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  1. marielynne


    Prayers going up. Please keep us updated, thank you Mrs Buda xx
  2. marielynne

    Thanksgiving Goodies!

    Turkey, Cranberry Sauce
  3. marielynne

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving to all in the USA! Ive been away awhile, been tending to my parents and working full time, just havent had any free weekends for a long, long time. Just wanted to stop by to say hello. xx Marie Lynne
  4. marielynne

    Halloween Competition/CLOSED

    jack-o-lantern witch candy haunted house ghost skeleton black cat
  5. marielynne

    Trick or Treat/CONTEST CLOSED

  6. marielynne


    Hi all, stopping in to say hello, been away for a bit but my schedule is freeing up a bit might stop by but may not be able to come back until much later, so if that is case, hello to all!
  7. marielynne

    Happy New Year

    Been sick with the flu since tuesday and in bed since thur and expect to be in bed through the weekend. This was a whopper, I was shooting for 3 years not missing work. Oh well. Must be getting better because I can actually see the words im typing lol...just wanted to come on and wish you...
  8. marielynne

    Thank-you but sad news

    So sorry for your loss, I am glad you were with her. xxx to you and your family.
  9. marielynne

    christmas goodies/holiday yums

    In chat I said I was looking for some new christmas cookies. Dee suggested we post them in Chat. Well I made a batch of some pretty cool cookies that would make the Grandkids go nuts, and the adults seem to like them too...alot! I got the recipe online ill post a picture of the one I...
  10. marielynne


    Hello and Happy Holidays to you! Sunny Scottsdale? Lucky pup!
  11. marielynne

    Need a team member! double points this time!

    Spring Minions has one slot open for this weekend team tourney of Earthquake, would love to have you join us! As part of the 12 days of Christmas, tourney winners (those who place) win double the regular amount! As always, if you need points to play, make sure you are giftable, sign up to...
  12. marielynne


    got 4000k thank you! :)
  13. marielynne

    Please help :(

    did you check your get luckies? Added some gg's for you..good luck, let us know if you win anything. if you want to top up on gg's...come to chat this weekend and support gg..this weekend you could score big at the drunk chat....no conversation needed, just come and sit in. cheers!
  14. marielynne

    12 days of Christmas

    If the get luckies was part of the annual 12 days of christmas...thank you! If not, thank you! On the 1st day of christmas my true love gave to me.....a pack of yellow tp.....(my son has an odd sense of humor we do gifts to this song every year) Want to join in? Maybe start with the...
  15. marielynne

    Team Member

    One of the fun things to do to earn more gg points (to use in conversions for play at the casinos and, to play the games) is to play in the tournaments . They are usually announced thursday evenings, one tourney is an individual and one is a team. To start the individual tourney once they are...
  16. marielynne

    Jokes For GG's

    I love your jokes! Keep em coming and good luck!
  17. marielynne

    Come join our team Spring Onions

    Would love to have you join our team Spring Onions - go to game, then click on team, go to Spring Onions, click on join. If you need 9999 ggs to play, let me know, go ahead and join then message me, I will add you and then give you some ggs. Can regift your tomorrow if you run low. Happy...
  18. marielynne

    Who wants to give some GG points? Who needs some GG points?

    There you go...good luck! If you want to expand your point base, come play on our team spring onions in the tourneys...you never know you could win big! I can regift you on sunday if you run low. Just a suggestion. :) regardless, hope you win big!
  19. marielynne

    interesting Predictiment

    My advice is to join a team...but alas..to late for this last round so ill stake some gg's for your conversion and with left overs, join a team for this weekend if you can..if you dont have enough Ill gift you sunday to finish out. Just let me know, message me or post in forum ...hope you win...
  20. marielynne

    upcoming team tourney

    Will be looking for team members for this weekends tourney...if you need gg's to play, please reply here...this applies to playing on anyone's team...this is the best way to earn large amounts of gg's. Spring Onions my team name.