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At no request from GoneGambling, one of our members posted in our Forum asking what other members did when a casino left GoneGambling or took a break for a while. The responses were very interesting and we have pasted them all below.

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( 11/7/2005 12:45:52 AM )
Quick Question To all Members

OK, not sure how to word this well so I'll just give it a go...

What percentage of your online gambling dollars go to GG sponsors?

Do you continue depositing with a casino when they "take a break" from advertising here or do you find new sponsors to play with?

I'll answer first inside!


( 11/7/2005 12:49:54 AM )
Re: Quick Question To all Members

I'd say that 90-95% of my gambling budget goes to GG sponsors. It was a little less than this before Intercasino came on board. (I've played at Intercasino for years.)

I almost never continue depositing with a casino who takes a break. If I do deposit and play with a casino who took a break, it is usually a one-shot thing or something, but never nearly as regularly or as large.

With that said, I'm thrilled that Spin Palace and Ruby Fortune are back. I enjoyed playing with Ruby Fortune when they were sponsors and am looking forward to both opening a new account with Spin Palace and depositing with Ruby Fortune again now that they are back!!


( 11/7/2005 1:01:42 AM )
Re: Quick Question To all Members

I have about the same track record as you, Kevin, and for the same reasons.. I generally give the casinos who take a break.. a break, unless I joined them before I joined GoneGambling; even then, I cut way back and generally tell the casino why I am doing that. I also let them know that if they start back sponsoring GG, I'll be back full time.
I'm also going to support Spin Palace to rewelcome their return.

gl2u'all n luv2u'all2

( 11/7/2005 1:13:08 AM )
Re: Quick Question To all Members

I took a break when Spin Palace and Ruby Fortune took a break......I always stick to GG's sponsoring casino's...............Well, maybe I have one that GG doesn't sponsor , but then again I have been with them for years and they choose not to advertise on here, but their loss!!!!

( 11/7/2005 1:21:46 AM )

80% is about right for me. I mostly gamble at Roxy Palace and Bodog (for sports only) but also like Virtual Casino. Good for Roxy and bad for Virtual is there incredibly slow payouts. I have emailed Danny at Virtual about GG but no reply.

( 11/7/2005 1:42:22 AM )
Re: Quick Question To all Members

100% I dont have alot of extra cash so i only play at a couple places and they are and have been with GG forever lol, If the FLG ever takes a break from GG i will prolly take a break from them and switch to Aztec or visea versa. Have a great day and good luck to you

( 11/7/2005 2:19:42 AM )
Re: Quick Question To all Members

Hi Kev,

This is a really great question!!

I am very loyal to GoneGambling and deposit 100% with sponsors of this site.

I love the feeling that GoneGambling has my back. LOL
We have such good sponsors here that it is rare that any problems pop up, but if they do John or Greedygirl will get to the bottom of it.


( 11/7/2005 2:45:23 AM )
Re: Quick Question To all Members

Simple.....:) If they don't sponsor GG, I don't play. If they take a break, I take a break.
With so many sponsors and choices, I really don't find any need to play at casinos not supporting GG. It's great to know that GG has screened the sponsors for integrity and will help when they can should any problem arise.

( 11/7/2005 3:13:40 AM )
Re: Quick Question To all Members

No GG; No deposit

( 11/7/2005 3:15:49 AM )
Re: Quick Question To all Members

I will only deposit with GG sponsors. It is nice with all the scams on the net to have John and Deb watching your back. I have never had a problem with any of the GG sponsors.

( 11/7/2005 3:16:56 AM )
Re: Quick Question To all Members

If and when I can deposit my money goes strictly to casinos who are sponsors of GG and no where else. If a casino takes a break from advertising at GG, then I also take a break from giving them any of my money.

( 11/7/2005 3:23:27 AM )

I only gamble at gg sponsors, I love the idea of being able to get a conversion. I don't have a lot to gamble with and my deposits are sporadic, but I will only do business with gg sponsors.


( 11/7/2005 3:36:00 AM )
Re: Percentage

gg only. If they take a break from gg... then I wonder why gg let them go.... and I shy away... I have limited resources for gaming. why in heavens name would i go somewhere else when i can win bonuses here and gg points, etc??

( 11/7/2005 3:42:02 AM )
Re: Percentage

I'm with the rest of the group. 100% GG sponsors. I was really disappointed when Music Hall left and let them know. It's great to see so many people who do the same. It's our way of giving back just a little for all the great things John does for us. :-)

( 11/7/2005 4:04:58 AM )
Re: Quick Question To all Members

I don't have a lot to play with so I only play at GG sponsored casinos. If I have a problem then GG always helps me resolve it so why would I play anywhere else.

Answer: 100%


P.S. I don't play the casinos that take a break either.

( 11/7/2005 5:39:50 AM )
Re: Quick Question To all Members

100% it really helps me get the max out of my money that way

( 11/7/2005 6:30:35 AM )
Re: Quick Question To all Members

100% If they don't sponsor at GG they don't get my money.

( 11/7/2005 6:53:48 AM )
Re: Quick Question To all Members

100% GG sponsors.

( 11/7/2005 7:48:32 AM )
Re: Quick Question To all Members

I only gamble at GG sponsored casinos. If they take a break, so do i. simple as that.

