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GG Point Jackpot
Drawn every 1 mins.
Pool 1,183 GG Points
Casino Account
Drawn every 15 mins.
GetLucky Voucher

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Top Hat Onion.
Must be the Booze...
John - a very handsome man. Moddest too.
I think my brain has been the target of a Sexually Transmitted Disease?
Drunken Greedygirl.
Must have been a small target!
John is good in bed.
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Jackpot Bingo
Jackpot Bingo

Bingo Game - Jackpot Bingo

Sponsors include: .


Jackpot Bingo is a fast paced bingo game where you are given the chance to win huge GG Points prizes. In addition to GG Point prizes this unique bingo game will allow you to win GetLucky vouchers, Onion Racing bets and bonus deposits with sponsoring bingo halls and casinos.

Jackpot Bingo is easy to play and easy to win. Simply hit five numbers in a straight line to win. Hit a special prize on Lucky 13 to win again.

How To Play Jackpot Bingo

Playing Jackpot Bingo is a real no-brainer. It only costs 10 GG Points per game to play and it's a lot of fun. You don't have to select any numbers or do anything complicated. Simply log in to the game and click on the play button to start a new game. Ten numbers are drawn in each game.

To win Jackpot #1 you only have to hit a straight line of five numbers or four corners and the center. To win Jackpot #2 you need to hit two straight lines in the same game. This may include one straight line and four corners and the center. To win Jackpot #3 you need to hit three straight lines. This may include two straight lines and four corners and the center.


One Line Bingo Win   Two Line Bingo Win   Two Line and Four Corners Plus Center Spot Bingo Win

Bingo Lucky 13

During bingo play the game will randomly replace the number 13 with a special prize or reward. If you hit number 13 in that game you will be rewarded.

Following are just a few of the Lucky 13 bonuses you can win.

Hit +1, +2, +3 or +4 to gain additional drawn numbers in the next game. Drawing additional numbers increases your chances of winning.

Hit a Racing Onion to be rewarded with a free bet on the next onion race.

Hit the GetLucky symbol to win a GetLucky voucher.

Hit the Infinity symbol to be guaranteed a win in your next game. The game will keep drawing numbers until you have a win.

Hit the Bonus symbol to play a bonus round of bingo. In the bonus game you are guaranteed a GG Points win. Your win could be multiplied up to 4 times.

Hit a sponsoring bingo site logo to light up an additional letter towards a bonus deposit with that site.

Win Bonus Deposits

During play of the Jackpot Bingo, five sponsoring bingo sites will race to give you a bonus deposit of $10. The first bingo site to hit a total of $10 will award you with that bonus.*

*To be eligible to claim any bonus deposits, you must have deposited and played $50 of your own money in the past 30 days with the bingo site from which you've won the bonus deposit. Bonus deposits will not be exchanged. Make sure you have deposited with all sponsoring bingo sites so that you don't miss out on claiming your prize!

As with all games on the Gone Gambling site, you must enter your casino/bingo account number in the Members Only Area prior to winning a bonus deposit. If your account number is not entered prior to the win, our game program will not generate a winning email to the bingo site and the bonus deposit will be forfeited.

Malfunction - Errors

A malfunction of any part of the Jackpot Bingo game will void all pays. This same rule applies to all games on the Gone Gambling site. If you don't like these terms then don't play the game.

Errors or problems should be reported to Gone Gambling at the time they occur and play should stop. Please quote the game number which you will see in the bottom right corner of the game.