UNWANTED - Tongue Fight #10

Wazman writes:

Well, actually he didn't write anything, and that was the problem. He just sent in a proof of deposit but never said what it was for. This started in May, 2004.

GoneGambling responds:

Thank you. What was this for? Why did you send it to me?


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Wazman writes:

Is that offer for the GG Points over? Opened an account and deposited $30. Then I forwarded you the e-mail. Guess I missed it. Thanks.

GoneGambling responds:


Please don't guess at what you are able to claim for. It only creates unnecessary work. Please fully read any of our offers and make sure that you qualify for the deal before claiming it.

It would help if you showed me the page you saw the deal on?


GoneGambling - Your gambling adventure starts here...

Wazman writes:

It popped up on the OPENING page of YOUR site---John has gone mad, Purchase $30 at the list of Casinos below and you will receive a Number via e-mail to share in 22,345 Feature Get Lucky's.

Thanks, am I jogging your memory yet?

GoneGambling responds:

No D. We don't have any deals like that on our site.

Did you hear about the two monkeys who were painting a house? One worked on the front and the other worked on the back. After 2 hours the one who was working around the back came around to the front and stood there horrified at what he saw. When he finally found his voice he said; "I said CREAM. Not GREEN!"

Which monkey are you? I'm the one that was working at the back of the house.

If you don't understand the above please have your carer explain it to you.

Do you always get things so wrong? You wrote:

"... It popped up on the OPENING page of YOUR site---John has gone mad, Purchase $30 at the list of Casinos below and you will receive a Number via e-mail to share in 22,345 Feature Get Lucky's. Thanks, am I jogging your memory yet? ..."

D, I think you will find that John has gone CRAZY and not mad. I think you will find that you had to open a NEW account from the links on the deal page and not just 'purchase' $30. I think you will find that YOU had to pick a number and send it to me. Not the other way around as you have stated. I also think you will find that the Crazy Deal we were doing was for 2,345 vouchers and not 22,345 as stated by you.

We still have the page up for you to check these facts. The only thing that has changed is the casinos participating in the promotion and the number of the promotion we are up to.

In addition to the above, I am well aware of the fact that I have a poor memory. However, in a momentary brilliant flash, I worked out a cunning plan that would save me the embarrassment of people finding out about my poor memory. The plan was to place the following text on the deal page. And if everyone did as instructed by the text, things would run smoothly and I would know exactly what I needed to do as each email came in. The text was:

Make sure you place 'LUCKY NUMBER CRAZY DEAL #2' in the subject line of your email. Please only send one email for each new account opened and then wait to be issued with your Feature GetLucky Vouchers prize. In your email include the following or your prize claim will not be processed:

#1. Your GoneGambling Membername.
#2. The name of the casino you have opened your NEW account with.
#3. Proof of your deposit of $30 or more.
#4. Your LUCKY NUMBER between 1 and 50. Provide one number only.

What part of the above did you not understand D?

You sent me proof of a $30 deposit with Music Hall Casino. It appears that the deposit was made almost 5 hours after the Crazy Deal had ended. It also appears the proof was sent almost 7 hours after the Crazy Deal had ended. You did not state that it was a NEW account and you did not follow three of the four points above.

Frankly, you were too bloody lazy to even write the most basic instructions in the email you sent to me. You decided that sending the proof of deposit with NO EXPLANATION was good enough. In your infinite wisdom you decided that I could flounder around and try and sort it all out for you. Your laziness wasted MY time. I work 16 hours a day and I don't have time for crap like this or lazy people like you.

If you don't have the energy to follow three or four simple instructions to get something you want, then I don't have the energy to do anything for you. The least you could have done was to get the person who props your mouth open to spoon feed you, to send the email to me. I'm sure that they at least would have had the energy to follow the simple instructions on the deal page.

I'm not processing your claim and never will process a Crazy Deals claim for you. You just make it all to hard to be bothered with.

I recall that this is not the first time you have sent through a claim like this without following the guidelines of the promotion. Don't ever bother doing it again. I am the one who ends up paying with MY time for YOUR laziness.

The next thing I'll do for you D will be to ban your membership. It's only a matter of time until you make that happen. I reckon one more email from you should just about do it. Of course based on past experience with you, you'll be to lazy to write a response to my email and will probably send me a BLANK one which will cause me to have to waste more time trying to guess what you are saying to me.

The Monkey In Charge
GoneGambling - Your gambling adventure starts here...

Wazman writes:

I won't waste any more of your precious time, your an UNprofessional turd who sucks way to much air, I  I am not to lazy to kick your slimy little Ausy but. Eat crap and live

GoneGambling responds:

That's much better D.

You got your point across at last and you managed it with one simple sentence in one email.

You learnt a valuable lesson today D. At least you now know how to say what you mean and what you want. My work with you is done and the world is a better place for it. Other businesses will thank me for making their lives easier when it comes to dealing with you in the future.

Your membership is banned.


GoneGambling - Your gambling adventure starts here...

Wazman writes:

I wouldn"t want to be a member of a site where the OWNER is so UNprofessional. Have another drink scumbag, do you VERBALLY abuse all your members who make mistakes? BIG time LOSER. Coming to Ausy country in September I will be sure to LOOK YOU up. See you then, scumbag

GoneGambling responds:


I don't verbally abuse all our members who make mistakes. Only the ones who are morons.

Fortunately, now that you have been informed that you are a moron you will be able to act to halt the disease. I see that it's progressing with every email you send me.

As to your threats of coming to Australia to look me up, I feel I'm pretty safe. Based on all the errors in your earlier email to me, you'll probably end up in Austria instead of Australia! Will you be getting out of bed to make the trip?

At GoneGambling we don't bow down to threats from anyone. Your threats show just how juvenile you are. For someone who is almost 50 years old you need to grow up and get out of the school yard.

If there's one thing I can't stand it's stupidity and time wasting. Both are extremely unproductive and you have displayed a tendency for both.

At GoneGambling the customer is only right some of the time. And when the customer is not right, we make sure we let him know. Isn't that a refreshing business approach? Your laziness and inability to read or understand what you read is what started this exchange and your subsequent banning. It's not my fault that you are like you are. Blame the American education system for that.

I have at least done you the favor of pointing out your faults so that you can work on improving yourself. That's more than anyone else around you has apparently done all your life.

I'll respond to no further correspondence or threats from you.

John Abbott

GoneGambling - Your gambling adventure starts here...


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