( 11/7/2005 7:50:10 AM )
Re: Quick Question To all Members

I love Gonegambling and it would never occur to me to deposit with a casino who doesn't sponsor here :>)

( 11/7/2005 7:52:52 AM )
All my cash goes to Gonegambling casinos



( 11/7/2005 7:53:16 AM )

about 80%

when they take a break from GG

I take a break from them

( 11/7/2005 7:54:08 AM )

I never play at casinos that take a break as of yet. I play 100% at gg sponsors. Lois

( 11/7/2005 7:54:36 AM )
Re: Redbren

I would say about 90%

There are very few casinos I deposit at; only ones I know I can trust.

( 11/7/2005 7:54:48 AM )

i have become disabled and can no longer deposit, but in the past when able i would deposit about half with sponsors.... it would have been more but at that time there were few bingo sponsors and thats where i played most of my gambling dollars. now there are tons of bingo site sponsors i wish i could still deposit

( 11/7/2005 7:56:07 AM )
Quick Question to all Members

I deposit only to gg sponsers and when they take a break I do too. There are so many great casinos that sponser gg that I have no desire to play at casinos that are not gg sponsers. Only wish I had more extra money and could deposit more often to these casinos.

( 11/7/2005 7:56:12 AM )
Casinos that want to take a break ...........

can take a break from my deposits.

( 11/7/2005 7:56:34 AM )
Re: Quick Question To all Members


( 11/7/2005 8:00:22 AM )
Re: Quick Question To all Members

100% of my money goes to GG sponsered casinos. I joined GG because they sponsered my favorite casino so I could benefit from that as well as knowing I can trust their recommondations for other great casinos.

( 11/7/2005 8:00:29 AM )
Re: Quick Question To all Members

i only go with gg sponsors that are active with gg

( 11/7/2005 8:01:04 AM )

When i do make a deposit its always a gg sponsor.


( 11/7/2005 8:04:56 AM )
Re: Quick Question To all Members

Would say it's about 95%. 90% goes to the Fortune Lounge group.

( 11/7/2005 8:06:27 AM )
Re: Quick Question To all Members

Always 100%. I only deposit with current sponsors of gonegambling.

( 11/7/2005 8:07:08 AM )
Re: Quick Question To all Members

I would say about 99 percent of my deposits are gg sponsors. Mainly because most of my deposits is with Lasseters

( 11/7/2005 8:10:57 AM )
Re: Quick Question To all Members

i get $40 a week to spend on gambling and it all goes to gg sponsers. this way after i loose the $40 i have a good shot at recieving a free bonus. i rotate between havana, vegas towers and aztec. if one of these casino's took a break from gg i would have to take a break from them. $40 bucks is not much so i have to get as much gaming as i can out of it.

( 11/7/2005 8:11:30 AM )

100% for me,I'm glad to have found this site.It's awsome!
Thanks GAIA and John!

( 11/7/2005 8:11:54 AM )
Re: Quick Question To all Members

When I have the money, I always play with Gone Gambling sponsors. Like everyone else, I know that I can trust them for they wouldn't be on this sight.


( 11/7/2005 8:13:05 AM )
Re: Quick Question To all Members


I deposit only to casinos which are GG sponsors. If some casino take break I dont deposit on it.


( 11/7/2005 8:13:14 AM )
Re: Quick Question To all Members

I for one deposit 99% with gg sponsers!! The other I did once they "were" a sponser and now I have elected to let them know WHY I wont deposit again UNTIL they are back!!!! (And I bet they will be) real soon!!! lol GG does have my back and I also am limited to what I can spend on monthly basis so I will only use ACTIVE Casinos that sponser GONEGAMBLING.....


( 11/7/2005 8:13:37 AM )
answers to questions


I would say 80% - 90%

And for next question i would say if the casino took a break then i would look at other new casinos but play now and again at the casino thats taken a break because if they have gave me good offers etc while playing there, then i would stay loyal to casinos that treat customers like V.I.P's.

bye then

And thankyou gonegambling for all the free $ etc

Greatest Site going

( 11/7/2005 8:15:44 AM )
Re: Quick Question To all Members

My loyalty is with GoneGambling and their sponsors - 100%.

( 11/7/2005 8:16:48 AM )
Re: Quick Question To all Members

Nearly all my deposits go to GG sponsors. In fact, I can't remember the last time I deposited with a non-sponsor. I have made a few deposts with certain casinos after they ceased sponsorship but not often.


( 11/7/2005 8:16:49 AM )
Re: Quick Question To all Members

Since I found Gone Gambling about 2 yrs ago and realized that they are truly acting on our behalf with the casinos I ONLY play at sponsoring casinos with 1 exception and thats only because I use my votes at there each month, even thogh they have a somewhat conflicting reputation and because I really never expect to win on a n/d promo.

So, with that said ONLY sponsoring casinos!!!

( 11/7/2005 8:17:08 AM )

guess i agree with everyone so far, i didn't start gambling on line till i found gone gambling, and if John or Deb say they are honest, i play them i have never tryed any casino that wasn't Gone Gambling sponsored, and i really don't think i ever would.

( 11/7/2005 8:18:18 AM )
Re: Quick Question To all Members

I support ONLY GG Sponsors 100%. and also if I email them and do not get a response or get some lame idiot that cannot answer a simple question then I drop that casino, and/or Group of casino's even if I am a very big winner at some of their casino's.

If the casino takes a break from sponsoring, then when they email me for a promotion, I reply with the following:

"You chose to take a break from Sponsorship of games and Promotions at GONEGAMBLING, so until such a time that you decide to sponsor again at GONEGAMBLING, with it great support from members, then I willl Not participate in any of your casino promotions no matter what they promise me. Please Reconsider Sponsoring GONEGAMBLING games again very soon.

