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  1. Sortame

    Crazy Onions needs one more team member

    Moon Rocket team tournament needs one more team member willing to take all 3500 spins. One of our regulars is on vacation.
  2. Sortame

    Winaday Sweepstakes

    Up to about 65% now. Moving slowly up.
  3. Sortame

    Auto play games still stalling

    I guess Jeff still working on this problem. Seems to be working much better now. THANKS!
  4. Sortame

    GG Bank not working

    Points not going into bank causing overflow error.
  5. Sortame

    Teams need to be redone

    For some reason all the established teams disappeared. Everyone who was on a team will have to reapply.
  6. Sortame

    Kidnapped team tournament

    The Crazy Onion team needs one more player. Please apply if you will take all your spins. Team is full now.
  7. Sortame

    Old Posts

    Seems like a lot of old posts are showing up. Be sure to check the date of the original post.
  8. Sortame

    Question on Check from Winaday

    I made a withdrawal for the first time. I got a check very quickly and I am impressed! I took the check to my bank, Wells Fargo, and they said they have to send it to the bank in Canada to get the money. They also want a $25 fee to do this. Is this normal? Should I have chosen another...
  9. Sortame


    Sweeps at about 98%. Better get your entries in because I think it may go off today. I got 75K ggs in. Good luck all.
  10. Sortame

    Cash Salad Game now working for me

    Thank you, Jeff!
  11. Sortame

    Earthquake Tournament

    The Crazy Onions team needs one more player. Please apply if you will play all 5000 spins and have the GGs to play.
  12. Sortame


    Read the promo page at winaday for free money celebrating their birthday!
  13. Sortame


    Had to miss chat today for my grandson's graduation party. Well, graduation is a once in a lifetime event, so couldn't miss it. To those who need gg's and some laughs, chat on Sundays is the place to be.
  14. Sortame

    Still having e-mail problems

    I haven't gotten e-mails for bonuses won. I tried sending one to myself from the lost and found. Didn't work.
  15. Sortame


    Would someone give the sweeps a shove? It's stuck on 90%.
  16. Sortame

    Winaday Sweeps!

    I see that the sweepstakes is the game of the week> When will it start? Thanks!
  17. Sortame

    Team tournament

    I had my team set up, but it disappeared. I reset it. Anyone who had applied needs to reapply. Thanks
  18. Sortame


    Is there a complete list of current GG sponsors on the site? I have not been able to find one.