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What's new at GoneGambling?

Baby onion with onion rattle and dummy / pacifier GoneGambling: New and improved!

We’ve been working hard to make GoneGambling even more fun and interactive. There are so many new elements! Everywhere you turn on GoneGambling you’ll find something new! To help you out, here’s a sampling of what you will find...

New site design

Finally! A cleaned-up, fresh new look for GoneGambling. Not only does the site look great, but you’ll find it so much easier to navigate!

The GoneGambling community is now open!

GoneGambling has always prided itself on its small-town community feel and with our new ‘Community’ setting we’re taking this to a new level! Now, members can create their own profile for other members to see, invite other members into their own ‘home,’ so to speak. You’ll also have your own Wall, as your own sort of ‘private forum!’

  • Member profiles
  • Member walls
  • Private messaging

If that’s not enough, we’ve completely re-tooled the way members can contact other members. Now, we have ‘GoneGambling Mail,’ which in reality is private messaging…with incredible efficiency AND privacy! No more emails in your email box from ‘Someone@GoneGambling!’


Here’s your chance to create your very own Onion! Start with a plain Onion, color it and accessorize it as you wish! Your Oniontar should be a reflection of you and your personality…or you may want to opt to “Randomize” your Oniontar and go for a computer-generated Onion. Your Oniontar will be seen when you post in the forum, and on your Community pages, so create an Oniontar you’ll be proud of!

GoneGambling forum and chat room

We’ve given our forum quite an overhaul! Our forums have always leaned a bit more towards mini-blogs and this aspect has not changed. What HAS changed is that there is only one forum—no more splitting the forums into themes. You’ll find the forums much easier to use now.

The chatroom has also been neatened up. No more pop-up chat. Everything is all on the same page and so very easy to use! Be sure to check out our new Emotic-Onions in both the forum and chatroom…guaranteed to put a smile on your face!

Souper Onion's Game of the WeekSouper Onion's Game of the Week

Each week, Souper Onion will select a game to feature, giving members a greater opportunity to win even more GG’s than ever! Be sure to check the homepage each week to find Souper’s Game of the Week.

Great new sponsors!

We’ve added more sponsors - casinos you can trust! With these new sponsors, you’ll have more opportunities to win big at GoneGambling AND win big at the sponsoring casinos!

Returning to GoneGambling...

Many of you will be so happy to know that the following GoneGambling features are back:

  • GoneGambling Auctions - Yes, they’re back! There are a few minor changes, so be sure to read the Auction page before bidding.
  • Who’s Winning - Now you can spy on other members to see how they’re cleaning up with GoneGambling points and casino bonuses!
  • Crazy Deals! This is not something you’ll find directly on the site, but you WILL receive notification when the Crazy Deals are on! Expect to see Crazy Deals on a regular basis!
  • The Onion Races - Yay! Not only are the Onion Races back, but they have a fresh new look! COMING SOON…VERY SOON!
  • Team Tournament Games - plucked straight from TAG City, now with an Onioney feel!
  • The Daily Scoop - Here’s where you’ll get the low-down on how much casino bonus money has been won, biggest GG jackpots, upcoming events and more!
  • Also: Special additions to the Community section - Sorry, no hints on this!
  • Even more great sponsors!

And much, much more!

This is only the beginning of great things to come at GoneGambling! Now, half of the fun of the newly re-launched GoneGambling site will be clicking here and there and finding new things, so no doubt you’ll be busy searching around!

Please remember to support our great sponsors - without them, there would be no GoneGambling. And of course, have a great time!