I would also like to point out that by only sponsoring the casino's that JOHN has here for us, it shows our respect for all the effort that goes into making this a great site, and JOHN does reward us with special deals/ loosening of the games/tips to win on horses."


Of course, THANK YOU, ALL Members whom support this site.

Little John Scratchers2u

( 11/7/2005 8:19:46 AM )

I only play at GG backed casinos-if they take a break from gg I take a break from them--I have told them why I no longer deposit as well. Looks like if the casinos want loyalty they need to stay on board here at GG. The benefits you receive by playing at GG backed casinos is amazing--really makes the most of your gambling bankroll.

( 11/7/2005 8:21:42 AM )

100% - no question!!!!!

I WANT AS MUCH BANG FOR MY BUCK AS POSSIBLE and Gonegambling allows me to stretch my Gambling Dollar the Farthest


( 11/7/2005 8:23:11 AM )
Re: Quick Question To all Members

100% goes to GG sponcors. When they take a break so do I.

( 11/7/2005 8:23:30 AM )
I must agree

I must say I have become loyal to this site. As for my deposits to casinos I seem to have noticed that all my deposits are going to casinos that HAVE NOT TAKEN A BREAK from this site. So if they take a break from GG then my deposits take a break from them..../

( 11/7/2005 8:28:27 AM )
Re: Quick Question To all Members

I am a new member of Gone Gambling so I probably shouldn't respond to this. The first thing I checked out on this site when I joined were the casinos who were sponsors. Thank goodness Fortune Lounge was one of them. If I am going to put my money into a casino I would like to know I maybe win a deposit or do a conversion.

( 11/7/2005 8:29:46 AM )
Quick Question To all Members

I only deposit with GG sponsers. The casinos that I had accounts with that are no longer sponsers, I don't play with anymore. It's a nice feeling to know you have someone to watch over you, like GoneGambling (John and Deb) in case a problem arises with a casino. Without GG sponsered casinos, you are on your own.


( 11/7/2005 8:30:15 AM )
Re: Quick Question To all Members

100% of my deposits for the past year or so have gone to sponsoring casinos.

( 11/7/2005 8:31:33 AM )
Re: Quick Question To all Members

when I am able to deposit which is rarely right now it is 99% of the time with gg sponsors


( 11/7/2005 8:34:01 AM )
Re: Quick Question To all Members

I only deposit at gg sponsoring casinos for playing slots and black jack.

poker is played at FL based royal vegas poker.

if a casino takes a break from gg, i stop depositing and if they return i might have forgotten/misplaced accountname/no. if not i might start depositing again.

( 11/7/2005 8:35:30 AM )
Re: Quick Question To all Members

when i can deposit, only with GG Sponsers 100%.


( 11/7/2005 8:36:08 AM )
Re: Quick Question To all Members

100 % with GG sponcers. I don't gamble that often, so I'm on a break more often than not.

( 11/7/2005 8:37:14 AM )
Re: Quick Question To all Members

...100% no gg no mula...

( 11/7/2005 8:44:28 AM )
% with GG

Nice to know!!

To be honest, about 90%. The reason is although I prefer microgambling like Fortune Lounge, in rtg I hit more often on thier poker and multislots. I have a good repoor with certain rtg casinos' that do not paticipate with gg. I have emailed gg about these casino's and I watch the comments about casinos from John and Greedy. If they say a casino is unfair and hurts a gg member, I drop them like a hot potatoe!!!!!!

I am loyal to gg, even if a favorite casino hurts gg or their members, they are d. Sometimes I do not play in a casino if they take a break. but if they are in a group like Fortune Lounge, oR the Music Hall group, if they are the one I prefer, I still play, AS LONG AS THEY DO NOT HURT GG!!!!

I know I do not get a bonus from gg when this happens, (and I cry!! LOL), but sometimes the casino will come back into the fold!! LOL


( 11/7/2005 8:45:37 AM )
Re: Quick Question To all Members

I would have to say about the same 90-95 % of what I spend goes to GG sponsors. And I might make an occasional deposit wth them if they stop sponsoring but not anything on a regular basis.

( 11/7/2005 8:48:58 AM )
re: quick question to all members

about 95% goes to gg sponsors. Why? because if i have a problem the sheriff of ggland will get to the bottom of it or cancil their sponsorship aka sunny group. this says something about John's character, that the sponser's pay his bills but his members come first... wonder where the b & c fit in... inquiring minds want to know ... but that will be in some future newsletter.. thanks John for putting principles before dollars, its very refreshing idea in this age of me first

( 11/7/2005 8:56:12 AM )
Re: Quick Question To all Members

I am unable to deposit much but when I do it is to gonegambling sponsers so I would say 99% of the time have a great day Cheyenneamb

( 11/7/2005 8:56:38 AM )
Re: % with GG

I play at a lot of casinos and 90% are GG sponsers.I seem to do good with them so why change. The others can come on board. Cathy

( 11/7/2005 9:00:50 AM )
Re: Quick Question To all Members

100% of my gambling dollars goes to GG sponsors. The casinos I play, have yet to take a break from GG.


( 11/7/2005 9:06:35 AM )
Quick Question To All Members

I would say 99% of my play is at gg sponsered casinos. I know I can trust them because John is very protective of his players. When casinos take a break, so do I.

( 11/7/2005 9:09:38 AM )
Quick Question

All my money goes to gg sponsered casinos only. If they take a break from this sight I wait until they come back. Thanks for asking, this is a great question!

( 11/7/2005 9:10:04 AM )
Re: Quick Question To All Members

100% of my online gambling is done with GG sponsors.

