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Hit Or Run
Hit Or Run

Hit Or Run


Welcome to our bonus GG Points game on the Onion Races. Credits to play this game are earned with every bet of 20 GG Points or more that you place on the Onion Races.

Six GG Point Jackpots Up For Grabs

Hit or Run is a simple game which is completely random.

You need to have credits available to play. When you first log in to play the game you will need to press the HIT button. This will start the game on automatic play. To stop the automatic play press the STOP AUTOMATIC PLAY button. Automatic play only lasts for as long as you have credits available or until you have lit up the first two Onions from the left hand side.

When play starts, a square will RANDOMLY bounce from Onion to Onion to eventually come to rest on one of the eight. The square has to land on the first Onion on the left to start you on your winning way. You then have to land on the second Onion on the left and then the third, fourth and so on. As you land on each Onion from the left you will light them up. GG Points Jackpots start from when you light up the third Onion from the left side.

Any time the bouncing square lands on the same Onion twice in a row, it will turn the light off on that Onion! This means that it's as easy to go backwards in this game as it is to go forwards.

Claiming GG Point Jackpots

GG Points Jackpots can be claimed for lighting the first 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8 Onions from the left. When you have reached the stage where you can claim a Jackpot, you have to decide if you will HIT again to try and move on to a bigger Jackpot, or if you will RUN with the Jackpot you already have.

If you choose to HIT again, you may be lucky and move forward, but you also risk going backwards. Also, while you are trying to move forward another player may claim the GG Points Jackpot out from under you.

If you choose to RUN, you will be credited with the available GG Points Jackpot and the game will reset to start all over again. If you take too long deciding to RUN with the Jackpot, another player may have already claimed it so you will be claiming ZERO GG Points. This will most usually only happen on the 3 and 4 Onion Jackpots.

Anti-Slip Feature

In Hit or Run it is just as easy to go backwards as it is to go forward. We have therefor developed a feature called Anti-Slip. You can use Anti-Slip during the game to protect yourself from slipping backwards and losing any progress you have made to that stage. Anti-Slip will cost you a minimum of 1 GG Point or 1/8th of the next available Jackpot Pool. By using Anti-Slip you have a very good chance of winning the next available Jackpot Pool a lot faster. Should you be extremely unlucky, there is a risk that it could cost you more points than you may win. Of course that is what gambling is all about.

Anti-Slip fees are not lost, the points are all fed back into the pools gradually so that you can win them back again in the future. Anti-Slip can only be turned on and off from this page.

Play Now

Log in now to play Hit or Run. If you need more credits to play with you only need to place some bets of 20 or more GG Points on the Onion Races.