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Sunday is Funday

Sunday Is Funday

Get ready for fun and mayhem on the GoneGambling site. Sunday is Funday and GoneGambling members will benefit by winning bonus GG Points and having heaps of fun!

Sunday is Funday lasts for 3 hours every Sunday. Check the Events Calendar on the Home Page for the exact time the fun will start. Here's a sample of what you can expect on Sunday is Funday:

#1. The popular Boom or Bust (BOB) game will be set to only 5 minutes between games for a full 3 hours. Win BONUS GG Point prizes during this extended playing period.

#2. More fun in the forum and competitions than you ever would have believed possible. Get in on some good deals and gain those much needed GG Points.

#3. Participate in our Marathon Chat session. Chat with other Gone Gambling members and win random prizes from GAIA. If you're a new member to the Gone Gambling site this is your opportunity to talk to other members and ask them questions about the site.

#4. Play the Advance game for easier GG Point Jackpots. During the Sunday is Funday promotion we'll reveal two cards at the start of each hand of Advance instead of the usual one card.

#4. Build up the Win, Place, Exacta and Trifecta pools on race #12 of the Onion Races to 5,000 GG Points each! If you succeed we will change the last 45 minutes of the Boom or Bust game from 5 minutes between games to only 2 minutes between games. Members can only do this on race #12 and only on Sunday is Funday.

#6. Gone Gambling Free Lotto will reset awarding GG Points to players who have correctly selected 2, 3, 4 or 5 drawn numbers.

#7. Gifting is also re-set on Sunday, so feel free to start begging or gifting, once again!