( 11/7/2005 9:12:46 AM )
Re: Quick Question To all Members

100% of my gambling dollars go to sponsers of gone gambling now that Spin Palace is back. They were the only place else that I occasionally gambled.

( 11/7/2005 9:16:16 AM )
Re: Quick Question To all Members

I would have to say 70%.

there are only a couple of casino's that i like fortune lounge casino's and prive. I know prive does'nt sponsor here and i don't know why. But as for bingo, there isn't but 2 sponsors. I really enjoy ladies and cabin, and zany's bingo's. and now kiwi bingo. i been playing almost everyday. I would of never tried kiwi, if it wasn't for gone gambling. I'm sorry i'm not 100%. I am only being honest. I love this site. wish there were more bingo sponsors. I have quite playing at jet bingo, cause they are no longer here. also, they didn't honor my bonus.

shirlsplay :)

( 11/7/2005 9:22:03 AM )
Re: Quick Question To all Members

You're either with us, or you're out! When a casino takes a break from GoneGambling, that's the message they are sending to me too. So I listen!

I've seen a lot of casinos come and go, but those that have stuck it out with Gonegambing over the years, tend to get all my business!


( 11/7/2005 9:25:47 AM )
quick questons to all members

100% If a sponser takes a break so do I. I will be nice to play at Spin Palace again

( 11/7/2005 9:29:45 AM )
Only GG

What little I can afford to gamble with goes whole hog with GG. I have to stretch those $s as far as possible and there is no better or more fun way to do it. To put my $s anywhere else would be a waste.

As for the other question, I have not been here that long and have not had a favorite casino to be on a break. I will be breaking with them when they do and trying out a different GG sponsor.

( 11/7/2005 9:30:50 AM )
Re: Quick Question To all Members

I haven't been a member long enough to know which casinos have taken a break, so can't answer that question!

As far as percentage, I'd say that 95% (at least) of my not so frequent deposits have gone to gg sponsors... especially the Fortune group.

I just wish that ALL the gg sponsors would do conversions, cause I haven't been able to do a conversion yet!! DANGIT! I get sorta green-eyed when I see the lists of people who have cashed in on thousands of $$$$ in gg points.

I know that I can 100% trust the gg sponsors... and if I have a problem, "Sheriff John" will be there to help! Can't say that about any other websites or casinos.


( 11/7/2005 9:38:28 AM )

This was a good question :D


Not GG= No no

I quess you can say i agree with the rest :D

HuGGs Trollet

( 11/7/2005 9:41:35 AM )
Re: Quick Question To all Members

Easy Answer

For any money that I am able to dig up I will go with a gg sponsered casino everytime. Heck not only does my dollar last longer I am more willing to redepost at the same casinos. When they take a break I will take a break from depositing with them untill they return to gg

Luck Always


( 11/7/2005 9:49:59 AM )
Re: Quick Question To all Members

I don't have a lot of dollars to deposit. When I do it is with a casino that GG sponsors. It's hard to know who to trust when $$ is involved. I love this site and come to it every day. I listen to what others say and if there are problems found, i stay away. If the sponsor takes a break, i don't deposit there again until they come back to GG.

( 11/7/2005 9:53:19 AM )
Re: Quick Question To all Members

100% gg sponsers

( 11/7/2005 9:56:33 AM )
Re: Quick Question To all Members

100% of my gambling online has been done with gg sponsors... im just not allowed to gamble for $$ near as much as i would like.... if the management has an outbreak of stupid fever and john dumps them, i figure theres a good reason, and wont play there, even for free.

( 11/7/2005 9:57:34 AM )

About 90%, because there are only a few casino's that I can deposit at.

Vegas Palms
Blackjack Ballroom


( 11/7/2005 9:59:07 AM )

I spend all my gambling dollars on gonegambling sponsor casinos. And if a sponsor takes a break, I take a break.

Knowing that my gambling dollar may go a little further if I earn a conversion or deposit of sorts if I stick with Gonegambling Sponsors, that is where I feel I should place my money. An incentive to risk gambling my dollars shall we say.

Thanks Gonegambling and Gonegambling Sponsors


( 11/7/2005 9:59:20 AM )
Re: Quick Question To all Members


( 11/7/2005 9:59:35 AM )
Re: Quick Question To all Members

To be honest 98% goes to gonegambling sponors and 2% to a casino that I have been with for over 6 years. If a site takes a break from here then so do I from there. Gone Gambling all the way!


( 11/7/2005 10:00:19 AM )

All my casinos are with gg. I would probably take a break if one took a break. My only problem is with PATIENCE; I spend all my money with a couple of casinos a month in a couple of days instead of spreading it out over more casinos and over a few weeks!

( 11/7/2005 10:08:55 AM )

100% and also when they take a break i usually take a break from them too.

( 11/7/2005 10:10:32 AM )

100% I only gamble at gg casino i like the peace of mind of knowing that they are honest and reputible or they wouldnt be here!


( 11/7/2005 10:10:38 AM )

I'm with most everyone else. I ONLY deposit at GG sponsors because I know that they are a well managed and honest. THanks for the great question!


( 11/7/2005 10:10:55 AM )
Re: Quick Question To all Members

100% of my online dollars go to GG sponsors. I do continue to deposit with a casino that has "taken a break" from here but only occasionally, not on a monthly basis like I used to when I could convert with them.


( 11/7/2005 10:15:47 AM )

100% of my money goes to gg sponsors and once they discontinue i don't play ther

( 11/7/2005 10:19:43 AM )

i was at 98 percent because i played at two casinos that didnt sponser here at ggland. But that was then and this is now 100 percent at sponsors only

( 11/7/2005 10:27:55 AM )

Usually 80% of my gambling dollars goes to casino that do conversions. Nothing to those that have taken a break that I can think of and the other 20% goes to casinos that offer a match bonus of 100% with only a 5 x play through.

