Slot Machine Strategy System

Yes? You do have to play the slots? Well OK then but lets see if I can't do something to ease the chances of losing big time.

Now I don't play the slots much myself but I'm thousands of dollars in front for the amount of times I have played them. Incidentally my wife is well in front too and she compares playing the slots with being bitten by a mad dog!

First lesson. You're playing a computerized machine so talking to it and gently caressing it will not help you win. It will however make you look rather silly in a very public place.

Slots are set to pay out a set percentage of their turnover. Now this is a fact that you can't alter so the best thing you can do is manage your money better.

If you had a thousand dollars to invest you would chase around the banks looking for the highest rate of interest. Well slots are exactly the same. You should only be playing machines which provide the highest percentage of return for the amount put through them. As a general rule this will be machines which appear to cost more to play.

As an example your percentage of return on a $2.00 machine will be better than the percentage of return on a $1.00 machine. And a $1.00 machine will be better than a 20 cent machine etc.

As a general rule your best machines would run something like this:

$2.00, $1.00, $0.20, $0.10, $0.05, $0.02, $0.01. (1 cent and 2 cent machines are really for mugs.)

Why is a $2.00 machine better value than a 1 cent machine? The answer is because most $2.00 machines will pay back up to 96% of the money put through them whereas 1 cent machines only pay back 80 to 85% of the money put through them. This means that in proportion to the money invested you should be able to play a $2.00 machine for a longer period than a 1 cent machine. A longer playing period will provide more chances of winning. It's that simple.

The other thing is that if you're really serious about making a profit on the slots you really can't compare a 100 coin drop on a $2.00 machine with a 100 coin drop on a 1 cent machine.

My personal observations whilst playing the slots are as follows:

1. Play $1.00 and $2.00 machines if you can afford it.

I invested just $3.00 in a $1.00 slot machine at Twin Towns Services Club last year and walked away with $5,138.00. Two years ago I invested $50.00 in a slot at the Port Macquarie RSL Club and walked out with $1,500.00.

2. Multiply your bets per line if you're playing a 5 or 10 cent machine.

Every now and then I play a few 5 cent machines and I've found that I win more by multiplying the amount I bet on each line. I don't believe this increases your chances of winning but it does increase the amount you can win. If you increase the amount you win you have a better chance to pull out in front if you get a good drop.

3. Vary the way you play with every push.

Here's what I do on a 5 line machine; I set the machine to play 3 coins per line and then I play 1 line only, for one push. Regardless of whether I win or not I next play 2 lines only, for one push, then 3 lines, then 4 lines and finally 5 lines. I then reverse the procedure by going back down the buttons from 4 lines to 3 lines, then 2 lines, then 1 line. Then start again.

So the way I play is something like this: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 4...

If a pay out lines up on a line I haven't played I simply ignore it. You can't worry about everything!

If I have a decent win on 3 coins per line I then change to 4 coins per line and start the procedure again until I have a win on 4 coins. I then do it again using a different number of coins per line.

Just recently I invested $20.00 in a 5 cent machine at the Laurieton Services Club and walked out with $600.00 by using the above technique. I often win up to $150.00 for a half hours play in this way.

You can of course reverse the above procedure by playing all five lines for every push but change the number of coins you play each time.

Set The Amount You'll Take Out

After a win always set an amount that you will pull out of the machine. The machines are designed to eventually eat up any bankroll regardless of size so pull out and walk away. Having said this there is no reason why a machine won't pay out two or three jackpots or good pays in a row.

Many people believe that once a machine has paid out it won't pay out again until someone has filled it up. Well I don't believe this to be true and I'll show you why in a moment but please don't stay with the one machine just to see if it will pay out again. Remember; after a win, always set an amount that you will pull out of the machine.

Gaining information from experts about the way slots work is difficult. It's a very closely guarded secret which is known only to slots technicians but here's some information I've gathered so far:

There's a chip or a board inside the computerized workings of a slot machine which is set to only pay back a certain percentage of the total turnover. However when you push the play button on a slot machine, whether you win or not is a totally random event.

Machines are not set to give you a little pay this spin, no pay next spin and then a jackpot the following spin. Each spin is a random event and that's why a machine can pay out two or more jackpots or good pays in a row.

Back to the computer chip or board we previously mentioned.

The chip or board is set up along the following lines:

01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12
13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24
25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36
37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48
49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60

Making Sense Of It All

In the above example, number 01 would be the major jackpot. (There is only one chance of picking it from sixty numbers.) Numbers 02 and 03 would be a secondary jackpot as would numbers 04, 05 and 06. Numbers 07 to 12 would be very small pay outs. Every number after number 12, and there could be thousands of them, would not pay anything at all.

So a slot machine can be set on the same basis as a roulette wheel. A single 0 roulette wheel ensures that the house or casino makes a profit of around 2.5% and a double 00 wheel will increase the casinos profit to over 5%.

In the case of  the slot machine above, every number after 12 would work just the same as a 0 or 00 on a roulette wheel. This would be the house advantage.

Now if we transferred all of the numbers in the above frame to a massive roulette wheel and gave it a spin you would have one chance of spinning up the major jackpot and that would only be if number 01 spun up.

If you got real lucky, and number 01 did spin up, there is absolutely no reason why it wouldn't, or couldn't, spin up again on the very next spin. The only thing against it is the fact that it is well outnumbered by other numbers which pay lesser or no prizes at all.

Now you know a bit about how slots work. My advice to you is have a win get out fast.


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