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GoneGambling The Movie

Gone Gambling Multiplex Theatre

The Gone Gambling movie is now screening. This blockbuster movie has been in production for just on three years and cost upwards of $9,500 to produce. Approximate running time is 3 minutes.

Click here to watch movie.
Click banner to watch movie.

See a cavalcade of Onion stars appearing in their first motion picture. Made in conjunction with 'Green Thumb Productions', with color by 'Vegie Garden', this movie is sure to become a favorite.

Technical advice was provided by Jack Lemon and Beet Reynolds. Sylvester Clingstone provided advice on stunts. You'll recall that it was Sylvester Clingstone who starred in all those action packed Rockmelon movies. First there was Rockmelon, followed by Rockmelon I, Rockmelon II, Rockmelon III, Rockmelon IV and so on.

The Gone Gambling movie plot is loosely based on the wonderful motion picture Titanic which of course starred Carrot Winslet and Leek DiCaprio. Titanic was a movie about a giant melon that was lost at sea. The melon came to grief when it ran into an iceberg lettuce.

In a recent interview, Souper Onion, who stars in the Gone Gambling movie was quoted as saying "There were times when we thought it would never be finished. Especially when our first director up and quit on us at two years and nine months into the filming with the entire budget spent. Then the new director threw the whole thing out because it was so dated and started again from scratch. Just three months later and at a cost that was far less than the original budget, filming was over and the movie was ready for screening." Souper Onion went on to say "I'm a real fan of the late great Elvis Parsley and have styled my acting and singing career on him. I'm also a fan of the late Melon Brando who we sadly lost just a few years ago. I think you'll see some of Melon Brandos style also coming out in this film."

A limited number of autographed photos of Souper Onion are available for Gone Gambling members. Get yours here.