UNWANTED - Tongue Fight #12

Most of our responses to the emails from aggrieved members are written in a manner that will explain everything when it's posted on the Net. This case is no exception. We take the time to respond to certain cases so that our responses when published will deter other people from going down the same erroneous path. 

January, 2004

Nuttshelle emailed GoneGambling asking if we would confirm her NEW membership.

GoneGambling responds:


You only deleted your membership today. Why would you want to sign up again?


Nuttshelle writes:

I did not mean to delete my new account.

GoneGambling gave Nuttshelle the benefit of the doubt and reinstated her membership. This was a fatal mistake. Banned members always see being reinstated as a sign of weakness on the part of GoneGambling. When GoneGambling then becomes tough at a later date, the member can't understand it.

June, 2004

Nuttshelle writes:

Hi. What can I do to get UN-Banned?

GoneGambling responds:


A good start would be to admit what you have been doing.


Nuttshelle writes:

I'm not sure. Playing the games. If I did anything it was unintentional and I'm sorry.

GoneGambling responds:

You have this final chance to save your membership.

You know what you have been doing and I know what you have been doing. Admit it now or never come back on the GoneGambling site. If you won't admit it it means you will try and do something like it again. You'll never get another chance if you aren't honest.


Nuttshelle writes:

I adore gone gambling. I will admit to anything to save my membership! I'm just a little confused as to what I did I wasn't supposed to do. My computer has been dragging so bad. I usually have a bunch of windows open at the same time. The only thing I can think of that I did right before I got kicked out was deleting some of my cookies so it wouldn't take so long to go from page to page. I had several windows open and I was playing a few games at the same time for a while. Please let me know what not to do and I will never, ever, ever do it again. I promise John.

GoneGambling responds:

That was not the right answer.

You obviously don't value your membership as much as I thought you did. Your membership will remain banned.

Here's a couple of pages for you to read before you leave the site for good. I think you will find them interesting.


Nuttshelle writes:

I did not sign anyone else up. John, Truly I do value my membership. Please help me out here. I admit to whatever I did.

GoneGambling responds:

If you didn't sign anyone else up why did you accept the GG Points for referring them? You are not helping yourself. You are getting in deeper.

Would you care to explain why all of the referred members on the list below were referred by you and most of them have the SAME password? In addition to that they were only logged in long enough for you to be credited with 1,000 GG Points for referring them. See the DATE first on and DATE last on.

Referee Username Password DateFirstOn DateLastOn
nuttshelle ericericeric enders 5/12/2004 12:58:51 5/12/2004 1:00:13
nuttshelle c4waters carrie 5/12/2004 12:16:07 5/12/2004 12:17:28
nuttshelle vincegalasso amadeus 5/11/2004 11:39:02 5/11/2004 11:42:28
nuttshelle merchant amadeus 5/11/2004 6:03:37 5/11/2004 6:05:49
nuttshelle hanegraaff amadeus 5/11/2004 4:04:54 5/11/2004 4:13:57
nuttshelle jford amadeus 5/11/2004 2:16:33 5/11/2004 2:18:46
nuttshelle carlosrico amadeus 3/23/2004 8:38:16 3/23/2004 8:52:59

Now I know that you are going to blame someone else for this but what about the GG Points? You had them credited to your account.


Nuttshelle writes:

Oh. I know what you mean but that was a long time ago. And I logged on one day to find out I had negative -7000 gg points. So I just kept playing and playing until finally I was back in the positive. I assumed it was over since I already had the referral points taken away a month or two again. Yes I did do that. I am terribly ashamed, embarrassed, and humiliated. I did not think of it or mention it earlier because I assumed it was over a while back when I had the -7000 deducted. I am so sorry. I understand completely if you want to ban me. That was wrong what I did. I am so sorry. I am hoping you will forgive me but I wouldn't blame you a bit if you didn't.

GoneGambling responds:


If you had come clean and admitted what you had done when I first asked you would have now had your membership back. As it is you made me work to prove what you had done and that deserves no reward.


Nuttshelle writes:

Just here me out. Please?? I assumed that was over with when I got the 7000 points deducted. That was over a month ago when I had the points taken back. I haven't referred anyone since early May. It's like June 21st. I really thought it was over then. I would have admitted to it in a heart beat if I wasn't so stupid as not even think of it. That's the honest truth. I am so sorry.

GoneGambling responds:

You had your chance to tell me.

I wasted over 2 hours sorting out what you had done and deleting the false sign ups. I had no more time to spare to furnish you with the proof of what you had done only to have you confess when you found out I already knew everything.

