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GG Points Explained

Pay attention, class...GG Points Explained

GG Points are a form of currency used on the GoneGambling site.

  • Each GG Point is valued at 1 cent.
  • They are not transferable for cash.
  • They may only be used in a limited number of ways.

See below for details of how you can use your GG Points. You have to select how you want your GG Points used before you go over 2,000. Log in to the Members Casino Bonuses area now to select how you want your GG Points used.

What Can I Use My GG Points For?

GG Points may be used to bet on Advance, Bookmakers, Big Scratch, Cash Salad Slot, Jackpot Bingo, Jackpot Dice, Jackpot Keno, Onion Races, Onion Roulette, Racing Aces, Random Prize, Sweepstakes and Totally Random. You may also use GG Points for insurance in the Boom or Bust game and to buy extra Get-Lucky vouchers. GG Points may also be converted to a Bonus Deposit of $20 or more in an existing casino account. (Conditions apply.)

Get-Lucky Vouchers: You may set the "Cash in your GG Points" section (In the Members Only area.) to award you with one Get-Lucky voucher when you reach 1,000 GG Points, or two Get-Lucky vouchers when you reach 2,000 GG Points. This will happen automatically when you go over 1,000 or 2,000 GG Points. You will need to visit the Get-Lucky page and login and click on the "List Vouchers" button to see the voucher numbers of your tickets.

Note: Using your GG Points to convert to extra Get-Lucky vouchers is not good value. You would be far better converting the GG Points to a $20 Bonus with one of our sponsoring casinos.

Casino Bonuses: When you go over 2,000 GG Points they will be automatically removed from your account and $20 or more will be credited to your nominated casino account. You must have deposited and played a minimum of $50 with the nominated casino within the past 30 days to be eligible to claim the $20 GG Point Conversion bonus. If you have not deposited the $50 or have typed in an incorrect casino account number, the 2,000 GG Points will be lost. They will not be refunded. No exceptions. We can't turn the clock back so it's up to you to make sure you have complied with all the rules and conditions prior to going over 2,000 GG Points.

Note: Your original $50 deposit must be played through at least once to make you eligible to claim GG Point Conversions and Bonus Deposits from the GoneGambling games. The $20 GG Point Conversion (As well as Bonus Deposits.) must also be played through a certain number of times before a cash-in will be permitted. Casinos set their own play-through terms and you should check with each casino what those terms are prior to selecting them for a GG Point Conversion.

The purchase of an Auction account or a win of a Bonus Deposit or previous GG Point Conversion will not count as a deposit of your own money to qualify you to convert your GG Points.

There is no limit on how many times you can go over 2,000 GG Points in a 30 day period. However, you are only permitted to claim a maximum of one GG Point Conversion Bonus with the same casino in any 30 day period.

When you go over 2,000 GG Points both you and the casino will be emailed. If you don't receive an email after two hours, you should check that your membership information is correct and that you have not changed your email address since you first became a member. Check your address by logging in to the Members Only area. Also check that your mail box is not full. We will not issue another email if the winning email bounces as undeliverable.

You should allow 72 hours for the nominated casino to credit your existing casino account. If your account is not credited in that time you should forward a copy of your winning email to the nominated casino and ask them to credit your account. Please be patient and only email GoneGambling as a last resort.

GG Points Hold Feature - Banking

The GG Point default setting is for a Hold on your GG Points at 1,999. We Hold your GG Points so that you can select a casino that you want them converted with when you go over 2,000. If you don't select a casino you will still be able to play the games at GoneGambling, but no further GG Points will be credited to the 1,999 GG Point balance - instead, excess GG Points will be placed in the bank for you. You may then withdraw the banked GG Points on a daily basis. The maximum GG Points you may withdraw from the bank is 2,500 in a 6 hour period.

GG Points top up. If you have GG Points in the bank our program will automatically top up your balance with 100 GG Points if it drops below 100. So, if you're playing a game on the GoneGambling site and suddenly find you have 100 GG Points more than you thought you should have, they will have come from your bank.

Gaining More GG Points.

You can gain more GG Points by participating in games and activities on the GoneGambling site. It's not really hard to get your GG Points to add up fast. The following games will award more GG Points to your account:

GG Points Pay To Play Games - Will award GG Point Jackpots of varying amounts to lucky players. You can also win Bonus Deposits and cash prizes.

Boom or Bust - Will award from 0 to 1,111 GG Points plus many other prizes including Bonus Deposits, Match Deposits, Get-Lucky Vouchers and Onion Racing bets. It's free to play Boom or Bust.

Casino Ratings - Rate casinos once each week to be rewarded with GG Points.

Chat - During special Chats with GoneGambling Hosts, random wins of up to 200 GG Points plus Onion Bets and Get-Lucky Vouchers will be awarded.

Free Lotto - Enter up to thirty times a week to win a play of a popup Onion game. You can also win GG Points for having 2, 3, 4 or 5 numbers correct when the draw is done.

Get-Lucky - Will award from 0 to 50,000 GG Points. Other prizes available on Get-Lucky include Bonus Deposits, Match Deposits, Merchandise, Feature Get-Lucky Vouchers and Cash. You need a Voucher to play Get-Lucky. Vouchers can be won on Boom or Bust, Onion Roulette, Totally Random, Free-Lotto popup games, Off Site popup games and the Cash Salad Slot.

GG Cup Racing Game - Will award 3 GG Points for every non winning play and many more GG Points winning plays. It is free to play the Horse Racing Game.

Hit or Run - Is a game linked to the Onion Racing game. For every 20 GG Points you bet on the Onion Races you get a Free Play of Hit or Run. Six GG Points Jackpots will give you some excellent chances of winning hundreds of GG Points.

Random Prize Box - Will award several different prizes. Section one is a Jackpot draw that costs 1 GG Point to enter. Some lucky members have won over 7,000 GG Points just for an investment of 1 GG Point. Section two will award you with a Bonus Deposit at a sponsoring casino. Section three will award you with 250 GG Points for finding your GoneGambling username and claiming the prize of four Get-Lucky Vouchers in the allocated time.

Losing GG Points

You may also lose GG Points by gambling them on the games at GoneGambling. GG Points may also be deducted from your account in the form of taxes and bankrupts on the Boom or Bust game. By playing Boom or Bust you could risk losing all your GG Points if you don't take insurance on each play.

Malfunction - Errors

A malfunction of any part of a GG Points Conversion will void all pays. This same rule applies to all games on the GoneGambling site. If you don't like these terms then don't play the games.

Errors or problems should be reported to GoneGambling at the time they occur and play should stop. Please quote the game number when reporting a fault.