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Did you see Greedygirls Crazy Deal?
Top Hat Onion.
Must be the Booze...
John - a very handsome man. Moddest too.
I think my brain has been the target of a Sexually Transmitted Disease?
Drunken Greedygirl.
Must have been a small target!
John is good in bed.
Do a Crazy Deal for thousands of GG Points!
Greedygirl will respond to your emails when she returns from the infectious diseases clinic!

List of teams

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Teams for tournament: 5 - EARTHQUAKE TEAM TOURNAMENT 50,000 GG'S TOP PRIZE! with open date: 12/15/2018 6:00:02 AM.

OPEN to Join.

Teams may have from 3 to 4 crew members. If a team is not full you may enter a crew request. If all teams are full then you should consider starting a new team!

If a team has vacancies and you wish to join then click on the team title below and after reviewing current team members and all other outstanding applications then click on the "Join Team" link to add your name to the list of applicants.


Rock me baby
Crew: 4   Join Requests: 0
Team Notes: You are not on this team.

Crew: 4   Join Requests: 0
Team Notes: You are not on this team.

Crew: 4   Join Requests: 0
Team Notes: You are not on this team.

crazy onions
Crew: 4   Join Requests: 1
Team Notes: You are not on this team.
About this section

GoneGambling Teams

Teams only exist for specific tournaments, so before you can join a team, a tournament must exist that needs team members.

Members may Start or Join teams. If all the existing teams are full or nearly full, then it is time to start a new team.

Do not join a team unless you intend to play in the tournament.

Joining a team is a two part process. 1) Send a join request to the team captain. 2) Wait for mail from the team captain accepting or refusing your membership.

Do not feel bad if your membership request is denied - it is possible that the captain has been flooded with membership requests and they are only permitted to accept a few.