I have to make my gambling dollars stretch too and this seems to be the best way.


( 11/7/2005 10:34:22 AM )
90% - I play poker rooms outside

When casinos take a break from advertising I take a break from playing there... There is plenty of High Roller bonuses to earn, I don't have time for outsiders. Intercasino was my favorite nonsponsor, I'm so glad they are with GG now!

( 11/7/2005 10:34:54 AM )
Gambling Budget with GG

I use about 93%. Only one casino that has taken a break do I continue to play with, but I have played with them for years. Most of my budget goes to Lasseters and AusVegas.

( 11/7/2005 10:38:11 AM )

My budget is very limited, so I'm a consumer shopping around for the best deal each month. The casino who offers that get my business.

Before GG, I was not selective of whom received my business. Now about 98% of my entertainment budget is used on GG sponsors, that offer me the best deal, at the time I'm able to play. If they are not a continued sponsor of GG, then chances are, I'm not a continued customer.

Grapes and Peas
Dawn (Dawneb)

( 11/7/2005 10:38:35 AM )
Re: Quick Question To all Members

Always use GG casinos, that way GG watches your back and when they go from GG i stop playing with them until they come back.


( 11/7/2005 10:39:12 AM )

I only play with current GG sponsors. 99% of that is with the casinos that offer conversions. I don't play casinos that have a separate bonus account. As many of you have said, it's really great knowing that you can trust the sponsors at GG.

( 11/7/2005 10:52:25 AM )

100% I've had them put 100.00 in my account to get me to play, but I've never actually seen it. I send the email back saying I won't play with casinos that don't sponsor with gonegambling. My reason has nothing to do with the bonuses either. I seldom convert my precious ggs and don't win a whole lot of bonuses. lol The reason I don't play if they don't sponsor is that if I have a dispute (and I never have) I know if I don't get satisfaction, John will go to bat for me.

( 11/7/2005 10:53:59 AM )

Geez, I almost forgot. I also feel a tremendous loyalty to John for running such a great site and I know his family and ours depends on the sponsors!

( 11/7/2005 10:57:18 AM )
Re: Quick Question To all Members

My wife, and I only play at GG sponsors. I have Platinum Play - Aztec R. She likes Challenge and now All Slots since they just joined GG. It's nice to know that should a problem arise, we have the best support team behind us.

Vet123 -- Wally

( 11/7/2005 11:00:52 AM )
Re: Quick Question To all Members

100% to Golden Reef....

( 11/7/2005 11:11:56 AM )
Re: Quick Question To all Members

Probably 90%. I check out new casinos, and I still play at a few casinos that stepped back from GG (UK Casino Club). And I wager at sportsbooks which of course have no affiliation here (hey, there's an idea... :) )

( 11/7/2005 11:17:47 AM )
Re: Quick Question To all Members

All gg sponsors, if they take a break I usually do too.

( 11/7/2005 11:22:38 AM )
Re: Quick Question To all Members

I have a limited budget. I can deposit 6 months a year and none at all the rest of the year, because of my unusual financial situation. I trust Gone Gambling and therefore only deposit at casinos that are sponsors of Gone Gambling. There are two or three that I miss (Music Hall and two of the bingo sites, believe it or not!!), but I won't be visiting them again until they return from their break. I love knowing I can earn bonuses on GG sponsors. It makes my gambling dollar go further. I can't earn bonuses on casinos that don't sponsor GG, so I don't deposit with them. It's simple economics.


( 11/7/2005 11:25:11 AM )
Re: Quick Question To all Members

yup i'm a gg groupy did play spin palace after they left cos i rearlly like them but not for awhile now so i'm so glad they are back... love this site... tyty John

( 11/7/2005 11:39:41 AM )
Question to all GG members

We're 100% GG backed casino players now, Feel much safer knowing that Gone Gambling will help keep casinos fair and honest. As others have said, not much money to play, so when we do deposit, we like to know we've GG behind us if there is any problems or complaints! Like we've said before... The casino bonus and conversions are icing on the cake because we enjoy GG's games just as much as playing at the online casinos! Thanks John and Thanks to your Great Support Team. Later, genosandy

( 11/7/2005 11:40:56 AM )
reply to question

I play at mainly gg sponcers but if Ive played at a casino Ive had good luck with and has treated me right ill still play there

( 11/7/2005 11:49:56 AM )
Re: Quick Question To all Members

This is easy 100% of mine go to gg sponsors for the fact that if for some odd reason there was a problem that needed to be faced, i know John would step in and help all he could. John is firm in alot of things. John has my 100% trust. If he says it's so then i know it is. My opinion.


( 11/7/2005 12:00:37 PM )
Re: Quick Question To all Members

This is easy for me, 100% goes to GG sponsers. If they stop sponsering GG, I dont play there anymore.

( 11/7/2005 12:15:19 PM )

100% of gambling dollars go to GG sponsors.

( 11/7/2005 12:18:36 PM )

I tend to stick to depositing to gg sponsers. when one takes a break I do move on to a different sponser

( 11/7/2005 12:22:54 PM )
Re: Quick Question To all Members

I love GG. I am so glad I found it! Definately the best forum and winning opportunities for bonuses online.
I play at a few of GG's sponsors... and have even written to a casino asking why they are not in GG's lineup... no answer to that of course.

