WARNING - Don't Throw Away Your Membership

I recently had cause to ban a member who launched an attack against one of our sponsoring casinos. The attack by the member resulted in her making an extremely derogatory post about the casino on the GoneGambling site. This occurred whilst we were in the middle of a tournament which was sponsored by that casino. What she did was nothing short of an attack on GoneGambling itself.

Now, I wish to make this perfectly clear before you get any further. The member was NOT, I repeat NOT, banned for lodging a complaint about what happened with the casino. She was banned for launching an attack against a GoneGambling sponsor BEFORE she had given GoneGambling a chance to contact the casino and sort the problem out. It is important that everyone understands this.

In return for your free membership to GoneGambling we pretty much only ask one thing of you. If you have a problem with a sponsoring casino we want you to tell us about it. All we ask then is that you allow us the time to contact the casino and get your problem sorted out before you do anything stupid like posting about what happened. When I say stupid, that is exactly what I mean. Once you have posted something damaging about a casino, it is to late to turn the clock back. People will see that post, and even if you retract what you posted, many who saw the original post will never see the retraction. In this case there was also the problem of two different casinos having similar names. By launching an attack against one casino this member may inadvertently be damaging the reputation of another. That is not fair or right.

I'll not post the members original emails at this time as it's not necessary. Briefly, what happened is that the member had a problem with the casino in which they deducted $16 from her but she couldn't then play it. This caused her to completely lose the plot and launch her vicious and unresponsible attack against the casino. She asked GoneGambling for help but at the same time as she was asking for help she was making a public post that slammed the casino.

The GoneGambling Response

Following is GoneGambling's response to one of our support members who brought the derogatory forum post to our attention.

Thanks Support.

There was of course never any question of us not sorting her problem out. I didn't even have a problem with her being angry about what happened to her. Anyone would be at the very least upset by it. I do however think her anger was way over the top for what may turn out to be a $16 error. What I have a real problem with is in her emailing me asking for help, whilst at the same time posting on our site that the casino are thieves and stating that she would be posting the same type of comments on other gambling forums - BEFORE she even received a response from me or gave me time to look into the problem.

Two wrongs do not make a right in my book. What the casino did is not right, but more than likely an error or glitch that they have in their system. The member on the other hand has made a deliberate decision to retaliate against the casino in a manner that will harm the casinos reputation and the reputation of GoneGambling for promoting that casino - BEFORE she even gave us a chance to question the casino about it. That is not acceptable behaviour for any GoneGambling member. It has been documented on our site time and time again that if a member has a problem with a sponsoring casino all we ask of them is that they give us time to sort the problem out in a satisfactory manner before they jump off the deep end. That is not to much to ask in return for their free membership. The banned member has been a member for enough years to know that that is how we operate when presented with a problem about a sponsoring casino.

I don't expect our members to abandon their emotions and feelings if they have a problem with one of our sponsoring casinos. I do however expect them to give the sponsoring casinos the benefit of the doubt in each situation in that what has happened may simply be a glitch in the system and be sorted out in the members favor if enough time is given. Attacking the casino publicly as a first response to what may be a simple glitch, mistake or error is just not acceptable behaviour - not just from a GoneGambling member, but a member of society.

Imagine what would happen if this member was President of the United States and had the ability to launch nuclear attacks on other countries. That's a sobering thought. One small transgression or mistake on the part of another country would be cause for her to have the entire population nuked and fried. Where did all the rational thinking people go?

Since my last response to the banned member I have received two more emails from her. They very much launch a tirade against me personally. Her emails make it very clear to me that she is not capable of stepping back and looking at this situation as it really stands. She can't see for herself, and frankly it would be a waste of my time in pointing it out to her, that there are two problems she has presented me with and not just one as she sees it.

Problem number one is the issue of what she says happened when she deposited with the casino. This should have been the only issue she presented me with, and in her own mind it is. We will of course get this issue sorted out in the fullness of time. The fact that she has now been banned from GoneGambling makes no difference as far as getting the issue sorted out. As stated earlier, two wrongs don't make a right. If GoneGambling dropped the ball now and didn't get this issue sorted out we would be no better than the member herself.

