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  1. rockster


    Is anyone else having problems on the site? I was doing the tournie and then it said Your session has timed out log in again ang try again. Or close to that. Antway I did and got the same message. Thanks, Anita
  2. rockster


    I just want to say I'm sorry to my team mates. The power was off in my area so I wasn't able to get on since last night till late afternoon. I'm trying to hurry and finish though. Again, I am sorry.
  3. rockster


    Hi all. I need at least 2 people to join my team so I can do the tournament. And if you need ggs to play I can give you the max allowed, just let me know. So come and join team laggers! Thanks, Anita
  4. rockster


    Hi all. Team laggers needs members if anyone wants to join! Thanks!Oh I almost forgot, if you join my team and need gg's to play, let me know and I'll gift you as long as you are able to be gifted!
  5. rockster


    Hi all. Team laggers still has room for two more players! Thank-you
  6. rockster


    Hi all. Team laggers needs two more members so if you want to join the team tournie us laggers will be glad to have you on our team!
  7. rockster


    Hi I just want to say thank-ypu so much for the birthday vouchers!
  8. rockster


    I just listed the team laggers for the tournie. If anyone wants to join I need at least 2 to join! Thank-you
  9. rockster

    Team looking for members!

    Hi all! I just started a new team. It's called Laggers!. So if any of you want to join a team for the tournie I have room for 3. Thank-you, rockster
  10. rockster

    Error message for tournament

    Is anyone else getting an error message when trying to get in to the team tournament? Wanted to finish my spins but it won't let me in!
  11. rockster


    Thank-you so much for the birthday wishes and birthday plays on get lucky. I would have said thank-you before but was sick in bed for almost a week. Sorry. But just got on the computer and found the card from G.G. and it made this day good!. Lol. Thank-you again, Anita
  12. rockster

    Thank-you but sad news

    Hello GoneGambling family. Thank-you all for your good wishes and prayers for myself, my family and my mother. Unfortunatly she passed away Friday morning.I was with her till the end and thankfully her pain seemed to have stopped and it seemed peaceful for her and I'm glad for that. Thank-you...
  13. rockster


    Hi I hope you all have fun in the tournements this week. I am sorry to say I can't join you. I had to take my mom to the hospital. They say she might not be comimg home. Ireally would love to be losing the tournements as you can understand. For those who pray maybe you could add us. Thank-you...
  14. rockster


    Wow! I had a winning score in each of the tournaments I think that's the first time I did that! Of course I didn't get first place but maybe next time! Ha ha. Thank-you Gone Gambling
  15. rockster


    Hi all. I keep going through the posts looking to give some gg's away and hardly ever find any players that can be gifted. I leave posts but nothing. Is there really no one that needs any gg's ? Today I could only find one giftable person. So HELLO if you need some gg's let me know. Thank-you, Anita
  16. rockster


    Hi. Just want to say thank-you very much for the birthday vouchers!
  17. rockster

    Here you go!

    I gifted redmara,LaurieK, jjjamms, and brunmors. Good luck to you all. I started down the list and started getting the message that some no longer needed. And I am feeling lazy and don't want to go through the list so if you are in need post here and I will help whom I can. Thank -you so much...
  18. rockster

    A question

    This might not be where I should post this and if so I am sorry. I have a question about the onion races and hope some one will answer. I haven't done the races in some time and have won a few bets by playing the scratch game. It's always a bet for each lane and it could be to place or win but...
  19. rockster


    I don't know if I am posting this im the right place but, if there are any members that would like to join my team for the tourne I will gladly accept the first 3 that sign up. My team is laggers but winners. Thank-you, Anita Still need 2 members at least 1 to do tournie so if any one is...
  20. rockster


    Hi. I just wanted to say if any one is wanting to start a team I am interested in joining. All the teams that are started already have the 4 members. So I am happy to join if anyone is starting a new one. Thank-you, rockster