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  1. marielynne

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving to all in the USA! Ive been away awhile, been tending to my parents and working full time, just havent had any free weekends for a long, long time. Just wanted to stop by to say hello. xx Marie Lynne
  2. marielynne

    Happy New Year

    Been sick with the flu since tuesday and in bed since thur and expect to be in bed through the weekend. This was a whopper, I was shooting for 3 years not missing work. Oh well. Must be getting better because I can actually see the words im typing lol...just wanted to come on and wish you...
  3. marielynne

    christmas goodies/holiday yums

    In chat I said I was looking for some new christmas cookies. Dee suggested we post them in Chat. Well I made a batch of some pretty cool cookies that would make the Grandkids go nuts, and the adults seem to like them too...alot! I got the recipe online ill post a picture of the one I...
  4. marielynne

    Need a team member! double points this time!

    Spring Minions has one slot open for this weekend team tourney of Earthquake, would love to have you join us! As part of the 12 days of Christmas, tourney winners (those who place) win double the regular amount! As always, if you need points to play, make sure you are giftable, sign up to...
  5. marielynne

    12 days of Christmas

    If the get luckies was part of the annual 12 days of christmas...thank you! If not, thank you! On the 1st day of christmas my true love gave to me.....a pack of yellow tp.....(my son has an odd sense of humor we do gifts to this song every year) Want to join in? Maybe start with the...
  6. marielynne

    Come join our team Spring Onions

    Would love to have you join our team Spring Onions - go to game, then click on team, go to Spring Onions, click on join. If you need 9999 ggs to play, let me know, go ahead and join then message me, I will add you and then give you some ggs. Can regift your tomorrow if you run low. Happy...
  7. marielynne

    upcoming team tourney

    Will be looking for team members for this weekends tourney...if you need gg's to play, please reply here...this applies to playing on anyone's team...this is the best way to earn large amounts of gg's. Spring Onions my team name.
  8. marielynne

    Come play with us on the team

    All exciting Kidnapped tourney and we need YOU to help complete our team! Low on ggs and need some to play with? No problem, let me know and I will get you started. Run out before the tourney ends? No problem! Can regift on Sunday! Excellent opportunity to start building some...
  9. marielynne

    Come join our team!

    ......................................*team now full*.......thank you and good luck everyone!
  10. marielynne

    President Trump

    So. Do you think President Trump, as a businessman and entrepreneur, would pass up the opportunity to make his country millions and millions of dollars and keep the online gambling laws as they are now? Hmmmm. Going to be interesting. Here's to a peaceful transition.( insert beer mug here...)
  11. marielynne


    Made me laugh lol...great play on words and content!
  12. marielynne

    Well Helllloo beautiful!

    Always wondered if I would get anything with hat wins lol...just signed in and saw this I just realized I wasnt entered.....ohhhhh boooo! It was fun to look at anyway!
  13. marielynne

    cant get into chat?

    go into dee's chat message and see if you can get in on the link she provided. thats how i got in...then after that i was able to get in and out on the chat button. hickup? can try clearing cookies and that crap too.
  14. marielynne


    Well knick knack paddy whack, BOB just gave me 10k ggs. May he grace you all as well! Weeee! :)
  15. marielynne

    Need one more team member

    Sweet Minions needs one more person to play on the team! Come join us and play! Weeeeeee!
  16. marielynne

    wooo whoo vacation!

    Well , on vacation. Now leaving Astoria Or (damn it was hot yesterday) and heading to Portland Or, tomorrow will take a couple of walking tours then off to eastern Oregon via scenic route along the Columbia river. May have to head back into Washington depending on a few fire issues before...
  17. marielynne


  18. marielynne

    Best day ever!

    I got a job offer today, x2 the pay and in the field and court I love! I accepted! Start 8/16/16. Horray, drinkies all around! (and our tourney team is doing mighty fine) Horray!
  19. marielynne

    team added

    never mind lol
  20. marielynne

    Earthquake team

    Started a new team..looking for players to play this rock'in game and hopefully hit some of the mega jackpots! Come on! Get in! Let's do this! weeeeee!