and not only at the first of each month.

#5. Yes, your first email to us was childish.

#6. It would appear that with the receipt of the email from the other site owner our accusations are not just accusations but proof of you having a history of losing the plot!


Ex member writes:

From: janet fxxxxxxx
To: Emailus
Sent: Saturday, December 13, 2003 8:37 AM
Subject: Re: GoneGambling - GetLucky - Game Voucher!


Thanks for posting my last reply. I am sending this email to request what documantation you would need for me to prove to you that Karen and Janet are different people. Please let me know what type of documents you need and how you would like me to send them to you. Because of your slanderous comments about us I am insistant that you receive such documents, again these documents being those of your choice.

Upon your receipt of said documents I would expect either the info on your website be removed, or copies of the documents submitted be posted there as well.

I look forward to you reply.

GoneGambling replies:

You may look forward to my reply Janet, but you won't like it. You haven't liked anything I have done to this date.

I don't doubt that you have a mother. Everyone seems to have had one at some stage. Her name may or may not be Karen. However, providing documentation to prove who she is does not prove that either you or her signed up under the others persons details. Again, that is something that is done time and time again in an effort to get around the system we have in place to stop multiple sign ups.

Fact #1. You have attempted to sign up for membership multiple times.

Fact #2. You have used the same password on all these accounts. Even the one you claim was your mothers.

Fact #3. You have used the same Post Office Box number on some of your accounts and what you claim to be your mothers account. In your original membership you had a street address. Which address is yours and which is your mothers? The fact is that you have used both addresses to sign up in your attempts to get around our system.

As far as I'm concerned you can provide proof that you are related to Elvis, but it still does not prove that it was not you who attempted to open all those accounts with us.

You are a bitter spiteful person who threatened to cause GoneGambling bad publicity in an effort to get your own way. The last thing you expected is what has happened to you. You have been exposed for what you have tried to do and you don't like it.

Let this be a lesson to anyone else who tries the same thing. GoneGambling does not lie down and roll over when threatened. If you threaten GoneGambling be prepared to be chewed up and spat out!

I will waste no further time on you. I will respond to no further emails from you.

John Abbott

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