I love the fact that when I get to cash in my gg's for a bonus... it is very quickly converted (usually within a couple of hours) as the casino's obviously also respect Gone Gambling and it's members.

So yeah.. I play almost only with GG sponsors.. they do seem to have the best online casino's as clients.

( 11/7/2005 12:53:11 PM )
Re: Quick Question To all Members

I always play at gg sponsoring casinos, its not worth it to me not to. and no I don't play at casinos that take breaks from gg, it simply isn't worth it to me to do so... tamara

( 11/7/2005 12:54:22 PM )

Just wanted to weigh in as well. GG sponsers get about 95% of my business as well.

You guys rock!

( 11/7/2005 12:55:24 PM )
gg advertisers

I spend a lot more of my money with gg sponsers then I used to but really kinda get annoyed at the ones who 'take a break' Cause I could get a lot of high roller bonuses but the casino decides to not advertise with gg.

My opinion is if they don't want to sponser gg I refuse to spend my money on them.

( 11/7/2005 1:06:20 PM )
Re: gg advertisers

I'd guess about 90% goes to GG sponsors and honestly, I'm here at GG so much that if they don't advertise here, I just kind of forget about them... lol. Out of sight, out of mind.

( 11/7/2005 1:08:29 PM )
Re: Quick Question To all Members

only GG sponsors

( 11/7/2005 1:15:02 PM )
quick question to all members

100% to gone gambling sponsers. I want to be backed up if I have a problem

( 11/7/2005 1:18:29 PM )
quick question

Since i have a budget for my gambling, i make all my deposits with GG sponsors, as GG gives you the best value all the way around the bat, great people, great games, great sponsors, and fantastic rewards, need i go on? its very sinply this gonegambling is best!!!!


( 11/7/2005 1:29:53 PM )
Re: Quick Question To all Members

100% goes to gg sponser and I have not had to worry so far about any other sponsers.

( 11/7/2005 1:35:23 PM )
Re: Quick Question To all Members

I only deposit with GG recommended casinos. If a casino I deposit with were to "take a break", then I would do the same with that casino.

( 11/7/2005 1:50:47 PM )
Re: Quick Question To all Members

I'd say 99% of my money goes to GG sponors. Once in a while I'll deposit at another casino but NOT quite often.

When the casinos take a break, I also take a break.

( 11/7/2005 2:11:14 PM )
Re: Quick Question To all Members

99 % of the deposits I make go to sponsors of this site and when they take a break I do too and usually let them know why.

I will start back playing at some of them when they come back

( 11/7/2005 2:15:55 PM )
Re: Quick Question To all Members

I would say 90% at GG Sponsors

Once they leave the site, I will spend the money I would have spent there on a New Sponsor that replaces it.... and so on.

I know the casinos have this (I think) silly idea that only new players really count - I would be interested to see what deposits they miss out on when they leave GG. Surely multiple, regular deposits are more valuable than one deposit...?

( 11/7/2005 2:38:24 PM )
Re: Quick Question To all Members


( 11/7/2005 3:40:40 PM )
Re: Quick Question To all Members

I'd say about 50 percent... I don't have much gamling money since I split with my husband. GL to all, Liz

( 11/7/2005 3:54:06 PM )
Re: Quick Question To all Members

Right now I would have to say 100% of my gambling money ONLINE goes to Slotland...

( 11/7/2005 4:04:45 PM )
Re: Quick Question To all Members

I have a limited gambling fund so when i deposit it is only with gg sponsors. I have even gone as far as (like John said) e-mailing a Casino that I've had interest in and asking them to consider being part of the gg family. If I want to deposit at a Casino I will first go to GG to see if they are a sponsor. 100% GG only all the way!!!!


( 11/7/2005 5:53:50 PM )
Re: Quick Question To all Members

Since All Slots have become a sponsor here I can prooudly say that 100% of my gambling dough is through GG, although I've been with AllSlots before it became one, I'm sure glad they did, they are totally awesome!!!


( 11/7/2005 5:57:26 PM )


I love the fact that gg provides a chance to stretch my gambling money, who doesnt? but the one time I had an issue with a casino GG was right there to help me get it resolved, and I will always check to see if a casino is a sponsor before I deposit!


( 11/7/2005 6:09:17 PM )
Re: Quick Question To all Members

My online gambling money is with GG sponsors only. I had been a member of CCC long before GG and it was great when they became a sponsor but when they quit gg, I quit them too. I dont spread my money over different sponsors. I join a new sponsor to earn gg points so I can play the games at gg and play with them continually until I join another. I dont spread my money over several casinos because I dont normally bother with conversions. I like to keep my points to play with :)

( 11/7/2005 6:13:24 PM )
Re: Quick Question To all Members

I have limited funds and cannot afford to deposit very often, but when i do deposit it is 100% gg sponsors.

( 11/7/2005 6:14:50 PM )

I only use casinos that advertise with gonegambling, and if they take a break, so do I

( 11/7/2005 6:20:42 PM )
Re: Quick Question To all Members

i'm at about 95% gg sponsors. i gamble mostly at roxy and the fortune group casinos. when world wide vegas stopped sponsoring, i stopped depositing. this site is so great and has so much heart in it that it inspires loyalty.


( 11/7/2005 6:26:11 PM )
Re: Quick Question To all Members

all the money i spend on gambling is at gg sponsers.

i used to deposit at world wide vegas, and music hall, but when they took a break from gg, i didnt not deposit again.


( 11/7/2005 6:50:58 PM )
I'm Loyal - mostly

My figures are about 95% - there is one casino that I have been with for quite a while get a little amount of money from me - but that is all.

