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GG Trivia
GG Trivia

Trivia Game

Sponsors include: .

Play the Gone Gambling trivia game to win GG Points and bonus deposits with sponsoring casinos. It's easy to play the trivia game but the questions do get progressively harder the higher you go.

When To Play Trivia

You can play the trivia game for free once every 24 hours. There is also a time restriction on answering each trivia question. if the clock beats you, you lose the game.

Trivia Game - Play On Or Leave - GG Point Prizes

There's ten trivia questions to be answered. You can win GG Points for every correct answer you give. Points accumulate as you progress through the questions. After question number two, you can LOSE all the points you have accumulated (except for the first 15 points) if you get an answer wrong. It is up to you to decide if you will take your points and leave the game or if you will risk all in the quest for more points.

You can take your GG Points any time BEFORE proceeding to the next question. If you take your points the game ends until the next period in which you can play.

Standard Game Prizes
GG Points
1 5
2 15
3 30
4 50
5 75
6 105
7 140
8 180
9 225
10 275
Bonus Game Prizes
1 $0.00
2 $0.00
3 $0.00
4 $0.00
5 $0.00
6 $10.00
7 $15.00
8 $20.00
9 $25.00
10 $30.00

Trivia Game 50/50 Option

During trivia play a 50/50 button will appear on the lower right of the game. You may use the 50/50 option at any time but only on one of the ten questions. 50/50 will block out three of the incorrect answers which will increase your chances of selecting the correct answer to the question.

Sponsoring Casinos - Bonus Deposits

At random the trivia game may provide you with a special round in which you will be playing for a bonus deposit with one of the casinos who sponsor the game.

To qualify for bonus deposits you must have deposited and wagered a minimum of $50 of your own money with one of the sponsoring casinos in the past 30 days. Previous bonus deposits won with Gone Gambling, or accounts won through the Auction Room do not qualify as your own money. In addition to deposit requirements, you must have your Casino ID typed (and saved) in the Members Only area PRIOR to winning any bonus deposits.

Special round play is the same as described above for GG Points play. During the special round you will be playing for the Bonus Game Prizes (displayed above):