Become A Bookmaker

Gone Gambling members have the chance to become bookmakers and win GG Points from other members. As a bookmaker you could win thousands of GG Points every day!

Only FOUR Gone Gambling members will be awarded licenses to be bookmakers each month. Members will be selected as bookmakers from a special monthly random draw competition. You may enter the competition any time throughout the month for the chance to become a bookmaker the following month.

Random Draw For Bookmakers

There are no vacancies available for new bookmakers at this time.

GoneGambling Bookmaker Functions!

Bookmakers really only need to be able to do three things to actively participate and profit from being a bookmaker at Gone Gambling.

#1. Select the event you want to take bets on.

#2. Set the odds for each event. As in type in a 7 and a 1 for odds of 7 to 1.

#3. Confirm that the results typed in after the event are correct and that you will allow the program to pay the winners.

Make Book Odds
View Outstanding Bets
Confirm Results
Profit / Loss

Betting Supervisor

The Betting Supervisor sets up the events that the bookmakers may or may not choose to take bets on. The Betting Supervisor also types in the results for each event. The bookmakers then need to confirm that the results are correct and allow the program to pay out on the results of the event.

Maintain Book Events


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