Don't waste any more of my time.


Nuttshelle writes:

Ode to John

I know what I did was wrong and I realize that you want me gone.

Please John, can't you see that my GG membership I adore and desperately wish to keep? And I am painfully aware that it is only me now who is loosing any sleep!

Your harsh decisions you stand firmly beside. And my attempts have been futile at changing your mind! I've sat and I've pondered this... If only there was a way I could make you change your mind today!

I've thought perhaps there was something I could dream up to make you reconsider... I've racked my brain trying to come up with ideas or some different approach, a solution - to you - I could then deliver.

Something, anything, to help make my case... So my GG membership isn't completely a waste! God forbid it end up in the vast abyss of other banned memberships that have been discarded or erased!

At this point I am hoping I haven't angered you further! Hoping instead I made you laugh, or possibly feel some pity... For a poor, banned homesick, ex- GG member, perhaps you could show some mercy?

I am humbled and reformed and solemnly swear to always be good and very aware. I will obey all the rules accepting all further punishment you deem fit!

Now, if you have made it this far and haven't been persuaded, then at least now you must be elated, because you don't have to hear any more from me.

I promise this will be my last and final attempt! From this point forward I will now surely let you be.

Nuttshelle writes:

I didn't hear a NO yet??

GoneGambling responds:

GoneGambling responded by simply forwarding the link to that weeks newsletter to Nuttshelle. The link contained everything you have already read above.

Nuttshelle wrote again and we responded to each point raised by her. Our response is in blue text.

Nuttshelle writes:

My you are ruthless!

Yes, I'm ruthless and you're an habitual cheat. I'm here to bring a bit of balance to the world and put people like you back in their place. I notice you conveniently forgot that this was the second time you have been caught for cheating. The first was in deleting your membership just to sign up again to gain 1,999 more GG Points. When you found our program had blocked you from doing that you had to ask for my help and waste my time.

But before you paint me a big liar again let me preface this stating the last email was to be my last until you left me those links involving me and I feel I have the right to retort.

That's a load of crap to start with and you know it. You are an habitual liar. It is a FACT that you wrote in your ODE TO JOHN email that it would be your last. You wrote: "... I promise this will be my last and final attempt! From this point forward I will now surely let you be. ..."

I ignored your ODE TO JOHN email and what did you do just 6 hours after sending it? You followed it up with ANOTHER email. You wrote: "... I didn't hear a NO yet?? ..." Your word means nothing and you have now proven it time and time again.

Sometimes things change along the way John but I know you leave no room for error. But after seeing those links I have to tell you I'm in tears. (Not that you care) But congratulations if that were your goal.

More crap! Is that all that comes out of your mouth? You had already been given one chance when I reinstated your membership the first time. You were given the benefit of the doubt, so that proves I do leave room for error.

It may have whizzed past you in the fast paced world you live in, but my 'goal' as it happens is to run an honest and fun Gambling Portal that give gamblers a chance to get together and make their gambling dollars last longer. Wasting time on cheats like you stops me from achieving my goal. You can cry all you like. It won't fix things. You put yourself in this position by cheating. Your cheating forced me to step in and deal with the matter. Grow up. If you are going to be an habitual cheat you are going to get caught. If you can't handle the repercussions of being caught, then don't cheat.

Obviously I wasn't proud of the situation to begin with- hence my groveling and apologies-and willingness to admit to anything to save my membership-which I stated long before I finally figured out what you were talking about. Obviously though none of that matters and did not satisfy you one little bit with my redemptive apologies. Since you still are so hateful that even after I beg for your forgiveness you feel the need to humiliate me further by publicly calling me names and posting every detail. To truly be honest and fair you should post this post this too.

The fact is that saying you're sorry does not get back the time I have lost. It does not get back money the casinos have lost in paying out bonuses they shouldn't have. I'm in business and there is only one way for me to profit from what you have done. And that is to publicly hang you out to dry so that it discourages other people from turning to cheating like you did.

If making this matter public, stops just one or two other people from cheating, it has been worth the time I have invested in responding to your emails. This will be tough for you to swallow, but I'm not responding for your benefit. I'm responding so that when this goes live on the Net it will discourage other people from cheating. All my emails to you were written with that one goal in mind. My responses are written to save me time in the future and not to give you answers now. Frankly, after what you have done you just don't matter to me and aren't worthy of my time.

As to my being hateful, did you forget writing this in one of your previous emails?

"... I understand completely if you want to ban me. That was wrong what I did. I am so sorry. I am hoping you will forgive me but I wouldn't blame you a bit if you didn't. ..."

