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Name: Andrew Housego
Position in Company: Snr Advertising Executive and Affiliate Manager
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1. How long has Lasseters been open for business?

    Lasseters Online commenced operation in June of 1999, however our land-based casino has been an Outback Australian icon for many years.

2. Is Lasseters the only casino you manage or do you have others?

    In October of 2004, we launched our sister casino, Ausvegas, which has continued to develop it's own unique style, whilst maintaining the high standards of security and customer service that are associated with the Lasseters brand.

3. Is Lasseters a member of any independent organisation which is set up to oversee fair play and protection of casino players?

    In 1999, long before regulation was the buzz word it is today, Lasseters became the world's first government licensed and regulated Internet Casino. We operate within strict regulations and are constantly audited by the Northern Territory Government of Australia to ensure fair play the protection of our players. Trust is the cornerstone of Lasseters Online and I believe it is a significant factor in the longevity of our business.

4. What sets Lasseters apart from other casinos on the Internet?

    In addition to the the point just mentioned, Lasseters has also developed a wonderful reputation for our high levels of customer service. Our support team works around the clock to respond to players' queries in a timely and courteous manner. Our players also appreciate the uniqueness of the Lasseters experience. As an independent operator, we offer a tremendous selection of entertaining games that aren't found at other Casinos. When you play at Lasseters, you know you've ventured beyond the familiarity of the larger software providers.

5. What qualities do Lasseters regard as the strength of their business?

    Lasseters' core values have always been Trust, Security and Value. These continue to form the foundation of our business, yet we have added some other strengths to the list along the way. The deserved reputation of our customer support is one of our greatest strengths, as is the loyalty and longevity of our players.

6. What keeps players coming back to Lasseters?

    I'm sure there would be varying reasons, but I believe the most significant would be the superior customer service and the feeling of importance that comes with it, along with the feeling that they are experiencing something out of the ordinary.

7. Can you give potential new players an idea of the games that are most popular at Lasseters?

    At Lasseters, we endeavour to provide new gaming alternatives on a regular basis. We recognise that many players have their old favourites, but on the whole, the most popular games at Lasseters are our new releases. We release many specially themed games around certain holidays and special events, for example our Santa's Little Elves and Halloween Horrors slots. We also release a new slot each year for the Chinese New Year celebrations.

8. What effect has the US legislation had on Lasseters Online?

    Lasseters was one of the first Casinos to launch on the Internet and at the time, the US was well ahead of other countries in terms of Internet usage and ecommerce acceptance. For that reason, the US became our primary focus and the major source of our players. As a publicly listed and Government regulated company, we had no alternative but to suspend US players in response to the new legislation. It was a very difficult period for us and the significant loss of players forced us to consolidate our business through large reductions in expenditure. This included the reduction of our staff numbers and many operational changes, necessary to reduce costs whilst maintaining our service levels. We are now aiming to build a new base of loyal players from other regions of the globe, something which will require significant efforts from a marketing and development perspective.

9. What are Lasseters long term plans for the future?

    We are in the final stages of testing and auditing of a new gaming software, designed to deliver greater features to our games and enhance our players' experience. It will also enable us to offer Lasseters in multiple languages and currencies. We will continue to develop unique and exclusive games and provide the superior level of customer service that our existing players have come to expect. There are immediate plans to expand our product offering to include sports betting and other options will be investigated over time.

10. How would you rate the relationship between Lasseters and GoneGambling?

    Lasseters and Gone Gambling have shared a fantastic relationship over many years. Gone Gambling members are some of our most loyal and valued players and we have always been pleased to reward them through the sponsorship of various Gone Gambling promotions. One of the worst consequences of the US legislation, was the fact that we had to farewell so many of our favourite Gone Gambling members. I wish all US members the best of luck wherever they choose to play and look forward to welcoming all new non-US members.

GoneGambling comment: Lasseters Online has been a long time sponsor of the GoneGambling site. Customer support from Lasseters is rated as some of the best we have seen from any of our sponsoring casinos. GoneGambling has no hesitation in recommending Lasseters as a great place to play.


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