Watch A Skydiving Onion Go Splat

This is where you watch the races. It's pretty exciting and you're allowed to cheer and holler as loud as you want to encourage the Onions to jump from the airplane.

Each of the races are saved and referenced using three fields. Race Season which is an ever increasing number. Race Day which is limited by the number of days in a season. Race Number which is limited by the number of races held on a day.

A race is marked as current if the results have not yet been added to the official results and the site ranking totals have not been updated. The updates usually take place 10 to 20 minutes after a race has been run.

Closing Voting Times

Voting closes about 30 minutes before each race starts. This gives the stewards time to compile the votes and calculate the jump sequence. Then the Onions have to board the airplane and climb to the correct altitude over the drop zone. Once the plane is in position, the Onions are asked to jump. Sometimes they refuse, in these cases the airplane will circle the drop zone until the last Onion has either jumped or been pushed from the plane.

Once all Onions are in the air there's nothing more for us to do except look forward to a safe journey for all.

The races are formatted as follows: Race Season/Race Day/Race Number and can be viewed by clicking on the racing links below.

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