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  1. doc3738

    Merry Christmas and A Happy New year

    May all of you have a great Christmas and be gathered around friends and family Count the blessing at the fact you can still enjoy another one so many do not We will have all of our kids home again with all of their families and they will be bringing friends and relatives. Will be at least...
  2. doc3738

    Merry Christmas and A Happy New year

    Moved the post put here by accident and I could not delete for some reason
  3. doc3738

    TEXAS HAS another Casino

    new casino new casino ggirl, Will for sure let you know .We had planned a trip this year but due to her unfortunate illness , we may be next summer Would enjoy making a few rounds
  4. doc3738

    Spending Memorial Day

    Hope whatever your plans are they will imclude taking a few minutes and visit a Veteran Memorial or a grave site .Tell your little ones what it is about We are slowly letting what these days mean slip away into becoming nothing more than a day off and to have fun Let them ask questions as...
  5. doc3738

    TEXAS HAS another Casino

    For a long time there were three casinos in Texas. Few knew about them For some reason the state or Feds ruled two were not legal and had to shut down One has finally reopened and is doing really good NAGALSKI CASINO Probably one of the best places for loose slots of anywhere in the nation...
  6. doc3738

    Just Because I've Not been in Chat.....

    Good one Good one Way to go Jimbear!!!!!! Glad to see a decent hit Keep the goodluck going
  7. doc3738

    Casino road trip

    I had purchased an old Mosin Nagant rifle (actually 4 of them different styles and condition) at a place in Oklahoma This gave us an excuse to stop and play at a few casinos each month on the way to pick one up and to drive back home We made a trip up to get the last one being as we had not been...
  8. doc3738

    Had a good time

    For the first time in several years ,I made a deposit at Winaday Casino I still have funds to play on Made a 50 deposit and have been up as much as 125 and down as low as 6.00 Back up now Only thing I noticed is when playing you rmoney is not deducted on every play or added on every play...
  9. doc3738


    can't see wins can't see wins Can't see the wins .Hope they were big ones and you were able to increase your winnings
  10. doc3738

    Another decent return

    Here are a couple of shots from the same game once it started hitting Started off with 20.00
  11. doc3738

    Purchasing gifts for everyone

    My wife has decided that I should decide what to get all of the kids and grand kids for Christmas this year I told that is not a good idea . I will buy for the sons and the older grandsons and she needs to purchase for all the DIL and granddaughters and the little ones OH NO! You are going to do...
  12. doc3738


    Snow along coast Snow along coast YES YES YES It snowed all along the Texas coast which is really rare and as far east as Atlanta Georgia Those are some great photos you took Hope you got out and rolled around in it and enjoyed it while you could
  13. doc3738

    Penny Saved is a Penny Earned!!!

    did you get rich did you get rich Nice start were you able to make it grow
  14. doc3738

    Grocery shopping

    I DO BELIEVE As a general rule if it does not have something to do with hunting,fishing,shooting,camping,BBQ,beer or tannerite, then most men if sent to a store without a specific name to pick something up for a woman, should not be astonished or shocked with what they bring back. My wife is no...
  15. doc3738

    To Gaia and the crew

    so glad so glad I use to hate to see one come around .Now, I am just glad they do
  16. doc3738

    My heart is breaking

    our thought our thought Our sincer sympathy to you and the family Our thoughts are with you
  17. doc3738

    To whomever it may concern. (Some concerns)

    Have not seen drones post Have not seen drones post Have not seen drones post and do not need to I am one of those that just hangs around and gives no support It is near impossible for me to find a way to deposit and get anything back if I should get lucky Having said that, the site works...
  18. doc3738

    To Gaia and the crew

    I would like to give a big THANK YOU for the birthday get luckies Have been out of pocket and just saw the Birthday email Thank you they are greatly appreciated:booze:
  19. doc3738

    One of the last if not the last

    ANOTHER COWBOY GONE PROBABLY THE LAST OF THEM I saw today a man that we really thought a lot of so much so we named one of our sons after him has passed away I am sure none of you know him but some of your kids may know our son Hirthel . We met Hirthel Welker way back in 1969. We lived in...
  20. doc3738

    newsletter received can't read

    I received this weeks newsletter but for some reason I can not sllide it up or down to read It is stuck or something Is there a way to read it on here