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Jackpot Keno
Jackpot Keno

Keno Game - Jackpot Keno

Sponsors include: .

Jackpot Keno is a fun keno game played with Onions. Win GG Points, prize spins and bonus deposits with our sponsoring casinos. Jackpot Keno also has a mini chat feature where you can chat with other players between games. If you aren't sure of how to buy a game ticket simply ask the other players in chat and they'll be pleased to help you.

Win Bonus Deposits

During play of the Jackpot Keno game, eight sponsoring casinos will race to give you a bonus deposit of $10, $15 or $20. The first casino to hit a total of $10 will award you with that bonus.* If two or more casinos hit $10 at the same time, the race will continue until a casino hits $15. If two or more casinos hit $15 at the same time, the race will continue until a casino hits $20. If two or more casinos hit $20 at the same time you will be awarded a bonus of $20 with each of the casinos that hit $20.*

*To be eligible to claim any bonus deposits, you must have deposited and played $50 of your own money in the past 30 days with the casino from which you've won the bonus deposit. Bonus deposits will not be exchanged. Make sure you have deposited with all sponsoring casinos so that you don't miss out on claiming your prize!

As with all games on the Gone Gambling site, you must enter your casino account number in the Members Only Area prior to winning a bonus deposit. If your account number is not entered prior to the win, our game program will not generate a winning email to the casino and the bonus deposit will be forfeited.

Buying Keno Tickets

Playing Jackpot Keno is easy. To get started, simply log in to the game. Click on the 'Buy Ticket' button and select the numbers that you want to play by clicking on the numbers on the screen. You may also do a Random Number Draw by clicking on the RND button. You may have one ticket in each game. On your ticket you can select 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7 numbers. The numbers you select are called Spots. So you can have a Spot 3, Spot 4, Spot 5, Spot 6 or Spot 7.

Next, decide if you want to play a single ticket or systems ticket. If you play a systems ticket it will cost you more GG Points but you will have many more chances of winning.

Any Spot single ticket costs 1 GG Point per game.

Spot 4 systems ticket costs 5 GG Points per game.
Spot 5 systems ticket costs 16 GG Points per game.
Spot 6 systems ticket costs 42 GG Points per game.
Spot 7 systems ticket costs 99 GG Points per game.

Systems tickets cover every possible combination of Spots in your chosen number. For example, a Spot 4 systems ticket is FIVE tickets wrapped in one. It includes 4 x Spot 3 tickets and 1 x Spot 4 ticket.

A Spot 7 systems ticket costs 99 GG Points to play, but it gives you 99 chances of winning. A Spot 7 systems entry includes 35 x 3 number tickets, 35 x 4 number tickets, 21 x 5 number tickets, 7 x 6 number tickets and 1 x 7 number ticket. If all 7 of your chosen numbers are drawn you will win 99 times!

Log in now to play Jackpot Keno. For further information on how to play and what you can win, see below the login box..

Getting Started At Keno

1. The object of the game is to 'hit' as many of your selected numbers as possible to win GG Points and bonus Prize Picker Spins.

2. Login to play via the login box above.

3. Click on the 'Buy Ticket' button and select from 3 to 7 numbers. Click on the numbers on the board to select them.

4. Select a Standard or Systems entry and the number of games you want to play.

5. Click on the 'buy' button to lock in your tickets and return to the game playing area. Then simply wait for the next game to be drawn or chat with other players.

Keno Game Prize Payouts

Online Keno Game

3 3 1 x Prize Picker Spin
4 3 2% of Jackpot Pool
4 4 Jackpot Pool
5 3 1% of Jackpot Pool
5 4 2% of Jackpot Pool
5 5 Jackpot Pool
6 4 1% of Jackpot Pool
6 5 2% of Jackpot Pool
6 6 Jackpot Pool
7 4 1 x Prize Picker Spin
7 5 1% of Jackpot Pool
7 6 2% of Jackpot Pool
7 7 Jackpot Pool

Malfunction - Errors

A malfunction of any part of the Jackpot Keno game will void all pays. This same rule applies to all games on the Gone Gambling site. If you don't like these terms then don't play the game.

Errors or problems should be reported to Gone Gambling at the time they occur and play should stop. Please quote the game number which you will see in the bottom right corner of the game.