UNWANTED - Tongue Fight #16

GoneGambling Support Member writes:

23rd December, 2004

In case this member doesn't email me, here is the chat transcript.

littlebit: has entered chat
houndog: on one of the auctions at bingo angles i;ve won there be a minor problem
littlebit: I'm so sorry. I got booted
littlebit: What happened?
littlebit: houndog.You there?
houndog: well, i signed up and went to deposit $30.00 auction win and neteller deposit method only gives a $25.00 and next is $50.00 ?
houndog: Deposits as listed at neteller 25,50,75,100, and soon
littlebit: The only thing I can suggest is that you notify John of what has happened.
houndog: i'm sure there is but i really dont want to cancel!
littlebit: Neteller sets it's own rules so we don't have any input in that area
littlebit: you don't have any other deposit options?
houndog: would u contact John and let him know what is going on I'm sure other members using neteller will encounter the same problem
houndog: not that i will use
littlebit: I will houndog.
littlebit: I'm sorry that I don't have a solution for you
littlebit: I have an idea. Lots of members use Neteller.
littlebit: Why don't you post on the forum. One of them may have a good tip for you
houndog: ty,littlebit just have John email me and i won't deposit until i hear from him ,ok
littlebit: You will need to email John first
littlebit: give him the details
littlebit: his email is
littlebit: he answers emails in the order they arrive so it may take a bit to get a reply
houndog: No, I would rather not
littlebit: that's the way it works, houndog. LOL
littlebit: John doesn't contact the members first. It would be impossible for him to keep track that way
houndog: well, he seems to get disturbed when he is bothered by email,so i very seldom email him
littlebit: for an honest problem, he always has time
littlebit: have you bid yet?
littlebit: email me and I'll send it along. Okay?
littlebit: xxxxxxxxxxxxx
houndog: already won the bid sale #23956
littlebit: you need to let him know what has happened so he can take it off the books
houndog: sure,ty

GoneGambling responds:

Thanks Littlebit.

If the member won't email me I won't even look at it. This is what pisses me right off. This member has a problem and won't email me about the problem, but will contact you and then try and get you to get me to email him! This only ties up your time and my time for absolutely no result at all.

By contacting you and not going straight to me, the member has in fact wasted my time and done exactly what he said he didn't want to do.

Yes, I have copied the member on this email. You clearly told the member in Chat how things work and that he should contact me. He asked you for help and you gave him exactly the information you should have - he chose to ignore it.

Well, the member had a win in this case because as it turned out, I have actually done as he wanted and in effect emailed him by copying him on this response to you. Of course I haven't answered the question he wanted the answer to. He will have to email me and ask me the question himself. And I did deduct 50,000 GG Points from his bank of over 70,000 points. That is the cost of making me email the member instead of the member emailing me.

I hope the member now understands how things work.


Member writes:

John, take the other 20,000 as far as i'm concerned, in the past i've recieved {we recieve over 500 emails a day we don't have time to reply to everone at thier demands} I have recieved this message more than once! for no reason at all, out of the Blue! Now you know why I don't email you, look at your records and you can verify that!!! I've been with GG for over a year, and if this is the way you want to treat loyal members so be it! I have posted my problem concerning the auction in the support forum I guess I don't need an answer now. And your not the only one pissed off. Merry Christmas, Houndog

GoneGambling responds:

Hi Houndog,

Congratulations on sending a clear and concise email that is easily understood. I have responded to the points you have raised in your email. I would like to warn you though that I would strongly advise against you reading any further. It will only upset you, and I see no reason for you to do that to yourself this close to Christmas.

You will of course note that when you emailed me this time stating things clearly, you didn't get a response like you stated you received on previous occasions. Maybe you weren't clear in your previous emails?

I was hoping that this Christmas would sneak by without me having to add a member to our Fruit Loops section. I guess I was hoping for more than I should have. It's now your choice how much further this goes.

Please do not read below. You won't like it.


John, take the other 20,000 as far as i'm concerned,

"... I'll take them as you apparently don't want them. I don't think you mean it, and when you have calmed down you will realise that it was a silly thing to say. The truth is that it really does matter to you. It doesn't matter to me at all. It's no skin off my nose to take or give points. I say what I mean and I mean what I say, and I expect no less from the people I deal with. ..."

in the past i've recieved {we recieve over 500 emails a day we don't have time to reply to everone at thier demands}

"... This is not true or accurate at all. Never would I have sent out a message like that. I would have done a spell check before sending it. Please don't ever accuse me of sending out an email containing so many errors again. ..."

I have recieved this message more than once! for no reason at all, out of the Blue! Now you know why I don't email you, look at your records and you can verify that!!!

"... You look at YOUR records and please forward to me the emails that I responded to in the manner you state. You are the one making the claim about being sent emails 'out of the Blue'. You produce the emails and what they were in response to, and I will explain to you why you got the answer you did when you did.

