UNWANTED - Tongue Fight #20

Over the years GoneGambling has seen its share of weirdos signing up for more than one membership so that they can try to cheat our 'one membership per person' system, in addition to cheating other members out of fun and in some cases money. Our automated membership program catches many of them out, but a few have managed to slip through. They of course then catch themselves out by lying and doing stupid stuff that is bound to raise flags with GoneGambling management and other members.

Once a multiple personality member has made it too hot for themselves as one member, they inevitably decide to kill that member off, just like they would in a bad soap on TV. We have seen it time and time again.

One incident that many long time members will recall is the tragedy of Peep. Peep was a very active member who managed to have a lot of difficult times in her personal life. She posted about her difficult times and chatted with other members about them in Keno chat. Her stories of woe resulted in some GoneGambling members sending her money. Eventually, most people woke up to what Peep was up to. GoneGambling management was certainly aware and watching. We just couldn't pin anything on her that would stick at that time.

The time came when it was just too hot for Peep to remain a member on the site, so she up and died on us. Well, that is what her husband claimed in an email to GoneGambling. He then promptly signed himself up as MrPeep and by stealth started seeking donations for the welfare of his family on the death of his loving wife. As we recall, one well known casino even donated $500 to him. This was a scam if ever there was one. MrPeep had the exact same behaviour on the GoneGambling site as Peep. He also wanted to keep her casino accounts active and under her name. Strange about that. Of course when GoneGambling did a little investigating in the town of residence for Peep, there was no death notices in the local paper and no certificate of death. MrPeep was duly banned from GoneGambling. After his ban he had a lot of time on his hands so he spent it in building a website dedicated to the memory of his deceased wife. Naturally donations were welcomed and accepted through the website for the welfare of MrPeep and his family.

Then we had the incident with member Below01, you can read about why he was banned here. When he couldn't get his membership back by threats and force, he actually took on the identity of his dead housemate and tried to sign up under his details. Another family member sent GoneGambling a copy of the death certificate. Below01 was busted once again!

Using death to get what they want seems to be a common tactic of cheats and scam artists. They play on peoples sympathy to get their own way or profit.

This brings us to one of the most recent phantom tragedies to happen to a GoneGambling member. The member is Slinkyhood. Slinkyhood was best known by other GoneGambling members for pissing them off by bidding over them in the Auction Rooms for the GG Points Jackpot. She didn't need the points and many times bid more than the GG Points Jackpot was worth just to stop other members with fewer points from bidding. When she wasn't beating them out of the GG Points Jackpots, her alter ego, Anybell93 was doing the damage. Slinkyhood had a knack of pissing people off by doing awful things to them, and then she would have a body part amputated in an effort to gain sympathy and be excused for what she was doing to other members. Eventually she must have ran out of body parts to have amputated coz she up and died. This left the way clear for Anybell93...

Member writes:

Dear GG

I write this with a heavy heart and am asking for your advise in this situation. I just received an email from a friend of Robin Z. (slinkyhood) and do not know if I should post it in the forum, or post a portion of it, or make a brief post about the email.

I have included a copy the email for you, just in case you may have some need for it. Please help me address this issue. I know there are some who would like to know about Robin and others who don't even know her. Until I hear from you I will sit on this information.

"... Dawn, I don't know you but saw your email in Robin's mail. I am sorry to tell you we lost Robin on September 11th. She fought a good battle but just couldn't recover from the last infection in her legs. I do know how much the friends she made at gone gambling meant to her. She talked about several of you all the time. I don't know how to tell any of them, but do know there was Dawn, which I am sure is you, Dee Dee, Lisa, Di and in particular Mel. I know there were more but that's all I can think of. Maybe you can let them know. I am getting ready to format this computer and sell it. I am just a friend but feel more like family to her kids and all. I'm doing all I can to get them through this. Oh, there also was John and Bev (or Beth). I am finding little notes she made and things like that. I do know she would like me to get in touch with Mel, whom I have chatted with in the past. She spoke of her so highly and felt very close to her. I thought about posting at the site, but just didn't seem right to publicly announce it on the internet, plus I have forgotten her password on there. That one is up to you. My mind is a bit fuzzy right now. As she donated her body to science, there was only a small private memorial at one of her daughters' houses. Please let these people know how much they enriched her life. I know they got her through some very lonely, boring days although she never complained. Remember her kindly and know she was a wonderful giving person. If you ever need to contact me, my email address is jodic......@.... Bye now. Jodi ..."

Sad, isn't it? And what about that date of death? 9/11? There's 365 days every year on which to die but Slinkyhood picked 9/11.

The good news is that Slinkyhood managed to rise from the dead on the 16th September, and log into her GoneGambling account and Gift 57,844 GG Points to Anybelle93.

Member Points Gift ID Create Date From Username To Username GG Points
29019 9/16/2006 4:47:51 PM slinkyhood anybell93 57844

Isn't that cool? We have a ghost on the GoneGambling site.

When GoneGambling called the phone number provided by Anybell93, we were told that no one by that (real) name lived there. However, when we did a trace back on the phone number it came up as being listed for a Jody C. The same Jody C. who sent the email above about the death of Slinkyhood. When that number is called and Robin (Slinkyhood) is asked for, they say that no one by that name lives there. They don't say she just died from infections brought about by her recent amputations.

Further investigation of our members database reveals that Slinkyhood was originally banned by our automated system for matching casino account numbers with Jody C. Slinkyhood was given the benefit of the doubt at that time and reinstated.


Slinkyhood, Anybell93, Jody C. and any other aliases or associates we can find for this person have been banned. The fact that it was denied that each and every one of them lived at the address for the phone number provided was itself enough of a reason to ban them without any other part of this pathetic attempt at deception.

The moral of this story is to not believe half of what you are told in Internet Chat Rooms, and even believe it less if you are being told about a sad tragedy that may have happened in someone's life. There's a very good chance they are just scamming to get something off you.


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