I thought you were going to be understanding if I enforced the ban on you? Instead of being understanding and not blaming me, you call me hateful. Ouch! How will I sleep tonight after such a vicious attack?

You can rest assured that I will be fair and post this email as requested by you. Of course my responses will also be included.

Yes, it was stupid mistakes I guess not to figure out what you were talking about right away I admit it. I really think though that you were and are-too busy being a hard ass - to really understand or listen to anything I have said or am trying to say.

Let me stop you right there. I became a "hard ass" through years of dealing with cheats like you. I have no time or sympathy for someone who deliberately sets out to damage my business. What you did in stealing GG Points could have seriously damaged the relationships we have with casinos. It could affect the bottom line as to the success of their campaigns on the GoneGambling site. Your actions may yet cost me thousands of dollars. That is money I need to keep the website running and the feed and clothe my family.

Let me try one more time because it really bothers me that I haven't effectively conveyed to you anything as of yet I have tried to. I TRULY THOUGHT when you told me to explain to you what I had done to get banned that you were referring to something I did that day, the day I got banned-out of the blue. I never fathomed that you could possibly be bringing up something that happened almost two months prior. (I admit that was stupid oversight on my part) I had already had all the GG points deducted for that and I assumed at that point it was done and over with obviously.

You have "effectively conveyed" to me that you are a cheat who will say and do anything to get what you want and to hell with who you hurt in the process.

Why you would deduct the points and then ban me out of the blue 2 months later is beyond me.

Yes, and honesty is beyond you too! I hate to burst your bubble but the whole world does not revolve around you.

It was not I who deducted your GG Points. It was an automatic program we set up to send the cheaters accounts into the negative so that they couldn't do much more damage. This bought me some much needed time in which to look into the activities of the cheaters and determine their fate. It was never over once you started cheating - even though our program set your account to a negative balance. All it meant was that your days were numbered on the GoneGambling site.

I didn't find your tongue wars as humorous as you did obviously. I was already sorry I burst into tears. There never any war on my end. Just apologies and requests for forgiveness. If I had had even a clue of what you were referring to when I was asking for my membership back I would have said it then. I told you outright I would admit to anything if it meant saving my membership in the first place.

I'm sorry you didn't find our Tongue Wars humorous, because at your own request for wanting this email made public, you're about to feature in them.

Yes, you did say you would admit to anything and that really raised a danger flag with me. It meant that you would do ANYTHING at all to get what you wanted. If you had to lie by admitting to ANYTHING, you would, as long as you got what you wanted. This also proves that you are an habitual cheat because you will do whatever you have to to get what you want.

Yes I did cheat with the bonus referrals but I find your way of handling it just awful as the cheating. To deduct -7000 points with no explanation and then ban me out of the blue two month later seems not the most appropriate way to handle it.

Excuse me? I was supposed to explain to you why our program deducted the 7,000 GG Points you cheated us out of? I don't recall you emailing me explaining each and every time you cheated that you had just ripped us off for another 1,000 GG Points! In your twisted world, apparently victims like me have to explain to thieves like you why they should get their stolen goods back.

Is there an appropriate way to handle someone who deliberately sets out to steal from you? I thought the appropriate way would be to make sure you caught them in the act? Does it make you feel better to justify what you have done by saying that I'm no better than you - only because I caught you with your hand in my pocket and I didn't like it?

Here I am trying to give thousands of online gamblers fun and good deals and there you are trying to take all that away from those very same people by cheating. No, I'm not just as bad as you, but you believe whatever you want in your own twisted world.

But obviously you do what you want to when you want to and don't really care how it affects anyone else.

Were you talking about you or me in the above sentence?

Especially someone you have already deemed a worthless cheat. And I guess that was a lot easier to deal with for me before I realized you found satisfaction in posting my apologetic remorse in a public arena instead of ever trying to understand my side or give any credence to my sincerity.

You've got me there. I have never been able to understand why someone would want to cheat on the best Gambling Portal on the Net. I just can't fathom why anyone would risk their FREE membership to the one site that they love so much, and can't live without on a daily basis. It makes no sense to me at all - unless they just can't help themselves and cheating is a way of life for them? Of course if that's the case, then we wouldn't want them as members anyway, would we?

I will respond to no further correspondence from you.