I have not been involved in any that "take a break" as yet - but I think that there are enough available in the system to allow us to take a break from the break takers.


( 11/7/2005 7:15:24 PM )
Re: Quick Question To all Members

I also deposit only with GG sponsors. And, if they take a break, I will stop depositing with them.

( 11/7/2005 7:27:52 PM )
Re: Quick Question To all Members

Always GG - and if they leave - I quit.

Sorry guys - but I like the trust I have in GG - and if a casino leaves GG, then I don't trust them any more.

I am a big one for trust these days.

( 11/7/2005 7:33:06 PM )

100% of my gambling dollars go to GG Sponsors. One thing I always do is make sure that every active account I have gets at least 50 a month to be sure I never miss out on a bonus. Plus the ones I play more are the ones who participate in High Roller bonus as well. As to when a casino takes time off, I almost always stop using them until/unless they return.

( 11/7/2005 7:48:15 PM )
Re: Quick Question To all Members

My favourite gambling activities are Keno & Horse Racing. The only slots i play are with GG sponsors on-line.

And when a GG sponsor takes a break from GG, i take a break from them.

So, with the exception of wagering on Horse Races on-line... all other on-line gambling dollars go ONLY to GG sponsors.

If an on-line horse wagering site were to become a GG sponsor, 100% of my on-line gambling dollars would go to GG sponsors only!

I have spoken with the U.S. based on-line Horse Racing wagering site, but they declined becoming a GG sponsor saying that they cannot offer any bonuses since they are U.S. regulated and pay "on track" odds for all U.S tracks. I will not divulge the name of their site here, but if you contact me via email i will explain further.

Being a member of GoneGambling and gambling at GG sponsored sites, offers "stength in numbers". This minimizes problems with GG sponsors versus non-sponsors. Every problem i've ever had with a GG sponsored site (which i can count on 1 hand in 2 years) has been quickly resolved to my complete satisfaction. The one time i had difficulty, i mentioned that i was a GG member and their attitude changed immediately. So, GG sponsors acknowlege and value the members of GoneGambling.

GoneGambling Rocks!

( 11/7/2005 9:16:06 PM )
Re: Quick Question To all Members

100% to GG Sponsers. Only when the casino is listed here do I deposit with them. Did go back to Spin Palace when they returned here

( 11/7/2005 10:18:51 PM )
percentage of gambling dollars

I would have to say that about 90% of my gambling dollars go to those who sponsor this site. I belonged to most of them before I joined and like playing at them very much. That is what really counts with me. How I am trested at the casino itself. Just because the casino takes a break does not necessararily mean that the level of customer is any less. Sometimes it is even greater.

All it comes down to really is who came first--GG or the casino I joined before coming here?

Actually I came here because of the casinos I had played at.

( 11/7/2005 11:42:13 PM )
Re: Quick Question To all Members

I play 98% GG sponsors. To do otherwise would be stupid on my part, after all, GG is great for stretching my gambling dollars and that won't happen using casinos that are not sponsors.

( 11/8/2005 12:16:31 AM )
Re: Quick Question To all Members

100% and not only that, but I haven't gambled on line with any casino that wasn't a GG sponsor! Enky got me started gambling on line and she was with GG by then. She got me started with GG first, and then signed me up with Slotland, (my first casino, of any kind) And since then it has only been GG sponsored casino's for me. Also like enky if they take a break from GG so do I.

( 11/8/2005 12:20:03 AM )

100%.... to the tune of over 200K.... and it all has gone to one casino. You don't do that without a lot of trust and faith in the casino (Slotland) and that trust started right here at Gonegambling. Thanks!

( 11/8/2005 12:46:17 AM )

I spend nearly 100% of my gambling dollars with sponsoring casinos, but only a select few. I don't find many online casinos that I believe play their games fairly, so I only use those that I feel do. Fortunately the ones I have found, are sponsors

( 11/8/2005 1:44:22 AM )
Re: Quick Question To all Members

100% of my on-line gambling dollars are set-aside for GoneGambling sponsors or advertisers for two reasons:

1. John and his crew earned my trust, more so than any other company (on-line or not).

2. A couple of years ago, I did deposit at a non-affiliated casino because of a 250% match bonus, and I felt like I cheated on my wife or betrayed a best friend. I won’t do that again. How or why GoneGambling makes me feel this way, I’m not sure, but damn-it, they do!

Also, does anyone know why Microgaming has ceased accepting PrePaidATM as a method of deposit? It’s the only way I play (I don’t have to worry about spending the mortgage payment on a run of bad luck).

( 11/8/2005 1:54:48 AM )
Re: Quick Question To all Members

okay, tough one... I hope a lot to keep gg going!

( 11/8/2005 1:56:07 AM )
Re: Quick Question To all Members

That is fabulous! thanks for asking such a great question!

( 11/8/2005 3:23:44 AM )

Great question, I'd say about 80% but now All Slots, Spin Palace and Ruby Fortune have joined it'll now be 100%.

( 11/8/2005 4:26:15 AM )
Re: Quick Question To all Members

I would say 80-90% of my gambling dollars go to GG sponsoring casinos.


( 11/8/2005 4:40:24 AM )
gg sponsors

100 percent

( 11/8/2005 6:39:45 AM )
Re: Quick Question To all Members

I only play at GG sponsors.

