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Did you see Greedygirls Crazy Deal?
Top Hat Onion.
Must be the Booze...
John - a very handsome man. Moddest too.
I think my brain has been the target of a Sexually Transmitted Disease?
Drunken Greedygirl.
Must have been a small target!
John is good in bed.
Do a Crazy Deal for thousands of GG Points!
Greedygirl will respond to your emails when she returns from the infectious diseases clinic!

Penny Drop
Penny Drop

Casino Bonus Game - Penny Drop

Play to win an online casino bonus of $10, $15, $20, $25 and $30 with one of the following online casinos:


Casino Bonus Rewards

Sheriff John has dropped his lucky pennies somewhere in GoneGamblingburg. He is offering a reward of some casino bonuses if you can find them. All you have to do is join in the search by clicking on the image. If you haven't recently found a penny you will be given cold, cool, warm and hot clues to help you zero in on the penny. If you have recently found a lucky penny you will be given no clues in your search.

Bonuses are randomly awarded for each of the sponsoring casinos. Until you find the lost penny you will not know which casino the bonus is for.

Bonuses are only valid if you have deposited and played a minimum of $50 of your own money with the sponsoring casino in the past thirty days. You must have your Casino ID saved in the Members Only area prior to winning the bonus or the win will not be valid.

GG Points Rewards / Penalties

In addition to winning online casino bonuses, you can win tons of GG Points when you search for Sheriff John's lost pennies. Be very careful though, you may even LOSE some GG Points during your search.

Reasons for losing GG Points are many and varied. For instance you may be stalked by Greedygirl and have to pay her for having sex in some dark and dirty alley. Yes, anything could happen when you visit GoneGamblingburg to search for lost pennies. The rewards make the risks more than worthwhile, so don't give up on the search.

Game Malfunction - Errors

A malfunction of any part of the Penny Drop game will void all pays. This same rule applies to all games on the Gone Gambling site. If you don't like these terms then don't play the game.

Errors or problems should be reported to Gone Gambling at the time they occur and play should stop. Please fully explain what happened to cause the problem.