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If you have forgotten or lost your password to the Gone Gambling Website you may have it emailed to you by typing your email address into the following box and clicking on the "Send Password" button.

Note: If you are not sure if you are listed in our database, type in each of your email addresses (one at a time) and press the send password button. That will show you if we have your email address in our database.

If we do have your email address on file, do NOT sign up again. It will only cause your new membership to be banned.

If you don't receive an email with your login details within 30 minutes of using the form below, email Gone Gambling with your details and we'll look into your problem. AOL and some other ISP's may block our emails from reaching you. They class them as SPAM, even though you have requested them. Check your deleted items folders for missing emails before contacting Gone Gambling.

Your password and subscriber information will only be emailed if you use the same email address you used when you first signed up.

If you would like to edit any of your details, change your newsletter subscription or unsubscribe from the Gone Gambling Website you may do so from inside the members area.

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