( 11/8/2005 7:22:31 AM )
Re: Quick Question To all Members

I would say about 90% of my gambling funds go to GG sponsors, Slotland and Fortune Lounge group get the lions share of the money. If a casino takes a break from GG I won't play them again. GG really helps stretch my gambling dollars and I'm so glad I found this site. I agree, John and the gang do a great job and I feel that I can trust a GG sponsoring casino much more then a non sponsoring casino. I had played at many major casinos that do not sponsor gone gambling until I found this site and now those casinos have lost most of my money (exceptions are if there is a 100% match bonus or something very special going on). I am starting to agree with John's statement "I only deposit with casinos that sponsor Gone Gambling". Gooooo Gone Gambling!!!!

( 11/8/2005 7:27:50 AM )
Re: Quick Question To all Members

With the addiction of First Web, 100%. Before it was like 40%.

( 11/8/2005 8:24:17 AM )
Re: Quick Question To all Members

I usually try to Gamble with the sites that are active with GG. The obvious reason being the potential bonuses that accumulate... conversions... High Rollers... game bonuses... etc. I would guess that more than 90% of my on-line gambling has been with sites that remain active with the GG site.

I have redeposited, over the years, maybe twice, with sites that have taken a "break" from GG. It is not my usual thing. I believe my reason, at the time, was that I was due for non-GG bonuses soon with the sites in question.

( 11/8/2005 10:32:59 AM )
Re: Quick Question To all Members

We have so much fun on GG & there are so many casino's to choose from that do participate, GoneGambling members do not need to continue to play with the ones that think they need a break from us !!! :)

Luv Ya'll


( 11/8/2005 11:41:30 AM )
Re: Quick Question To all Members


( 11/8/2005 12:05:03 PM )
% to GG sponsers

95% for me

( 11/8/2005 1:15:05 PM )
Re: Quick Question To all Members

humm...very good question kevin for me i would say about 60% goes to casinos sponsoring the games 20% goes to those i have opened accounts thru gg that advertise here 15% goes to other and 5% goes to those that i have that have taken a break which is music hall i have been with them for a long time and dont mind throwing them 20.00 now and then plus i try to stay with the groups of casinos. and am always letting the casinos whom i had joined because of gg know im still waiting for them to sponsor gg or come back again. with all slots on board which is kewl cuz i like that casino im letting the other sister casinos that i have know they need to climb aboard too. i like the family theme and as we all know fortune lounge is one big family.

( 11/8/2005 1:20:00 PM )
Re: % to GG sponsers

I play strickly with sponsor Casinos of GG. I had only been a member of GG for a Month or 2? when I had a problem with a Casino. Greedy went to bat for me, knowing nothing about me, except I was a member of GG. The amount wasn't large, but I was truly amazed how fast she was on the problem and had it resolved in a matter of a Day. GG won my trust and my gratitude. If Casinos take a break from GG, so do I.

( 11/8/2005 1:32:04 PM )
Re: Quick Question To all Members

Hey Kevin,

Guess I'm like everyone else - 100% of my gambling dollars go to GG sponsors. If they leave GG - I leave them. If they ask why I haven't deposited, I tell them - go back to GG and I'll start depositing again.


( 11/8/2005 2:01:46 PM )
Re: Quick Question To all Members

100% of course! I like someone who is willing to HELP me! if i dont understand something or dont know how to do it!! thats GG !!

( 11/8/2005 2:38:09 PM )
.......GG sponsors.........

Of, course...............

99% for me!

Now, if this had only been a "real" GG survey, we'd all be rollng in points from the FGLs!!! LOL


( 11/8/2005 4:59:46 PM )
Re: .......GG sponsors.........

I play 150% of my gambling budget with GG sponsors. 100% of my husband's money and 50% of mine.

Well, sometimes I take more than 100% but, who is going to tell on me???

Welcome Back, Ruby Fortune!!!

( 11/8/2005 10:37:38 PM )
Re: Quick Question To all Members

With the exception of one casino I only deposit with gg sponsors because I know if I have a problem I have someone who will help solve it.


( 11/9/2005 3:18:25 AM )
Re: Quick Question To all Members

100% of my casino gambling is at GG casinos. If they take a break, I don't play. I do play a lot of poker, and most of that is at Royal Vegas Poker. I still play at Full Tilt which I signed up from GG.

( 11/9/2005 5:39:34 AM )
Re: Quick Question To all Members

I have always been loyal to GG sponsers only, but I always thought when a sponsered casino "takes a break" that it was in good standing still, as they most always come back from thier break & sponser again? So yeah I was still doing that but if this is presenting any sign of disloyalty to GG I pinkie swear neva I mean neva again...................


PS (note to self) find a husband as getting re-married may prove profitable in that using "100% of husbands money" is a great idea & may even be worth it.....

( 11/9/2005 6:20:37 AM )

100% to answer your first question, as far as the second part, I can not answer it, because as far as I know where we spend our $$$$, they have never taken a "break" from G.G.

( 11/9/2005 6:51:03 AM )
Re: Quick Question To all Members

100% of my gambling money goes to Gonegambling sponsors only. If they take a break then I do not deposit anymore with them!

( 11/9/2005 7:17:12 AM )
Do I ?

First, GG sponsors a lot of casinos. So it is hard not to gamble and play somewhere other that a GG sponsor. I play at a specific casino, not because it is a GG sponsor, but on the basis of how reputable the casino is. To be truthfully honest, I usually don't get many casino bonuses points to play at GG, but when I do, it is a treat.

( 11/9/2005 3:34:36 PM )
New Casinos ........

and I hope there will be a few would also be wise to sponcer GG as I will not be openning any new accts unless through GG, cant risk losing out on those get luckys. Know of any Ill be happy to call them and ask when they will be sponcering this site.




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