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  1. ggirl

    In case you haven't heard...

    GG to a break? hmmmmm
  2. ggirl


    I Totally Get It! I Totally Get It! I feel for you! We gamblers do not have the patience to read a book before we play. I made a vow many years ago not to play at the casinos that have any type of terms like that. I was a hard and fast micro player because there were no such rogue type terms...
  3. ggirl

    TEXAS HAS another Casino

    Casino Trip! Casino Trip! You and your wife seem to have a ton of fun going to all the different casinos! You have to let me know when you come out to Calif and I will do the casino crawl with ya! Some of the casinos out here are not very sophisticated in knowing what kind of marketing promos...
  4. ggirl


    HOLY COW!!!! I am missing all the fun! I am just getting my feet wet in Coachella but I love coming up for air and seeing your shots! So freakin awesome!GOoooooooo CHRIS!
  5. ggirl


    I am beyond happy for you! This is just awesome! Have you considered getting your behind out to a land casino to play megabucks? lol!
  6. ggirl

    Depoist Bonuses(UNWRITTEN RULE)

    GEEZ! Talk About A Slap In The Face! GEEZ! Talk About A Slap In The Face! Exiled, I could say a few thing about this but I will for the most part try and hold my tongue. I could say. 1. Wow you are really lucky this is the first time this has happened to you? or 2. It really boggles my...
  7. ggirl


    Holy toledo you are absolutely killing it! Talk about on FIRE! If you think for one minute that this is all snug as a bug in greedys rug than you are absolutely not to quit your day job! Ya know, greedy will be asking for her cut! Maybe she will be more subtle than I was?
  8. ggirl


    lmao! You crack my me up! But then again you are correct! Online gaming is slowly fading for me. Course it wouldn't take much to perk up my interest once again! But our politics for online gaming and the rules that go with it are like my x. ( greedyboys baby daddy) Can you guess that saying?
  9. ggirl


    Awesome wins! So are you trying to tell me spin school works? Shoulda taken my class 10 years ago!
  10. ggirl

    A little help, please!

  11. ggirl

    Who wants to give some GG points? Who needs some GG points?

    9999 GG Points have been Gifted to dfu711`s Bank your good!
  12. ggirl

    Who wants to give some GG points? Who needs some GG points?

    well! i certainly wasn't going to be outdone by Chris lol....gl mrs b!
  13. ggirl

    A little help, please!

    done :-)
  14. ggirl


    Ok..I read the newsletter...I got lots of questions.....like do they have a phone number to call them? or live chat? ....Can you win a random if you happen to be playing on the cashback? Whats the difference between cashback and a bonus? Since this casino gives no bonuses? but before I spew of...
  15. ggirl

    Forum Competition - #1 - This Competition is Closed!!!

    Focaccia Flatbread soda bread matzoh
  16. ggirl

    Here I am again...

    Done Shirleem!
  17. ggirl

    signing up fpr player club at a casino

    Heres the thing about player clubs. I am pretty familiar with em to say the least. Ok. Maybe to familiar! lol....I would think that if you hit w2's ( any single win $1200 and over) being in a players club to show a win/loss statement is good! You can deduct your loss with it, never paying taxes...