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Win the Gambling & Casino Portals Sky-Diving Cup! Compete for the prestigious Casino and Gambling Portals Skydiving Cup.

Online gamblers are active on many different websites and they visit each for different reasons. This is your opportunity to see just how well you are doing your job. Will your visitors vote for your site?

Your participation will ensure plenty of visits from Gone Gambling members when they are casting their votes.

Benefits For Your Site

Link Back And Promotion

It's important for you to note that you will be required to link back to Gone Gambling and actively promote the Casino and Gambling Portals Skydiving Cup. Active promotion means that you will be asking your visitors to come to Gone Gambling and vote for your site. All sites will be doing the same thing, so every participating site will share in a valuable traffic swap of online gamblers.

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To enter your site in this competition simply fill in the form below. When your application is processed your website will be visited. If your site is deemed suitable for inclusion in the Casino and Gambling Portals Skydiving Cup, it will be approved and an email will be sent to you. Approval normally takes between 1 and 4 days.

Only gambling-related sites will be considered for this competition. Casinos, online or land-based, are not permitted to participate. In addition, free sites, such as EZ-Board or Tripod, do not qualify.

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