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  1. drone1000

    To whomever it may concern. (Some concerns)

  2. drone1000

    Earthquake Tourney??????

    It has taken me almost 3 days to play this Tourney, and i have only spun 3500 of the 5000 with a little over 3 hrs left. I usually finish this tourney in 1-2 days. With all the stopping and having to reload, i will probably not be able to finish this tourney. Just a heads up and i guess i am out...
  3. drone1000

    Help still needed for my friend.

    If anyone wishes to help and doesn't want to deposit money into the Gofund me account that I have set up but is willing to help please feel free to message me and I will gladly give you my address and the info on Susan and Tim and you can send your gift to me and I will be sure to see that she...
  4. drone1000

    Prayers and help or shares if possible

    Please visit my Gofundme page for a prayer request and support or at least sharing it would be greatly appreciated.:( Loving couple in dire need. https://www.gofundme.com/2rr5cbg
  5. drone1000

    Team Tournament participation!!!!!!!!!!!

    Well this was at least the 3rd maybe the 4th time that I have allowed the same certain player on my team and they didn't do 1/5 of the spins of the required spins. So from now on this player will not be added to my team ever again because it is not fair to the rest of the team that does all the...
  6. drone1000

    Big Scratch broken?

    Anyone else having issues with BS not opening? I am. Just a heads up.
  7. drone1000

    site issues?

    Anyone else having issues with the site? The earthquake tourney keeps stopping on me and i have to keep clicking spin, plus the points arent going to the bank nor are they coming from the bank.
  8. drone1000

    Earthquake tourney?

    Just out of curiosity, is anyone else having problems with the earthquake slot not spinning continuously? Mine will spin once or twice then stop. It will take forever to spin 5000 times at this rate. LOL
  9. drone1000

    team tournement

    I still need 1 more for the tourney, please join if you are willing to do all spins. thank you
  10. drone1000


    WOOT WOOT I hit 24k and 15k on dice today. those wins put me over the 3 million mark. :crazy::cheers:
  11. drone1000


    Hello all just an update on my dad and his battle with cancer. Well as of Monday 6/29/15 my dad is now 100% cancer free. He will still need to go to Hershey twice a month for 2 more yrs but that is just his follow up. Thank you to all for the prayers and the kind donations to my dad and mom thru...
  12. drone1000

    fun time in chat

    Had a blast in chat tonight thank you greedy and dee.
  13. drone1000

    games and jackpots idea

    The games jackpots are really low and it would take more gg spent than you can win on the jackpots. Is there any way to tweek the games or pick a game a week to boost with a really good jackpot on it? Right now the 5 main games i feel are: Stormy Weather which is at 3300, Dice is only at 2000...
  14. drone1000

    earthquake team tourney

    ok folks i still need 3 people to join me. Team Dronesters
  15. drone1000

    Still needing support.

    I could still use some help with the raising of funds for my Mother and Father. Please check it out and if you feel you can help, it would be very much appreciated. If you cant help financially then continue to pray for my parents and share my link. Thank you very much...
  16. drone1000

    Hello Everyone..

    My name is drone1000 and real name is Stephen. This is going to take some getting used to.