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Drawn every 1 mins.
Pool 1,232 GG Points
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Drawn every 15 mins.
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Did you see Greedygirls Crazy Deal?
Top Hat Onion.
Must be the Booze...
John - a very handsome man. Moddest too.
I think my brain has been the target of a Sexually Transmitted Disease?
Drunken Greedygirl.
Must have been a small target!
John is good in bed.
Do a Crazy Deal for thousands of GG Points!
Greedygirl will respond to your emails when she returns from the infectious diseases clinic!


Online Casino Sweepstakes

Sponsors include: WinADay Casino

Not all sweepstakes will involve bonuses as the prize. Sweepstakes prizes may change from sweep to sweep although this is not common. To confirm all prizes in the current or the next sweep - scroll to the bottom of this page and review the prize list displayed.

Win your share of over 600,000 GG Points or MULTIPLE $10 Bonus Deposits with WinADay Casino. The Gone Gambling Sweepstakes is designed to provide lucky players with almost endless supplies of GG Points!

There is NO LIMIT on how many prizes YOU can win in each Sweepstakes draw!

Entering the Gone Gambling Sweepstakes is like playing a Slot that gives you twice the value! The major prizes are only drawn after the last ticket is sold, but random GG Points prizes are awarded to members as they buy their tickets!

Win MULTIPLE $10 Bonus Deposits with WinADay Casino.

How To Play Online Casino Sweepstakes

Playing is easy. To enter all you need do is log in above. When the ticket machine appears on your page, type in the number of tickets you want and click on the button. You can buy as few as one or as many as several thousand tickets at one time. The sweepstakes game will not only take GG Points from your playing account, but also from your bank. If you have 10,000 GG Points in the bank you can buy 10,000 Sweepstakes tickets all at once.

Bonus tickets are awarded on purchases of 100 or more tickets. The more tickets you buy at the same time, the more bonus tickets you will have in the draw!

Online Casino Bonuses

WinADay Casino is the major sponsor of the Gone Gambling Sweepstakes. If you have deposited $50 or more with WinADay Casino in the 30 days prior to the draw, you will be eligible to win MULTIPLE $10 Bonus Deposits with the casino if your Sweepstakes tickets are drawn!

You will need to type your Casino ID in the Members Only area of Gone Gambling PRIOR to the draw being done. If you fail to type your Casino ID in the Members Only area, no winning emails will be sent to the casino and your bonuses will be lost.

Important: To qualify to claim Bonus Deposits with BuzzLuck Casino you must deposit a minimum of $50 ("clean deposit" rule applies) with the casino within the past 30 days, and play it through a minimum of fifteen (15) times. When you win a Bonus Deposit from the Sweepstakes you must play that Bonus Deposit through a minimum of five times before you will be permitted to cash out. The maximum cashout is 10 times the Bonus.

All winners of the previous Sweepstakes are listed below. When a Sweepstakes is drawn, an email will be forwarded from the program to WinADay Casino. The casino will then credit each of the accounts listed in Bonus Deposit category with a $10 Bonus Deposit. Allow a minimum of 72 hours to have your casino account credited. If after 72 hours your Bonus Deposit has not been credited you should send an email to support at WinADay Casino and explain what you are claiming.

GG Joker Feature

The Gone Gambling Gold Joker may appear on the Sweepstakes ticket machine at random at any time. The Joker is programmed to only appear after purchases of 25 tickets or more at one time.

Winners Of Previous Draw

First Prize - $500 Winaday Bonus Deposit!


Second Prize - $200 winaday Bonus Deposit!


Third Prize - $20 winaday Bonus Deposit! X 21

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Fourth Prize - $10 winaday Bonus Deposit! X 51

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Next Or Current Draw Prizes

First Prize - $500 Winaday Bonus Deposit!
Second Prize - $200 winaday Bonus Deposit!
Third Prize - $20 winaday Bonus Deposit! X 21
Fourth Prize - $10 winaday Bonus Deposit! X 51

Malfunction - Errors

A malfunction of any part of the Sweepstakes game will void all pays. This same rule applies to all games on the Gone Gambling site. If you don't like these terms then don't play the game.

Errors or problems should be reported to Gone Gambling at the time they occur and play should stop. Please quote the book number displayed on the bottom right of the ticket machine at the time of reporting a problem.