UNWANTED - Tongue Fight #21

Setting the scene:

In response to an automatic email from the GoneGambling program to a member who had only been a member for eight months, and had not been on the site for the past three of those eight months, we received the following threat to bad mouth GoneGambling:

Member writes:

my hubby has been in the hosp with blood poisoning and been staying with him so if you want to delete my name cause i havent been in there then go ahead but to let you know i will warn people that i know not to go to your site

GoneGambling responds:

Hi Wildhorses26,

Are you related to Adolf Hitler by any chance? He too was stupid enough to open up a second front when he had enough trouble handling one front. I would have thought that you would have had enough to do looking after your husband and making sure his health improved instead of THREATENING to bad mouth a FREE website that you haven't even been on since the 20th December, 2007.

How did your husband get his blood poisoning? Did you bite him and inject him with some of your venom? Has he had his blood poisoning for three months? Do you keep biting him and topping it up or something?

Please give your husband my sincere sympathy. From the THREATS you issued in your email to me, I can see just what he has been going through for as long as he's been with you. I feel very sorry for the poor man.

We have an automatic program that sends out a warning to members who have not been on the site for 90 days (three months). The warning is that the program will delete their membership if they don't log on within the next few days. This is a responsible business policy which keeps our membership lists the cleanest on the Internet and also means our emails are not being sent to people who are no longer interested in our site. If deleted by our automatic program, a member can always simply sign up again for another FREE membership.

In your infinite wisdom, you are going to bad mouth us for being responsible. How crazy is that?

Feel free to post this email on every website you can find. I have already started posting it myself. Hopefully it will send a message to people just like you that selfish, bitter, venom spitting people who issue THREATS against a business that has done them no wrong will be treated like the scum they are when they threaten to attack GoneGambling.

I will respond to no further emails from you. I have now banned you.

You can see this email posted at the following link:


At the following link, you can also see how we have responded to other people who have issued THREATS over the years:


I suggest that you take particular note of Tongue Fights #02, #04, #06, #14 and #15. Of course #21 is all about YOU.

John Abbott


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