John Abbott

October - Update

Nuttshelle writes:

Hello. I was banned from Gone Gambling over 6 months ago for something I did that was very stupid and I regret it horribly. I had so much fun being a part of Gone Gambling before this incident and I miss it terribly. I am an active, everyday online gambler and Gone Gambling was always my homebase and my guide for which casinos to play at each week. Gone Gambling is such a wonderful place when you spend as much as I do in the Casinos each week (I'm such the addict-I love to gamble!) But my question is... Is there anychance I could ever be a part of Gone Gambling again? I can't go backwards and take back the incident but I know I would never in a million years be so stupid and be such a low life cheat as to ever do something like that again. I am not proud of myself but would like a second chance since it's been over 6 months since I was banned. (what I did at the time was sign up all my friends my self because I wanted the referral points-what an idiot) I would love it if you would reconsider and let me have my membership in light of the time that has passed. I did the crime and I feel I have now served my time after so many months of being banned. Thank you for you time and consideration of this matter.

Banned member ID; nuttshelle

GoneGambling responds:

It was just over 4 months ago and not 6 months as claimed by you.

No. You may not have your membership back. You have already had two chances on this site and you will be given no more. We have now updated the following link with this most recent email from you.

March, 2005 - Update

Since being banned from GoneGambling this cheating, habitual liar has attempted to sign up again numerous time. See the list below for an indication of just how desperate this person is.

On the 12th March, 2005, GoneGambling received an email from one of our sponsoring casinos. That email and our response follow:

Casino writes:

Hi John

We have picked up that the following player is abusing the promotions that the casino offers. Please could you ban the player from the GoneGambling promotions before she starts to abuse these as well?

Her name is Michelle Pa and she uses the following e-mail addresses:

michellelynpa@ and jpa@

The second e-mail address actually belongs to Jonathan Pa.

Please let me know if you require any further information.

Your assistance in this regard is appreciated.



Casino Support

GoneGambling responds:

Hi R,

This person is an habitual cheat and liar who has been banned from GoneGambling for a long period of time. She keeps signing up and our program detects her and bans her again.

You can read more about the original reason she was banned here:

Other sign ups we have detected from this same person are below.

Can you please let me know which GoneGambling username she is now using to try and claim bonuses? Our program may have missed picking it up. If you let me know I'll make sure to ban that as well.

User Email Pass First Last D.O.B City Banned Reason
123nut nuttsh@ anadeys lyn pa 8/19/80 yorba linda Duplicate Member Information with mpa, chaooga, joeypa, jjjpa, mich 2/11/2005 1:55:00 AM
bwyatt michp@ amadeus mich pa 9/20/51 tustin Duplicate Casino Accounts with Banned Members nuttshelle 12/18/2004 7:10:16 AM
chaooga chaoo@ amadeus Joey Pa 5/15/69 Yorba
Duplicate Member Information with jpa 3/14/2004 8:16:10 PM
jjjpa jonath@ amadeus jonathan pa 5/15/69 yorba
Duplicate Member Information with jpa, chaooga, joeypa 8/8/2004 9:21:15 AM
joeypa jonath@ ppppp jon pa 5/15/69 yorba
Duplicate Member Information with jpa, chaooga 7/21/2004 9:52:04 PM
jpa jpa@ amadeus jonathan pa 5/15/69 trabuco
Asked to be deleted.
jtpa jonath@ amadeus mich pa 5/15/69 santa
Duplicate Member Information with jpa, chaooga, joeypa, jjjpa, bwyatt, mich 2/20/2005 11:39:05 PM
lynlynlyn lynpal@ 999999 shelly pa 9/18/75 santa
Duplicate Member Information with jtpa, mmmmmm 3/2/2005 9:22:00 PM
lynpalyn lynpal@ 999999 lyn Pa 9/8/77 riverside Duplicate Casino Accounts with Banned Members gamblingnutt, pa 2/21/2005 11:30:59 AM
mich miche@ 99999 mich pa 9/19/75 yorba
Duplicate Member Information with mp, chaooga, joeypa, jjjpa, mmmmmm, bwyatt 12/31/2004 8:27:02 PM
mmmm betsy@ amadeus shelly pa 9/19/75 tustin Duplicate Member Information with bwyatt 12/27/2004 12:59:18 PM
mpa miche@ 999999 michelle pa 8/18/74 yorba
Duplicate Member Information with chaooga, nuttshelle, joeypa, jjjpa 10/4/2004 10:34:12 AM
nuttshelle miche@ amadeus michelle pa 8/19/74 trabuco
Duplicate Member Information with jpa 6/21/2004 4:08:29 PM


GoneGambling Note: The above information was then forwarded to other casinos who sponsor GoneGambling. Cheats will not be tolerated on the GoneGambling site.


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