Soup Pot Slot Tournament - Rules

We have created this page in an effort to rescue you from yourself. This page has been built specifically to stop you from losing your Gone Gambling membership. In many instances we expect to fail. There is no doubt that many members will be joining the ranks of the Fruit Loops on another section of our site. We don't want you to be one of those people.

"... If there is only one thing you ever read on the Gone Gambling site, it must be the terms of the buy-in for each Soup Pot Slot Tournament. ..."

Buy-in Tournament Terms

Do NOT buy-in to a tournament unless you have read, and understood, and DONE what is required to make your buy-in legitimate. The buy-in terms for each tournament may be different from the previous tournament. You may have to deposit and play REAL MONEY with a sponsoring casinos to be eligible to participate in a tournament. If you buy-in without depositing and playing REAL MONEY with the sponsoring casino, you can expect to be caught and BANNED from Gone Gambling for life.

We hope the above is perfectly clear to everyone.


Some members may think that they can buy-in to a tournament without actually complying with the terms for the buy-in - specifically if they are required to make a purchase with a sponsoring casino. Don't make the mistake of thinking Gone Gambling doesn't have a net in place to catch you out. We can only warn you. The rest is up to you.

Slot Tournament Support

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Playing The Soup Pot Slot

The Soup Pot Slot has THREE levels of play. One is just a normal click and spin - wait to see what you win. The second is a feature where five or more scattered symbols will turn all Celebrity Onions into Souper Onions for your next spin only. This really increases your chances of hitting the GG Points Jackpots. The third level is a double up feature.

Normal Play

Normal play involves spending three points from your balance to spin the reels. Three of the same Celebrity Onions on any line will return two points. Four of the same Celebrity Onions on the same line will win the Level 1 Jackpot. Any five Celebrity Onions on the same line will win the Level 2 Jackpot. Five Souper Onions on the same line will win the Level 3 Jackpot.

Scatter Feature

Five or more scattered symbols will cause all Celebrity Onions in the next game to turn into Souper Onions.

Double Up

On any win you have the opportunity to risk your win for the chance to double it. To do this you must choose heads or tails and then press FLIP.

Be very careful. You may FLIP an infinite number of times but the button will revert to a SPIN button after every FLIP. You must choose Heads/Tails after every FLIP if you wish to continue playing Double or Nothing.

Slot Tournament Winners

Winners for each tournament will be decided by one of two results:

#1. Highest Remaining Points Balance.
#2. Highest Number of Spins.

Players will be notified prior to each tournament which method will be used to determine the winners.


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