Problem number two is the issue of what the member said she was going to do in her original email and did in fact do by posting in the GoneGambling Forum. She launched a public attack on the casino before giving GoneGambling time to sort things out. This is the issue that caused the member to be banned from GoneGambling. She was NOT banned because she was wronged by the casino and simply complained about it. Of course that is what she would like everyone to believe. She was banned for making a deliberate and calculating decision to damage the reputation of the casino before GoneGambling had had an opportunity to find out what the casino had to say about what happened.

People with families work at these casinos and their livelihoods should not be jeopardised because of what may turn out to be a simple glitch or mistake. Threatening to damage the reputation of a business purely out of vicious spite because of something that will most likely be sorted out in the fullness of time, is not right or fair. That kind of behaviour has never been tolerated by GoneGambling and it never will be.

Sadly, the member is not able to distinguish between the two separate problems or issues as outlined above. In her ignorance she has chosen to believe that GoneGambling has sided with the casino regarding this matter. That is of course ridiculous because we haven't even had a chance to contact our account manager at the casino yet, let alone get a response from them.

By publicly posting about the casino before giving GoneGambling time to sort things out, this member drew a line in the sand and made one problem into two problems to be sorted out by GoneGambling. GoneGambling has ruled on the second problem and that has resulted in her being banned from having a GoneGambling membership.

Unfortunately, this member is only one of many members to be banned for very similar reasons to those outlined above. It's craziness. They present GoneGambling with a problem they have with a casino and it should be a simple and clear cut matter to sort it out. However, instead of giving GoneGambling the time to sort the problem out in a manner that is most beneficial to the member, the casino and GoneGambling, they muddy the waters from the start and through viciousness and a personal need for rapid retaliation they do something that makes them no better than the casino they are complaining about. This of course divides the problem into two separate issues and causes GoneGambling to not only judge the casino, but also judge the member.

If this wasn't so sad it would be funny. I know of several members who have been banned for the reasons outlined above. And after they were banned, GoneGambling got the casino to sort out their problem or issue in a way that was more than satisfactory to the ex member. It's crazy to lose your membership when you are going to get the problem sorted out anyway. It only takes a little bit of patience and responsibility on the part of the member and all will be OK.

If the member had simply presented her problem to GoneGambling without launching a public attack on the casino at the same time, the following would have happened.

#1. She would have been emailed asking her to be patient because we would not be able to sort out the problem until early next week. Her problem would be sorted out though, and probably to her advantage.

#2. She would have been told to enter the Soup Pot Slots Tournament and that it was OK because she had made the deposit with the casino - even though she wasn't able to play through the deposit yet.

#3. She would have been credited with some GG Points or GetLucky vouchers to use over the weekend to fill in her time that she would have spent gambling on her money deposited with the casino.

In her second email to me she said that she had respect and admiration for me. If that was the case, she should have realised that if she had presented her problem to me without a public attack on the casino at the same time, she would have been looked after in a manner that she expected. Launching a public attack on the casino before giving me time to sort out her problem was nothing short of an attack on the GoneGambling site itself for still having that casino as a sponsor. You don't do that sort of thing to someone who you 'truly' respect and admire.

The member states she is also disappointed in me for not seeming to care that she was simply making a deposit with the casino to show support for GoneGambling. Of course I care and appreciate all the support given by all members. However, supporting GoneGambling by depositing with our sponsoring casinos does not give any person the right to behave in a reckless and unresponsible manner - even when they feel they have been wronged by something that that casino has done either deliberately or in error. Two wrongs do NOT make a right.


The casino has responded that the removal of the $16 was indeed a technical glitch and will of course be returned to the members account ASAP. The casino has also informed us that a $50 bonus will be credited to the members account for the inconvenience caused. If only the now ex-member had not let her temper run away with her, she would have also still had her membership to GoneGambling.

Make sure you are not next in line to be banned. If you stay patient, calm and rational and don't muddy the waters your problem will be sorted out.


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