UNWANTED - Tongue Fight #13

First the member tries to set you up by telling you how wonderful the GoneGambling site is. They do this so that they can use it to their own advantage later on to get something they did not qualify for. The following proves that money is not the object (as far as GoneGambling is concerned) and that bonuses are only paid out if the member follows all the rules and does what they are supposed to do in the correct time frame.

Member writes:

Sent: Monday, September 20, 2004 2:08 PM
Subject: onion race winner

Hi, Just would like to tell you that gonegambling is the greatest site ive visited in a very long time! Thanks for such a wonderful website!!

Also I had received an email telling me I was the trainer of the winning onion in the onion race, it stated that I would receive $25 dollars at Platinum play casino.

Platinum play is saying they never received the email confirmation. Can you please resend my confirmation to the casino so I can enjoy the bonus!!

Thanks so much, T F tracy25s

GoneGambling responds:

Hi Tracy,

I'm pleased that you like the GoneGambling site.

I can't find a record of your win on the Onion Races. Do you only have one membership with us? When did you get the email from the Onion Racing game telling you that you were a winner? Did you have your Platinum Play Casino ID typed in BEFORE the Onion Race? If you didn't have your ID typed in the win would not be legitimate and not credited by the casino.


Member writes:

Sent: Monday, September 20, 2004 3:38 PM
Subject: Re: onion race winner

Hi thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I'm positive I did everything correctly with entering all the necessary information prior to winning the onion race. And I didn't save the email stating that I had won the race, I deleted without thinking, I was just so excited that I had actually won something, Because I never win anything! And yes I only have one membership with you.

Thanks so much, Hopefully this can be straightened out. And I can receive the bonus from the race


GoneGambling responds:

Hi Tracy,

The problem is that you didn't type your Platinum Play Casino ID in our Members Only area until over one full day after the race. We can't turn back time. You had to have that information typed in and saved BEFORE the Onion Race.

I see you have a race coming up again. Please make sure you have deposited with Platinum Play to qualify for the bonus you will win from that race.


Member writes:

Sent: Monday, September 20, 2004 5:26 PM
Subject: Onion race winner

I emailed earlier this evening about winning an onion race and receiving an email stating I would receive a $25 bonus at platinum play casino, Platinum play is stating they havent received the confirmation. Was wondering if you could resend that for me.

Thank you


Member writes:

Sent: Monday, September 20, 2004 5:41 PM
Subject: Re: onion race winner

I did have my platinum play id in I knew this would happen once I actually do win, you say I didn't enter information wich I know I did, And don't end up getting anything!


Member writes:

Sent: Monday, September 20, 2004 5:54 PM
Subject: onion race winner

I know I won't be credited for winning the onion race due to gonegambling stating I didn't put in info, But could you please resend me the email stating that I did win the race and would have received a bonus if I would have done it right.

Thanks would be greatly appreciated


GoneGambling responds:


I can't send you that email because I don't have a copy of it. A copy is not kept of LOSING emails. The email will have stated that you won a bonus ONLY if your Casino ID appeared further down the email. If you had kept a copy of the email instead of deleting it you would NOT be debating this matter now.

The email is sent to the player to make sure they know they missed a prize and to ensure that they type in their Casino ID so that they don't miss out again.

Because you did NOT have your Casino ID typed in BEFORE the race, no email was sent to the casino or me from the program. The win was NOT valid so there was no reason for the casino or me to be sent a copy. That is why I couldn't find a copy of your win when you emailed me the first time. That is why I had to ask you all the questions I did. We are not in the business of not crediting a $25 bonus if all the rules have been followed. You did NOT follow the rules in time. It's cost me more than $25 in time to respond to your multiple emails about this subject. So from my point of view, arguing about it is just a further waste of resources and time.

Now, unfortunately you are calling me a liar in one of your previous emails - even if you didn't use the word liar. I told you that you typed the Casino Account number in over a full day AFTER the race. You are telling me that I am wrong. So, I must be lying to you in an effort to save a $25 bonus.

Here's the deal Tracy. First I'm going to ban you so that you never again have the chance to win a bonus from any sponsoring casinos of GoneGambling. Then I'm going to send you $100 just to prove that this is not about money and GoneGambling trying to save on a $25 bonus.

When you get the $100 it will prove that what I say is true and that I am a man of my word. When you try and log in and find your account locked, that will reinforce the fact that I say what I mean and I mean what I say.

Further to the above, I will post our correspondence regarding this matter at the following link:

Do NOT respond to me again until you have read every Tongue Fight posted there.

The only thing that now remains is for you to let me know how you want the $100 payment made? PayPal or a cheque?

I have not had a very good two days Tracy. You gave me extra work in looking up your claim for a bonus and again in having to repeat in this email what I already stated in my first email. Having to say the same thing twice to the same member in only an hour or two means you are a person who will be a time and resource vampire. You are not someone I need on the GoneGambling site.

Several of our members win over $1,000 each month in bonuses from our sponsoring casinos. Unfortunately you will now never number among them.

You have also sent me several emails on this same subject and that is not appreciated. It shows you are impatient and demanding which is just another reason why you are not a good fit for the GoneGambling site. I will deduct $10 from the $100 every time that you send me an additional email about this matter. That way you will start to pay for wasting my time.


John Abbott

Member writes:

Sent: Monday, September 20, 2004 7:12 PM
Subject: Re: onion race winner

I would like to be paid by pay pal. I'm very sorry for all the confusion, I was so sure I had done everything correctly maybe I forgot to hit save after I entered my casino account number, but that doesn't matter now you've pretty much made it clear how you feel about me basically your stating im just a low life looking for a bonus, which is all wrong! I would just like to say that gonegambling is a great site and I wish you all the best of luck.



GoneGambling writes:

Hi Deb,

Please pay Tracy $100 to her PayPal account. I guess the email address attached to the account is:



Member writes:

Sent: Monday, September 20, 2004 8:11 PM
Subject: Re: onion race winner

No I'm sorry the email address is ronf@.........

GoneGambling writes:

Hi Deb,

Please make it $90 to the following address.



PayPal payment made:

Amount: $95.00 USD Transaction ID: 1HD20154CW228845P

Subject: From John Abbott

Note: As per email correspondence with John Abbott

PayPal payment accepted:

This email confirms that Ron F has accepted the $95.00 USD you sent.

GoneGambling Comment

It's rather ironic that Tracy wrote the following to GoneGambling: "...  I was just so excited that I had actually won something, Because I never win anything! ..." Well now she has won $90 from GoneGambling and was paid the $90 within 8 minutes of providing her correct PayPal email address. That is however the last bonus or cash prize she will ever collect from GoneGambling. It looks like Tracy is now all set to go back to those other sites where she never wins anything.

Tracy missed collecting a $25 casino bonus because she didn't follow the instructions in the first email she was sent notifying her that she was drawn as an Onion Trainer. She lost another possible $25 casino bonus because her membership was ended the day before her second Onion for the week was set to race. $50 in bonuses in just one week is a pretty good effort. If she had remained a member and kept going at that rate she would have received $2,600 in casino bonuses for a full year. Instead, Tracy was given $90 and told to get off the site. We hope she spends her $90 wisely. Throwing away $2,600 for a mere $90 has loser written all over it.

On seeing what was going on with Tracy, a GoneGambling member had this to say:

"... Tracy says "basically your stating im just a low life looking for a bonus, which is all wrong!" and at the same time grabs your money!!!!!!

Gosh John - those folks you have to deal with!


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