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Did you see Greedygirls Crazy Deal?
Top Hat Onion.
Must be the Booze...
John - a very handsome man. Moddest too.
I think my brain has been the target of a Sexually Transmitted Disease?
Drunken Greedygirl.
Must have been a small target!
John is good in bed.
Do a Crazy Deal for thousands of GG Points!
Greedygirl will respond to your emails when she returns from the infectious diseases clinic!

Teams Captain


In tournament 8 - with open date: 2/3/2018 6:00:02 AM.



The maximum team size allowed is a crew of 4 members. If you have more than this many team members then you cannot participate in this tournament.

The minimum team size is a crew of 3 members. If your team is below this size you will have to build it up before starting play in the tournament.

Once the team is complete please reject all other crew requests

If you want to join this or any other team please understand that apart from the above join button you have other ways of communicating with the team captain should you choose to do so. But the captain can only accept you onto the team if you have made an application here.

Teams Crew


Played 3500 spins.


Played 3500 spins.


Played 3500 spins.


Played 3500 spins.

Teams Crew requests