You already know how many emails I receive daily because you stated so in your email to me. It is absolutely ludicrous for you to think that I have kept correspondence from each and every email I have ever received or responded to. If this is your reasoning, then I'm not at all surprised that you got the emails you state you did from me. Your email to me was probably about something unnecessary or stupid! 500 x 365 = 182,500 emails received by me for the year. You look up YOUR records and produce the correspondence you had with me where I offended you so. You have a lot less to look through. ..."

I've been with GG for over a year, and if this is the way you want to treat loyal members so be it!

"... OK. Go back on your medication. Your guilt trip will not work on me. What did you personally give me? What did you give up for me in exchange for your FREE membership? If you did a GoneGambling deal it was to benefit YOU, and make no mistake about it. You weren't asked to send $30 directly to GoneGambling at any time. If we had asked you to do that you wouldn't have, and we know it. For each and every deal you did you got to play your deposits with the casinos and were also credited with GG Points or GetLucky Vouchers.

How dare you try and put it on me that I am offending a LOYAL member when you have never given me or GoneGambling anything. You are only loyal because of what's in it for you. Every deal you did was to benefit you. If you didn't have the money to do the deal or didn't want to do the deal, you wouldn't have. Don't try and make out you did it just for me. If I had asked you to go and deposit money with a casino who was not in our games and never would be, and where there was no GG Points reward, no GetLucky vouchers, and no 'whiz bang never been seen before new player bonus' at the casino, you wouldn't have done it. A loyal member would do it and ask nothing in return. Of course I'm not stupid enough to expect that kind of loyalty from anyone. ..."

I have posted my problem concerning the auction in the support forum I guess I don't need an answer now. And your not the only one pissed off. Merry Christmas, Houndog

"... So now you don't need an answer??? So once again this has all been a total waste of everyone's time. And do you still wonder why you got emails from me in response to your other time wasting emails over the past year? ..."

Member writes:

Thanks, John I would expect nothing less from Australia's little nepoleon. thank god your all by yourself in your own little world where you can make command decision that effect no one but yourself. If your head got any bigger it would not fit in your ass anymore, that would be a loss. You did exactly what I thought you would, predictable you are! Thanks for the ammo, NOW OTHER GAMBLING FORUMS can read right out of the babes own mouth.

GoneGambling responds:

Hi Houndog,

I can see you didn't take my advise to stop reading. Apparently you are still unable to follow good advise, although you did find the spell checking feature on your mail program. Congratulations on that. Please note that God and Napoleon should both start with an upper case letter. Also note that you spelt Napoleon incorrectly. It kind of takes the sting out of your insult if you couldn't be bothered to even get the spelling of the guys name right.

With the above being said, I wasn't disappointed in you either. Just give me an hour to get the Fruit Loops page up and you can merrily go about posting the link everywhere. I have no problem at all with that. Ex-members like you are one of GoneGambling's biggest assets. You deter other moronic individuals from joining because they see we don't take crap from anyone. That saves me time in having to deal with them.

The last member to 'go off' like you, resulted in bringing in additional casinos and income of thousands of dollars extra per month. We're ready for some more of that if you want to bring it on!

This is of course already documented for you in our Fruit Loops section.

Your first name is Tom in our database, but you always email us as Diana. Are you male or female? Or aren't you sure? I think this should be made clear for readers of this light entertainment. If they are going to picture me as an Australian Napoleon, I think it's only fair that they can build a picture of you in their minds as well.

To be honest, I'm quietly pleased with the description of being Napoleon. Wasn't he loved and revered by all of his soldiers? If the people who matter, love and revere you, then what does it matter what the outside world thinks? I think I'll have our graphics guy do an Onion of me looking like Napoleon. The idea tickles me.

I haven't banned you yet, so why not take this opportunity to post in our Forum and tell other GoneGambling members just how poorly you have been treated? This is your open invitation to gather support from among the rank and file members.


GoneGambling writes:

Hi Houndog,

As promised I have now published the full transcript of our correspondence. You can view a comment and link to the full story from the following page:

You can see the whole transcript here:

I don't really care which link you post. Use them both if you like. I don't suspect you will post either link though. I think you are all mouth. Threatening me was only fun for you for the few seconds you thought your threats would frighten me. As you can see from our Fruit Loops section, I deal with people like you all the time and I chew them up and spit them out. I use people like you as an example of what not to do at GoneGambling. And I'm not one bit ashamed or embarrassed about pointing out peoples flaws when those very people threaten to harm my business.

You say I'm predictable. What a funny word to use when in fact you should have used the word consistent. Yes, I'm consistent in the fact that I don't take any crap from players or casinos alike. It's sad that you didn't bother to learn that in your year of membership. If you missed seeing how Rogue Casinos are treated visit the link below:  

The Sunny Group of Casinos even put out a Press Release that accused me of attempted blackmail. Of course it was all lies. The point I'm making is that I didn't back down even after a high profile casino put out a Press Release about me. So, your threats to post my emails to do me harm are really naive.

John Abbott takes no crap from casinos and no crap from gamblers and it's well documented on the Internet. You can't get much more consistent than that!



Houndog did not post in our Forum for several hours after we gave him/her the opportunity. Houndog's membership was then banned.


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