Webmasters Skydiving Cup

Step right up and watch the Skydiving action live as daredevil Onions plummet to the ground. Will they snatch a victory from the other contenders or will they crash and burn? As a Gone Gambling member YOU will be able to influence the result of each race by casting your vote for your favorite website.

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The Skydiving Competition is held over a three month Race Season, consisting of twelve weekly race days. The gambling sites who participate in this competition are fighting to win the prestige and promotion that goes to the final winner. The winning site will have the prestige of being named "Season Champion of the Webmasters Skydiving Cup." The purpose of the competition is to distribute traffic between all of the participating sites.

Each Race Season will be made up of a certain number of randomly drawn racing heats. Each site is allocated an Onion Skydiver at the start of each season. Don't worry if you see an Onion go SPLAT! To be honest, these Onions are the rejects from the Onion races – and believe me, there are plenty more where they came from! Of course these Onions think they are the star performers, how else do you think we'd get them to jump out of a perfectly good airplane?

Gone Gambling members can be a part of it all and encourage their favorite websites by voting for them throughout the racing season. Gone Gambling members will be awarded 20 GG Points for every vote they cast.

Season Winners For Race Season 31

1 Practical Gambling
2 Top Free Slots
3 Casinomeister

Season Winners (so far) This Season

1 Casino Cash For Free
2 Gambling Forum
3 Free Gambling Money

Website Voting

You may be wondering how your vote will affect the outcome of the race. The Onion representing the website with the most votes in the race will be allowed to jump out of the airplane first. The one with the second most votes will jump second, etc. You might think the first Onion out of the plane naturally has the best chance of being the first Onion to the ground; however, this is not always the case. You also need to factor in things like wind shear, updrafts, and eddies; and of course how fat the Onion is. Consequently, the first Onion to jump is not always the first Onion on the ground, but is definitely at an advantage over the other Onions in the race.

Races are determined by random draw, so it is very possible that each of the websites will have a chance, at some point in the competition, to race against each of the other sites.

Note: Unless an even number of sites are entered that can equally be divided by ten (40, 50, 60, 70), Gone Gambling will include some filler sites to make up the fields. These filler sites will have little content on them and not encourage any voting.

Vote for your favorite website.

Website Ranking

Only websites that pass a rigorous set of criteria will be allocated Onions for this competition. Also, because all of the Onions receive the same training, it is important for each website to gain as many votes as possible to give themselves an advantage over the other sites Onions. Remember, the more votes a website receives, the better starting position they have for the race, and in turn, the more races their Onion will win.

The participating websites will be awarded a certain number of points based on the position their Onion finishes in the race. The ranking of the website is determined by the racing performance of their Onion during a Race Season.

If two or more websites have the same score, the number of votes received by each site will then determine their ranking order.

How is your favorite website ranking in the Webmasters Skydiving Cup.

Skydiving Races

Where else can you go in the world to watch Onions Skydiving?

Watch a race live as it happens or watch a replay of a recorded race. Each race is recorded and may be viewed here. We will keep the last ten races on tape for your viewing pleasure.

Watch a Skydiving race in action.

Webmasters Application Form

Webmasters enter now to participate in this prestigious event. You will expose your site to thousands of Gone Gambling members.

Season 32
Race Day Standing Cash Prize Winners
Day 4 1st $0.00 Real Casinos
2nd $0.00 Casino Cash For Free
3rd $0.00 Gambling Forum
Day 8 1st $0.00
2nd $0.00
3rd $0.00
Day 12 1st $0.00
2nd $0.00
3rd $0.00

It's free to enter your website for the Webmasters Skydiving Cup. Only gambling and casino-related sites will be considered for this competition. Casinos, online or land-based, are not permitted to participate. In addition, free sites, such as EZ-Board or Tripod, do not qualify. If you have a website that you believe is an asset to online gamblers and will receive votes from your visitors, you should apply to join the Skydiving Races.

Important Note: Only one website per webmaster is allowed. If you have more than one site, please submit the site you feel gives you the best chance to earn the most votes. Remember, the more votes your site receives, the better chance you have to win the money.

Simply make an application to participate and then wait for your application to be approved. Once approved, you will simply wait for your site to be activated. We can include your site at ANY TIME during the competition. Starting late may disadvantage your site, however, you will be all set to go when the new season starts.

Don't miss out on an opportunity to promote your website for free! You have absolutely nothing to lose and so much to gain!


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